Yes, the pharmaceutical industry gets a bad rap, but it’s firms like Syneos Health that strive to make a meaningful difference. A large consulting firm specializing in organizational transformation for the biopharmaceutical industry, Syneos offers jobseekers the opportunity to leave their mark on an industry that touches countless lives around the world. This is an ideal fit for anyone with a passion for healthcare and achieving quantifiable, sustainable results that change lives.

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From a pure demand perspective, there has likely never been a better time to be in healthcare consulting than over the past couple of years. With new drugs hitting the market at a time when healthcare providers are scrambling to pivot delivery models, the sector has required strategic and operational help life never before.

All of that has helped Syneos to have a couple of great years, and build a platform to launch further growth from in the years ahead. It has also, of course, been tough at times on consultants, who have consistently been stretched as hiring has struggled to keep up with that demand—a trend that is evident across much of the industry at large.

On the day-to-day, insiders note that the firm does a lot to try to ensure that indi...

About the Company

Syneos Health Consulting is a management consulting firm specializing in the biopharmaceutical industry and part of Syneos Health, a 24,000-employee biopharmaceutical solutions organization designed to help the biopharmaceutical industry shorten the distance from lab to life.

Syneos Health provides services across a comprehensive range of key areas, including portfolio strategy, brand commercialization and commercial model strategy/planning; medical and regulatory affairs; risk and program management; and pricing, market access and HEOR.

Recognized by Forbes magazine as one of America's Best Management Consulting Firms, Syneos Health strives to combine industry focus and depth of functional expertise with strong scientific and market knowledge to tackle highly complex business and market c...

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Employee Reviews

  • “A work environment with a great culture and ability to have flexible schedule (work from home, etc.) Co-workers are collaborative and work as a team. The organization has a structure built for growth to develop professionally. Benefits and compensation are competitive.”
  • “For those wishing to enter into life sciences consulting, Syneos is a top firm in terms of scope of internal expertise, range of clients and type of work.  Individual contributions are highly appreciated and recognized.”
  • “Leadership is key and Syneos Health has an amazing leadership team that supports your career and progression to improve as an employee and a key member in the business community. The firm welcomes collaboration, feedback and challenges you to become the best.”
  • “Our firm provides a great environment and opportunity in which to learn, both from the rewarding work we do and from the great people on our teams.”
  • “The culture is very positive here and the firm's unique business model as a fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions engine makes it very appealing for clients to work with us by providing access to a wide array of subject matter experts.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Assigned to an HR recruiter who helps to advocate for you and respond to questions. Process involved a phone screen, an initial interview with the head of the team, and a full day of interviews with different members of team (including case interviews).”
  • “Interview and callback process was very friendly and transparent. Much better than the majority of firms that I interviewed with, some of whom were extremely disorganized and difficult to get in touch with.”
  • “Seeking strategic thinkers. Recruiting team stays in fairly constant communication with the candidates, but we have received feedback that the candidates do not know what's happening next once they've accepted the position.”
  • “The firm's interview process places you in front of key leaders you will be working with on a day-to-day basis for the team. There is a comprehension test which is beneficial to assess a person's experience on conducting tasks key to the role. The ideal candidate is someone who challenges themselves to become better, is independent in work and thought, provides ideas to the team and is open to debate and discussions, a person who is a leader and someone that manages the best of a situation.”
  • “We use internal recruiters to screen and manage our recruiting processes. We are looking for strategic thinkers who can see beyond what has been done before and figure out what is possible.”

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