The Keystone Group provides services related to growth strategy, operational improvement, turnaround, and M&A, across a wide range of industries. Beyond its consulting work, the firm is also committed to giving back in its communities, while also hosting a firm-wide bi-annual service trip to build homes for families in need.

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11-50 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Profit and Cash Flow Improvement


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Chicago, IL (Headquarters)


Employment Contact

Jennifer Antolini, Director of Recruiting

Firsthand Findings

With a genuine focus on doing good in the world, culture is definitely the watchword at Keystone, and a major reason why people stay at the firm for significant amounts of time. But firm-wide service trips and a close-knit team aren’t the only reason: this is a company that does serious work, for serious clients, and helps its people develop serious skills along the way—all while maintaining decent work-life balance into the bargain.

A firm that will appeal to anyone who is looking for the challenge without the culture and pressure associated with a typical consulting shop, this is definitely one to add to the list of “boutiques to check out.”

About the Company

With offices in Atlanta, Chicago and L.A., The Keystone Group provides services related to growth strategy, operational improvement, turnaround, and M&A, across a wide range of industries. Small wonder, then, that its tagline is “making a difference”—something that the firm strives to do not just for clients, but in the wider world.

Founded in 1991, the company operates under four key guiding principles—and notes that three of the four relate to culture: “Be the Best at What We Do,” “Grow Your Skills Faster than Anywhere Else,” “Attain Financial Success,” and “Have Fun.” And that commitment to making a difference and fostering a positive culture doesn’t stop at good PR: every two years, the firm takes a mission trip to build homes for families in need, and also hosts annual fundraisers to send underprivileged children to ca...

Employee Reviews

  • “Culture is an aspect where Keystone is unique and leagues ahead of the
    competition [...] There are biennial company trips to a Latin American country in
    which we build houses for families and experience the culture of the country we're
    visiting. Also, when the pandemic started, Keystone made significant efforts to keep
    social events alive - we hosted cooking and cocktail-making classes, social events
    with banks in Chicago, and leadership reached out early and often to make sure
    everyone was okay. Keystone is an incredible place to work because of the people,
    and I'm very grateful to be able to be a part of that team.”
  • “I believe that Keystone provides an accelerated growth curve for our employees
    that while challenging, provides them with the opportunity to build a foundational
    skillset faster than other firms. I also believe we have a great firm culture and have
    a good blend of intellectuals and genuine individuals.”
  • “Keystone is a unique management consulting firm that offers motivated candidates
    the opportunity to build and develop their skills faster than anywhere else by
    exposing our teams of hard-working professionals to a broad set of business
    challenges (strategy, operations, M&A, restructuring) and opportunities across a
    broad client base including family-run businesses, private equity-owned companies
    and publicly traded corporations...and we have fun doing it!"
  • “Our ‘informal’ internal slogan has become that we "give a shit, and get shit done" -
    this very concisely embodies the shared values within our firm, with the focus on
    our client's success and our ‘roll up the sleeves’ approach which is more oriented
    towards solutions and results than it is to perfect recommendations. I believe this
    combination is rare and is often noted in contrast to other consulting firms.”
  • “Your skills will grow more rapidly at Keystone than anywhere else as far as
    business acumen, project management, and leadership in general. The mentorship
    you will get will be from 20-year veterans and seasoned associates alike. The
    culture will be fulfilling, and you will do meaningful work and develop meaningful

Getting Hired Here

  • “Interview process is three rounds, with multiple interviews each round. The debrief
    is conducted with the majority of the firm, with hiring only occurring when there is
    support and consensus by all. With many applicants and only a few spots,
    undergrad recruiting typically ends up in offers to about 1% of applicants.”
  • “Keystone candidates go through three rounds of interviews, the first two of which
    are back to back days. The first interview is behavioral with mild case questions
    thrown in. The second round is a larger case that involves reviewing data and hand
    drawing slides to present to a partner, along with another behavioral interview. The
    ideal candidate is someone eager to learn and grow quickly, that would fit in with
    our small firm culture.”
  • “Our interview process is very thorough, with several successive rounds of
    interviews with multiple people. Our firm's partners are personally involved in the
    interviews, which shows the commitment of top leadership to attracting and
    selecting the best people.”
  • “Someone who has strong intellectual curiosity, is mature beyond their years given
    the C-level interactions they are put in front of, and someone who is excited by
    solving challenging problems. I also believe we are a great fit for someone who does
    not want to get pigeon-holed into one particular area (i.e. we do M&A integration,
    financial turnarounds, operational improvements and strategy work). We are
    generalists from Analyst to Partner.”
  • “There is no ideal candidate. As long as you have the intellectual horsepower to find
    insights in data and truly care about helping your clients, you would be a good fit for
    The Keystone Group. The first round is more behavioral, the second, analytical, and
    the third is a little of both.”

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