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11-50 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Operational improvement


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Toronto, Canada


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Kayla Arar - Human Resources Leader

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Employee Reviews

  • “Any organization has turnover, but I think the people that do elect to leave TPG are extremely torn about the decision. This is a great [place] to work and you can tell the emotional turmoil people go through if they elect to step away. And if they do, it’s largely because the culture in this firm has empowered them to take a leap of faith or pursue larger professional goals. Most people stay, and no one leaves because they didn't enjoy their experience here.”
  • “From my experience of a few consulting firms, the culture and experience at TPG truly sets them apart from the competition. Drives a collaborative working environment, with highly motivated individuals eager to learn and push the envelope.”
  • “If you value team work, honesty, and open communication than this is the place for you! If you prefer to work individually and compete with other members of your firm, this will not be the place for you.”
  • “The CEO is bar none the most inspirational, supportive and fun leader I have experienced in my long career.  His door is always open and he listens and provides wise feedback and perspective.  He has a great reputation with our clients and an uncanny way of solving conflict and issues.  He sets the bar high and people naturally follow his example.”
  • “We walk the talk, consistently. Our values are embedded into the DNA of our work. We make our clients better people while solving their problems. I can go back to each of our clients and get an amazing reference. It costs us some $ sometimes and we tend to overinvest but so far the recipe is working as demonstrated by our growth.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I would say pretty standard, however we put a lot of care and attention to those that do not make it through the process. We believe our reputation is really linked to our recruitment and talent acquisition process thus always communicate with everyone who doesn't make it through in a way that provides maximum dignity and respect. We give fairly candid feedback as well to assist in their development process as well. We never ghost anyone. We are looking for someone that emulates our values, walks the talk, high in integrity, someone that's naturally curious, has a high aptitude for learning, someone that serves when no one is watching and someone that challenge the status quo, asks ‘why’ a lot. They need to have a good blend of high technical acumen with a pragmatism and realism that will make sense for our clients.”
  • “The ideal candidate is someone who is very collaborative, represents our values of learning, serving, excellence and integrity. People who love learning, are great team members, have ambition and potential. The company avoids individuals with big egos or who are not team players. Candidates are expected to provide and receive open, honest and direct feedback on work, styles, approach and ideas about improving the company.”
  • “The interview process was straight forward and outlined clearly during the first call. The communication was clear from the start. The interview is seeking to find the right candidate who possess similar, if not, the same values as TPG. There is an emphasis on core values during the interview process.”
  • “Very responsive, quick and transparent. Ideal candidates are devoted to continuous improvement, buy into the values of the firm and how to work together is just as important as the results.”
  • “We have a very tight and inclusive process.  Our HR lead is super at keeping the interview schedule moving and providing feedback or closure for each candidate.”

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