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Simon-Kucher & Partners—a global leader in pricing, sales & marketing—expanded into the Asia-Pacific region in 2001 with the opening of its Tokyo office. Since then, its presence in the region has grown to include offices in half a dozen cities, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sydney. Known for investing in its people’s growth, Simon-Kucher & Partners offers many opportunities for jobseekers with an interest in this region.

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Bonn, Germany (Global HQ)...


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Renee Kim - Manager...

Firsthand Findings

As a pricing specialist with a European heritage, Simon-Kucher has always operated in an interesting niche market in the global consulting realm. Within APAC, the firm’s brand is not as well known as its home region, but there is a definite sense that it is steadily building a strong reputation among those who know its work.

As an employer, the firm’s size is one of its defining characteristics: despite a global reach, it operates along boutique lines throughout APAC. While that translates to freedom to take ownership and act with an entrepreneurial mindset, it also means doing so in an environment with limited support structures in place. As such, it’s not a firm that will appeal to everyone, but those who possess both the skills and personality required to oper...

About the Company


Simon-Kucher & Partners is a global consulting firm specializing in strategy, marketing, pricing, and sales. The firm focuses on TopLine Power® by helping clients to boost their top line instead of cutting costs. With about 1,400 employees and offices all over the world, their practice is built on evidence-based, practical strategies for profit improvement. The firm is regarded as the world's leading pricing advisor and thought leader. In addition to pricing, Simon-Kucher works to streamline marketing and sales for clients, and assists them in developing corporate strategies. The company has conducted projects for clients in almost all countries.

Unlike cost-cutting initiatives, Simon-Kucher’s work in growing clients’ revenue and profit has no natural l...

Employee Reviews

  • “Focus on Top-line enabling extraordinary great performance.”
  • “Great growth (if you're lucky).’
  • “Nice internal communication.”
  • “Not just an expert, but specialized expert.”
  • “Recommendations given to clients are tangible and easy to implement. We are highly specialised in our marketing, pricing and strategy niche.”
  • “Open and accommodating culture in the Sydney office. Partners and senior leadership are engaged and actively interested in the welfare of consultants.”
  • “Pretty good. We also get holiday days in lieu if we work long hours / over the weekends.”
  • “Strong support from the firm to take time off, especially after tough projects.”
  • “Vacation time encouraged.”
  • “Very accommodating culture for leaves.”
  • “Very respectful of vacation time, and honouring blocked vacation days irrespective of how intense a project is.”
  • “High percentage of pay is based on bonus.”
  • “Pay equality.”
  • “We only have maternity leave, no other perks. Absolutely no difference between pay, all transparent.”
  • “Worst aspect of our firm's compensation package is that we do not have retirement benefit system although almost all of the companies in Japan have the system.”
  • “We see equal promotions and last year the total numbers of partners inducted had a ratio of 50:50.”
  • “When starting as a consultant, yes opportunities are completely equal. When progressing into your career and combining it with motherhood, there is less opportunity.”
  • “Partners have really set an example in this pandemic. They were the only ones to take a pay cut and reduced dividend pay.”

Why Work Here

At Simon-Kucher & Partners, we strive to follow six core values: Integrity, Respect, Entrepreneurship, Meritocracy, Impact, and Team. In short, we put our belief in doing what is right first – striving for the good of the team, and acting in the best interests of our colleagues: proactively taking on tasks, and having a genuine desire to see others succeed. We recognize that everyone has something different to offer. Employees are given a lot of responsibility quickly, and we encourage every associate, no matter their level, to come up with new ideas. Results are important, but so are people, so all voices are equal. At Simon-Kucher, we always aspire to do our best – for our clients and for each other. Check out more stories from our colleagues here!

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