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Pricing, sales & marketing experts Simon-Kucher & Partners maintain offices in roughly two dozen cities in Europe, the Middle East & Africa. It’s no wonder the firm crossed the 100-million-euro mark in the region more than a decade ago. A midsize yet truly international consultancy, the firm is recognized as a global pricing leader, and offers myriad opportunities for travel, growth and development, and client exposure for jobseekers looking to break into consulting.

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Firsthand Findings

As pricing specialists, SKP occupy a niche that is almost entirely their own within the European consulting landscape. That makes for no shortage of clients and career opportunities, albeit with less variety in project types for consultants than may be on offer at other firms throughout the industry.

On a day-to-day basis, the culture at SKP seems to be friendly and geared towards rapid development—indeed, one of the side benefits of having fewer industry/functional opportunities is that consultants can progress significantly faster in their specialized field. Satisfaction with compensation tends to fine,  although location (and specifically cost of living) may have a large role to play in determining just how you feel about your overall pay package.

About the Company


Simon-Kucher & Partners is a global consulting firm specializing in strategy, marketing, pricing, and sales. The firm focuses on TopLine Power® by helping clients to boost their top line instead of cutting costs. With about 1,400 employees and offices all over the world, their practice is built on evidence-based, practical strategies for profit improvement. The firm is regarded as the world's leading pricing advisor and thought leader. In addition to pricing, Simon-Kucher works to streamline marketing and sales for clients, and assists them in developing corporate strategies. The company has conducted projects for clients in almost all countries.

Unlike cost-cutting initiatives, Simon-Kucher’s work in growing clients’ revenue and profit has no natural l...

