The Cambridge Group is a boutique strategy consulting firm that helps clients identify profitable new growth opportunities, optimize portfolios of products or services, unearth breakthrough innovation, reinvent categories, enhance brand equity, and optimize pricing. Services include mergers and acquisitions, corporate and business unit strategy, go-to-market activation, digital strategy, marketing strategy, innovation and design and pricing and promotion.

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51-100 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Growth Strategy


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Chicago, IL


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Christine Nyweide

Firsthand Findings

The boutique experience is alive and well at The Cambridge Group, which exists largely to help clients identify and pursue new opportunities for growth—something that makes for a rewarding experience for its consultants. While the firm’s scale can lead to some long weeks, its long-standing low-travel model ensures that consultants sleep in their own beds the majority of the time, even prior to the pandemic.

In terms of career growth, this is a place where there is no shortage of on-the-job opportunities to learn, backed up by a strong mentorship program. While those seeking a more structured experience with lots of formal training may not be the best fit for TCG, it will definitely appeal to anyone seeking to own their work and client relationships, think entrepr...

About the Company

If the consultants at The Cambridge Group were your Economics 101 professor, you would not have learned supply and demand, but rather demand and supply. The simple belief that demand should be placed before supply is the principle that differentiates TCG from other consulting firms. Since 1975, the firm has helped clients develop and execute strategies that are driven by a superior understanding of profitable demand. TCG applies its demand-led expertise across global industries including consumer goods, financial services, retail, media, and high technology.

The firm focuses on using demand to help clients identify profitable new growth opportunities, optimize portfolios of products or services, unearth breakthrough innovation, reinvent categories, enhance brand equity, and optimize pricing. Some of the world's most successful ...

Employee Reviews

  • “90% of our work is in the consumer industry focused on growth strategy, which is a rare combination and is fun work to do.”
  • “Challenging, interesting, dynamic client work and the best colleagues you could ask for.”
  • “If you like the type of work we do (growth strategy) and the types of clients we serve (mainly CPG, Tech), I don't know if you can find a better place to work.”
  • “I've always been impressed with how the firm values the contributions of each individual, from the most junior to the most senior. The partners bear the financial risk of the firm but everyone is critical to our long-term success, and so we make sure that they are taken care of first. In great years we all benefit; in not-so-great years the partners absorb the consequences. I've been a part of several leadership teams and find that the TCG approach is quite unique.”
  • “Our client list is impressive but what really makes this a fun and interesting place to work is the type of problems that we solve for those clients.  We partner with our clients to help them achieve/accelerate profitable growth, so they look forward to working with us - and vice versa.  And that makes the work enjoyable, which is important given that it's also challenging.”
  • “The Cambridge Group employees go beyond the day-to-day project work and are involved in many initiative teams as well as recruiting and training. This is the type of place where you can make a personal mark on the overall company.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “First round interviews are a mix of case and general discussion. Second round (when applicable) includes a more involved case exercise with mock data. People who succeed are highly proactive, creative problem-solvers who are excited about the type of work we do and clients we serve.”
  • “Provide first-round interview to as many as possible, progress through multiple rounds. Ideal candidate is smart, hard-working, sociable, and ambitious.”
  • “The ideal candidate is intelligent, personable, able to speak to clients comfortably, and has a strong quant foundation through academics or prior analytics experience. “
  • “The interview process generally has three rounds, with a mix of behavioral and cases. The ideal candidate is smart and responsible, with a willingness to learn and an amicable attitude.”
  • “We hire from a variety of schools - and the ideal candidate has a strong academic background and intellectual curiosity. The interview process consists of a case or two, and a fit interview. Cases are projects we've actually worked on so it's a good representation of the type of work we typically do.”

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