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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Children Youth and Families


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Kerry Oliver - Director of Recruiting (Full time positions)

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About the Company

Employee Reviews

  • “Amazing, truly caring workplace and incredible opportunities to make an impact in the social sector.”


  • “Incredible place to get an ‘insider's’ view of the social sector (foundations, nonprofits, impact investors)!”


  • “Nuanced, thoughtful and impact-equity focused.”


  • “The genuine interactions with people and ease of building relationships in order to enjoy the tough work we are doing together with our clients.”


  • “Warm, supportive environment where I can apply my consulting toolkit to personally meaningful, impact-oriented, mission-driven work.” 

Getting Hired Here

  • “All the normal strengths of a strategy consultant (analytical, sense for value, good teaming skills, EQ) + a strong passion for the social sector.”


  • “I believe an enormous consideration for Bridgespan is a candidate's commitment to impact work and experience in the social sector, along with their analytical skills of course.”


  • “Interview process is very transparent and rigorous. Timelines are articulated up front and there is a lot of consideration around preparation to make sure all candidates have access.”


  • “Someone who is extremely genuine in their interest in and commitment to DEI and working in the social sector. They can probably tell who is primarily seeking to obtain a corporate consulting job instead.”


  • “The firm is pretty quick with how they get back to you, they are transparent about the hiring and callback process, and I think the ideal candidate has an equity lens and is passionate about social change, while still maintaining a logical thought process.”

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