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New York, NY(HQ)...


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Shad Ngam- Chief Executive Officer...


Global Leader, Strategy&

Firsthand Findings

 If its consultants' opinions are anything to go by, Strategy& is a firm that is going places in the APAC region—a sign that it has started figuring out how to leverage PwC's scale as it seeks to fulfil the "strategy through execution" approach it has been promising. 

As an employer, meanwhile, it seems to have cracked the code of providing consultants with compelling projects, all the training they need, and the ability to manage a decent work-life balance. Oh—and that huge footprint means that there are likely to be global opportunities aplenty for those that want them. With all that in mind, this is definitely one to consider as a place to launch your career in consulting. 

About the Company

Strategy& is the global strategy consulting business of professional services firm PwC. Formerly Booz & Company, the firm was acquired by PwC in the spring of 2014.

Strategy& is one of the industry's top strategy houses, helping clients solve their most challenging strategic issues. To help its clients compete, Strategy& places a heavy emphasis on foresight and innovative thinking—a trait that goes all the way back to founder Edwin Booz. While typically maintaining a high level of confidentiality around the companies it works for, the firm has an impressive list of accomplishments it has publicly acknowledged, including: the merger between the National and American Football Leagues in the 1960s; helping Chrysler with its historic turnaround in the 1970s; developing supply chain managem...

Employee Reviews

  • "Efficient ecosystem where we can get projects by utilizing PwC networks."
  • "Great place to work at. Amazing exposure at an early stage. Really great culture and colleagues are very well qualified and very smart."
  • "High expectation of performance and very good growth opportunity."
  • "Identity as strategy consulting firm is being kept and you can be involved in a variety of strategy consulting projects."
  • "It's a good place to start your career as a professional service staff."
  • "Rapidly growing consulting firm with great opportunities and environment."
  • "Strategy& help me accelerate my skills through various game-changing engagements and robust mentorship program."
  • "Strong fundamentals but health of your immediate practice or Partner makes all the difference."
  • "Well balanced consulting firm with hard-hitting projects, intelligent and capable team members, and a strong brand of quality in the market."
  • "Best: all roles flex implemented across the full firm which means you have ultimate flexibility in when and where you work your hours. Vacation held sacred and rarely if ever are people denied vacation requests. Flexibility in ramping up and down based on life circumstances. Worst: variability in client assignments means variability in flexibility when you are staffed. "
  • "Long hours but that is common with all strategy consulting firms."
  • "Most managers and directors are considerate about work-life balance of the individual and do not usually plan work over the weekend. Further if one has planned an activity well in advance and informed all the relevant people, his / her plan is not disturbed."
  • "Travel is extensive but something I enjoy."
  • "Compared to other strategy consulting firms, salary in this firm is small. As time goes by, the progression gets worse with the extra effort from top management to reduce compensation expense of the company."
  • "Highly competitive in the Indian Market for Entry- and Mid-level , can be a lot better for Experienced (EM and above)."
  • "Significant number of targeted allowances e.g. phone, ipad, club membership, car, telephone, internet, lifestyle."
  • "The compensation package varies in different countries. Not all offices provide on-site child care service or free parking."
  • "A holistic development oriented appraisal and development process. Each individual goes through a 360-degree feedback process."
  • "After merger with PwC, the firm has a compelling value proposition. A top-class strategy firm coupled with PwC specialisation for implementation."
  • "Amazing people, flexibility, deep knowledge base from Booz & Co. Have stuck to the same spirit and ideology of investing in talent and people. PwC is investing in the right areas to ensure it builds over and above what Booz did."
  • "Promotion to Partner for Strategy& is now a two stage process with Professional readiness assessed at a global regional level—however there is a need to have your local territory agree to the promotion as well."
  • "Supportive colleagues/mentors, extensive mandatory and optional trainings, high involvement in projects, various ethnics/nationality within a team, clear framework for promotion process."
  • "Would be great if promotion progress could be more defined, as the firm is going through major change and some changes are really disadvantaging."
  • "People are super smart and leadership is extremely capable. Great visionaries. Very impressive."
  • "Still getting to understand fully how to leverage the breadth of capabilities of PwC and integrate it within S& offerings."
  • "One of the strengths of this company is being able to provide the same quality of work as other prestigious consulting firms with a fraction of the price those strategy consulting firms charge."
  • "Unmatched end-to-end value proposition."

Getting Hired Here

  • "Systematic and prompt."
  • "Behavioral interview (20%); Case interview (80%)."
  • "Market sizing."
  • "Standard strategy business case interviews."
  • "We typically use case based questions trying to understand the individual's ability to think."

Perks & Benefits