Strategy& is the consulting business of professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, aka PwC, one of largest professional services networks in the world and one of the Big Four accounting firms. Combining strategy consulting expertise with the capabilities of the PwC network, Strategy& helps clients solve issues—from devising a corporate strategy to building capabilities by transforming functions and business units—from strategy through execution. 

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  • “For campus hiring, it’s typically a two-round interview process with behavioral and case questions in each round of interviews (typically two per round). Experienced hiring varies a lot. There's a lot of freedom given to interviewers in the type of case they give an interviewee. The ideal candidate would be someone who is quick on their feet, able to ask well thought-out questions, is a critical thinker, and brings a positive attitude.”
  • “The interview process does a good job discerning the candidate's ability to think quickly, break a problem down into its core components and problem solve. Combined with behavioral questions, informal discussion (including opportunities before the interview) and Q&A provide a good amount of data to determine candidate fit. The ideal candidate has demonstrated leadership experience and career progression (where appropriate). The candidate is confident but humble, has strong analytical capabilities and wants to earn something rather than be given something.”
  • “The interview process is effective—we try to make decision on the same day of final interviews. The ideal candidate is a structured (but creative) thinker with strong analytical capability—a person who can articulate their ideas clearly and confidently.”
  • “We are looking for candidates who are inquisitive, self-aware, able to adapt to changing conditions and has a solid analytical mind. We value those who have worked in or led diverse teams and are able to function effectively in a team environment.”
  • “The ideal candidate is motivated, very smart, accomplished, thoroughly understands business, collaborative and has the desire to win and outperform other MBB competitors.”
  • “This past year, my group accepted [a very small percentage] of applicants…Although a strong resume is important to get your foot in the door, strong interviewing skills and a passion for the work that we do is very important in getting an offer. Culture is a priority at my workplace, and we strive to have driven employees who enjoy the work that they are doing, and who are kind, helpful, and humble. Even a single bad apple can ruin a workplace, so my firm is very vigilant to have none.”
  • “Actual case studies on market growth, competitive threats/risks of disruption, how to evaluate if entering a market is a good decision.”
  • “…The case portion will test them on how they address unstructured problems. A typical case would be to setup a situation around a company's challenges and ask a broad question to see how they will apply structure and logic to it. [For example]: the client has been doing well in the market, growing rapidly, but has recently been encountering challenges in meeting demand. They are looking for a strategy to maximize profitability within the constraints of their existing assets. What should they do?”
  • “Both of my cases were big picture and did not involve any calculations. One was focused on technology and the other on manufacturing.”
  • “Case question and a behavioral portion for all interviews (first round and final round). Cases vary by individual and seniority level.”
  • “Case interviews focused on market sizing, strategy, enabling capabilities, and change management. In addition, focus on fit with firm culture.”
  • “Highly technically complex client has asked us to help them pick a market segment to enter. How would you approach it?”

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