Employee Reviews

  • “Consulting is a tough job. It is crucial to go to a place where what you do is actually relevant and you enjoy the topics. At SKP, you will be working in a positive and constructive environment where your ideas matter. You will have responsibilities on project streams from day 1 and you will never feel like you are doing ‘just’ slides.”
  • “Excellent experience and training at the consultancy which is by far the strongest in its field of expertise.”
  • “Focus on topline topics with mostly exciting clients and projects, ability to shape the office environment and culture, trial and error way of organizing, early learning opportunities that you do not get in larger companies.”
  • “I feel our company culture is focused more on team work, supporting each other and achieving together whereas competitor firms seem to have more internal competition and ambition is more valued than cooperation.”
  • “Morality: SKP does not accept projects from customers with shady reputation (like VW with dieselgate, etc.). Moreover, SKP projects never focus on redundancies and optimizing the costs for the clients, we earn the money by adjusting prices, not cutting the workforce costs.”
  • “One of the keys to creativity is having boundaries. Simon-Kucher's niche positioning in pricing, sales and marketing provides the necessary boundaries to explore the world of TopLine growth, and channel / utilize the collective creativity of the staff. This allows Simon-Kucher to stay at the cutting edge of TopLine consulting.”
  • “As long as you announce in advance that you want to take vacation, there is no problem in the firm to take vacation at any moment of the year.”
  • “Company culture is amazing because it's really inclusive and familiar. Inside the company many consultants are young and that is a plus because it's a pleasure to work in the office. Before the pandemic, we used to spend a lot of time together during lunch and coffee breaks and my learning curve was positively affected by this culture and environment. Also, our projects are usually managed by international teams, and we always respect the different time zones. The worst aspect is that I feel the isolation during this extended period of smart working and there is not a lot of supervision or mentoring.”
  • “Easy to take time off and the firm also easily allows to work from home if needed, due to the approach we have, especially in the life science department. Nevertheless, working hours often go over the 9 hours per day, sometimes also with no real needs but just because people are used to work late in the night.”
  • “Every employee receives the maximum amount of vacation available in our country. Even if the employee has no experience and in theory the law directs the employer to 20 days of vacation, SKP offers 26 from the start. All planned vacation are always respected, when someone is on holidays, he is offline and work does not intrude. If certain urgent situation happen (work on Sunday or on a day off, which happens very rarely), employer guarantees a return in a way of special leave days (for example 1.5 day of special leave for a working Sunday).”
  • “In comparison to other consultancies such as big 3, my company somehow respects the work-life balance. Usually during the project, consultant has to work around 10 hours a day, no more. Nobody forces the employee to stay long hours in the evenings. If someone starts the work at 8 am (start and end time is not regulated), he/she usually finishes earlier. There is not problem to take the time off, if employee gives notice in advance the holidays can be planned for every term. Ad-hoc day offs are also respected. There are no drawbacks of working in my company as far as the things mentioned in the question above, certainly there are no drawbacks in comparison to competitors.”
  • “The firm culture is very pragmatic and oriented to client needs. It really depends on the partner you work with. But not better or worse than other firms.”
  • “Best aspect is salary progression and fixed salary.”
  • “Best: Diversity & pay equality Worst: No transportation reimbursement for travelling to and from work home when not travelling to clients.”
  • “During Covid-19, there was a misalignment on working effort and compensation for a lot of employees; people working a lot did not make much more money compared to people not working at all.”
  • “Not adapted to the individual circumstances. It is expected that you travel to office by public transportation, however a car is supported but public transport is not. In addition, many more senior employees travel by car as public transportation from suburbs (where they live with their families) is not as flexible and still amount of parking spaces is limited or it is even expected that one pays for the parking.”
  • “Pay is pretty good and speed of progression is excellent for high performers - so you can improve your salary rapidly (though some other top consultancies pay more at equivalent levels, here you can reach those levels faster so depends on what your preference is).”
  • “Salary progression very competitive for entry levels, then gets less competitive on more senior levels. Car policy should be improved.”
  • “Best: Flat hierarchies, entrepreneurial and rather small team, allowing fast development. Worst: Not as professionalized as other companies when it comes to training, etc.”
  • “Career development is fairly fluid due to the nature of the company being that people tend to be hired for more general roles and then later made to specialise to fit business requirements. However the promotion process is not clear, there's very little applicable training for my role, and the diversity seems to be only for the peripheral functions (admin, tech, etc.) and not in the core business.”
  • “Firm feels very fair re promotion processes—doesn't appear to be any significant advantage/disadvantage due to background and the review process is comprehensive. Lots of formal external trainings are run which I have found very helpful. Very good process for promotions was implemented during Covid which has prevented progression delays which could otherwise have been caused.”
  • “Great promotion scheme (yearly promotion is the norm, with significant salary increase at every step). However, fast-track promotions are not transparent. International opportunities are excellent (6-month rotation programs are accessible to all consultants and financially subsidized by the firm).”
  • “If you're in the healthcare practice, the exit opportunities can be quite limited. Trainings are usually good, but the COVID-19 impact has been felt.”
  • “Promotions are based on a defined system of evaluations and seniority and my firm is really focused on mentoring.”
  • “Simon-Kucher is still a relatively small, entrepreneurial and flexible company. This allows you to develop the career based on personal interests and external opportunities, both in terms of sector and geography. The training format is very different from my older employer, Bain. More focused on the skills and less on networking. Very effective / less fancy.”
  • “Comparable to other top consultancies, Simon-Kucher & Partners has a very high relation of female partners, as well as directors and managers (same counts for entry levels, like consultants). Also all kinds of ethnic groups are represented and treated equally within Simon-Kucher & Partners.”
  • “Dedicated D&I team with diversified team members and decision makers. Many propositions already put in place.”
  • “I have not experienced a single situation or heard anything about a female colleague being treated differently than a male when it comes to promotions, salary, opportunities etc.”
  • “Pay is completely fixed by level as are bonus structures, so I am certain that male and female employees are equally paid. Promotion opportunities are harder to assess but from what I have observed they appear to be very fair and since I have been at the company similar proportions have been promoted in each cycle.”
  • “Simon-Kucher is not the most diverse firm but it is currently taking action to foster diversity with respects to retention of women, minorities, LGBTQ individuals through a series of internal panels.”
  • “We have a Diversity and inclusion program which is led by employees to make sure that everyone feels safe and [not discriminated against].”
  • “Business outlook is positive considering market situation generated by Covid-19. Positive outlook also due to recent change in company leadership (New CEOs).”
  • “I strongly trust the leadership and management of my firm. My firm is focused only on specific business topics in order to be provide the strongest expertise available on the market. We do what we are good at and the market recognized our value compare to other firms which offer any kind of service.”
  • “Pre-Covid-19, I would have scored this a 10. We were on a very high growth trajectory and doing extremely well. Covid-19 has made this more challenging (which I'm sure is true for everyone) but I think we are still well positioned (and figures have picked up well in the last couple of months). However, the current economic climate means everyone has to be cautious currently and no one can be overly positive/confident until the future becomes clearer.”
  • “Strengths: Market demand despite downturn situation, broad industry coverage spanning growing and shrinking sectors, relatively high employee confidence levels in the firm, internal motivation to seek growth and well established client relationships. Thorough business development and project-selling processes in place. Weaknesses: No recognition as a top brand within the consulting industry, firm size, specialization under pricing and marketing topics.”
  • “The company is doing okay given the crisis, but our office in Amsterdam is thriving. For some reason we always overperform compared to other offices/departments. I believe that is the result of the strong culture we have in this office.”
  • “Top line growth is limitless in theory.”
  • “Very dynamic, resilient, young and innovative. Excellent spirit.”

