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  • “Collegial culture. A small company is the best place to learn fast. Hands on to big responsibilities very early on (client facing, client management aspects). As a regular fish in a small pond, the success of the company is very reliant on your contribution, which is encouraging as you are not as disposable compared to when you're in big firms.”

  • “Fast growing, many opportunities to build a great a career - in consulting and in our portfolio companies (that the firm also owns).”

  • “If you want to work for a management consulting firm that will give you access to a wide range of learning opportunities that will enable to develop both soft and hard skills, then YCP Solidiance is the right choice.”

  • “There's a ceiling to your learning curve as you are mostly exposed to market research and competitive intelligence projects. Also limited prospect in terms of client base for the future (tech and banking). Mostly focused on natural resources and healthcare clients.”

  • “This is a firm for people who seek a CXO position in the future not to grow consultants. We deal with a wide variety of management issues of our clients from market demand, competition, strategy, operation, M&A, marketing, digital, etc. We also prepare a career for experienced staff to take management role of companies that we invest principally. We not only provide on-the-job ‘training’ to our employees through paid management service projects from the clients but also provide a career to pursue management role from our subsidiaries.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Two to three rounds of interviews arranged by headhunters (major recruiting method).”

  • “We look for candidates with the right skillset but also the right attitude, to growth while respecting others, to be a team player while being willing to take up new challenges.”

  • “Given the flat organizational structure, interview processes are fairly fast. Given the range of sectors, clients and functions that we work across, a candidate's attitude can make a lot more difference even if they don't have the exact technical skills.”

  • “Interview was relatively pleasant, and feedback was quickly received. Overall, the company seeks highly structured people with strong conversational skills to accommodate market research and competitive intelligence projects which are its bread and butter.

  • “Our process is quick and transparent. We have our core talents being involved in recruiting interviews and case question reviews. We typically prefer to hire a full-time staff after having the candidates work as an intern or contract first to minimize the mismatch.”

  • “The company is able to maintain a lean and efficient process in terms of hiring and many of the hires have expressed appreciation for this. The company values attitude, aptitude and coachability over experience, and this has worked in terms of building effective consultants”

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