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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 25 EMEA


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Germany: Kerstin Botsch


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Sarah Wallace- Human Resources Manager

Employee Reviews

  • “A particularly great company to start your career: colleagues are incredibly supportive & friendly, you will very rarely be thrown in the deep end without sufficient guidance, and you will have great opportunities to grow your soft & hard skills in a safe environment. Senior colleagues are also very open and friendly with junior colleagues, removing the perception of strict hierarchies in a corporate environment.”

  • “It is a specialized firm that focuses on top line exclusively. If you want to discover everything and touch different industries, it might not be the best choice. However, if you are looking for great culture, great colleagues and good WLB then it is a good choice. I think if we evaluate the working hours vs the compensation, it is a pretty attractive package.”

  • “Simon-Kucher is a really good choice if you are interested in becoming an expert in our key topics (e.g., revenue management, sales excellence) and less in becoming a generalist across topics. Also Simon-Kucher can be a good deal when you are willing to earn less while having a better work life balance.”

  • “SKP is focused on topline projects, and particularly on pricing topics. This makes for great projects (you would be on the 'sunny side' of consulting) but has to be an interest for any potential candidate - else you will get bored.”

  • “We are a very flexible company that offers many opportunities globally and where hierarchy is only a noun while maintaining a sense of respect for others, no matter their hierarchy level.”

Why Work Here

At Simon-Kucher & Partners, we strive to follow six core values: Integrity, Respect, Entrepreneurship, Meritocracy, Impact, and Team. In short, we put our belief in doing what is right first – striving for the good of the team, and acting in the best interests of our colleagues: proactively taking on tasks, and having a genuine desire to see others succeed. We recognize that everyone has something different to offer. Employees are given a lot of responsibility quickly, and we encourage every associate, no matter their level, to come up with new ideas. Results are important, but so are people, so all voices are equal. At Simon-Kucher, we always aspire to do our best – for our clients and for each other. Check out more stories from our colleagues here!

Getting Hired Here

  • “All the candidates interested in our company and that arouse our interest are regularly followed in every phase of the selection process; we listen to any of their needs and requirements and we do everything we can to make them join this big family.”

  • “Approachable, smart, open-minded, motivated, dedicated, communicative, reflective, interested in activities outside of work as well as in the work itself.”

  • “Company is looking for people that have the basics and are open for development. Usually for lower positions no experience is required, but the ability to deal with different situations and sharp mind is very valuable as well as eloquence and motivation.”

  • “Interview process is personalized and agreed deadlines for feedback are met. Ideal candidates are energetic and proactive. An ideal candidate should also be detailed and be ready to defend his/her points in a polite way.”

  • “We look for people that have critical thinking skills, can work independently, are able to handle stress and are good at structuring project work.”

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