Why Work Here

At Simon-Kucher & Partners, we strive to follow six core values: Integrity, Respect, Entrepreneurship, Meritocracy, Impact, and Team. In short, we put our belief in doing what is right first – striving for the good of the team, and acting in the best interests of our colleagues: proactively taking on tasks, and having a genuine desire to see others succeed. We recognize that everyone has something different to offer. Employees are given a lot of responsibility quickly, and we encourage every associate, no matter their level, to come up with new ideas. Results are important, but so are people, so all voices are equal. At Simon-Kucher, we always aspire to do our best – for our clients and for each other. Check out more stories from our colleagues here!

Getting Hired Here

  • “Extremely intelligent, critical thinker, problem solver, analytical, extremely good conversation skills.”
  • “Firm's hiring process is competitive as the ideal candidate should not only be brilliant and very good with quantitative analyses but also a good fit with company's culture. The candidate should be able to independent and proactive, we are a firm in which also the intern will have a lot of responsibilities, thus they must be eager to learn and proactively do.”
  • “I think my company is looking for multi-talented people, that enjoy challenges and do not like boredom. Every project offers something different and requires the consultant to learn and develop.”
  • “Simon-Kucher has a selective and intense interview process: 2/3 rounds of 3x1h consulting interviews. The ideal junior candidate is a multilingual graduate from a top tier business or engineering school, who is curious, has a client-oriented mindset and is a true team player.”
  • “The interview and callback process is very quick. Got invited to an interview the day after I submitted my application. Got the job 1.5 weeks later.”
  • “The process is quite aligned to other strategic management consultancy companies. Ideal candidate has excellent academic back-ground typically in business/engineering field, has good problem-solving/logical skills, is very analytic, works well in a non-structured environment, is fluent in English.”
  • “Currently you earn €50k in your job but you do not really like it. Your hobby is to make friends happy with your own lemonade. - Imagine you would like to sell fresh, self-made lemonade with a mobile concept (e.g. from a bike). Would you quit your current job and if yes, at which price would you sell the lemonade?”
  • “How should Apple price a new IPod?”
  • “I use a variety of negotiation cases focusing on price negotiations with suppliers.”
  • “Interview in English, tasks to fulfill in Polish and in English (heavily based on logical thinking, math and intelligence). Typical excercise with Excel, interviews with 2-3 employees on different levels (consultants and management).”
  • “Longer case studies linked to pricing and marketing topics.”
  • “Typical interview at Simon-Kucher is a classic Fit + Case study interview.”

Perks & Benefits