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Washington, DC



Robert W. Musslewhite

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A quick glance at the Advisory Board's financial statements for the past few years tells you all you need to know about the firm: revenues have increased from $232 million in 2010 to $803 million in 2016, while headcount has increased from 1,850 to 3,600 over the same period. Clearly this is a firm that has hit on a winning model, and is growing strongly as a result. As a result, those with an interest in education and/or healthcare should add the firm to their list marked "learn more about."

About the Company

D.C.-based Advisory Board Company is a membership-based professional services firm that provides best practices research, analysis, executive education and leadership development, software tools and installation support services, primarily to the health care industry.  Members--who are charged a fixed annual fee for access to the firm's services--include thousands  of hospitals, health systems, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, health care insurers, medical device companies and universities.  Among the members are the top-18 hospitals as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, and 95 of the country's 100 largest health care delivery systems.  The firm has also seen signifcant growth in its education operations in recent years, and provides its services to academic institutions, working with university provosts, he...

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