ScottMadden is a generalist boutique with deep expertise in the Energy and Corporate & Shared Services sector. The result is a combination of strategic focus and a diversified approach to consulting across a range of capabilities and services—perfect for jobseekers searching for the unique benefits of working at a smaller firm while still leveraging a wide array of skillsets and experiences. Whatever your professional background, there’s a place for you at ScottMadden.

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“Trust” and “respect” are two words that came up multiple times when ScottMadden insiders described the culture of their firm. The work is rigorous and fast-paced—particularly given the heavy level of regulation found in the energy sector. However, the support and collaboration of colleagues help employees navigate these pressures without sacrificing attention to their own growth and development. If developing deep expertise and the prospect of working “on the ground” with your clients excites you, then ScottMadden might be a fit for you.

ScottMadden insiders acknowledge the tumult that Covid-19 has caused, not just for their firm but the industry as a whole. Nonetheless, they credit leadership’s conservative-yet-steadfast approach to gro...

About the Company

ScottMadden is a management consulting firm that operates in two main areas: Energy and Corporate and Shared Services. While it is best known for its work in the energy industry, the firm's Corporate & Shared Services practice works across many industries with clients in entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, high tech/communications, retail, and higher education.

Founded in 1983, the firm is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with additional offices in Raleigh, NC and Westborough, MA. From these locations, the firm works on projects for clients all over the world, albeit with a strong concentration of work in North America.

Putting the Scott in ScottMadden

The firm was founded by utility industry executive Peter Scott, whose first client also happened to be...

Employee Reviews

  • “A genuinely rewarding career that allows me to contribute meaningfully to our clients' success with a great group of colleagues.”
  • “Being with ScottMadden feels like being on a winning team. Everyone works hard, looks out for each other, and gives it their all. The "coaches" care and we are all learning at a rapid pace. We like to have a good time when we can, and most of my colleagues are people I'm willing to sit next to on a plane. That's saying something!”
  • “Our culture and leadership. The environment that is cultivated within our firm, the way we serve our clients and the respect shown for everyone makes the firm effective and a great place to work.”
  • “Our firm is based on the foundation of trust and respect - if these words speak to you, then you should pursue working for us. Our work is not easy and since our firm is not a household name (yet), the work comes with the added pressure of representing our firm on every project. You may be the only consultant “on the ground,” so you will have the success of the project riding on your shoulders. It can be a lot of responsibility, but the experience directly translates to applicable skills and we do a good job compensating accordingly.”
  • “ScottMadden has a very strong and welcoming culture that will help you continue to grow and be challenged while having continued support and guidance for your success.”
  • “The combination of our culture and our talent set us apart. We work side-by-side with our clients to develop solutions that are practical, implementable, and make sense for them.”

  • “The firm’s quality of life is comparable to other management consulting firms. Travel requirements are significant but typical of this business model. I can use my PTO the way I prefer.”
  • “The firm's quality of life is much respected and the company does its best to not impede on work-life balance. However, it is on the consultants to set and maintain their boundaries for work-life balance; managers, directors, and partners respect and encourage balance but it is on the consultants to own their balance.”
  • “I have personally not had to travel as much with my projects, and that has been very helpful. We are expected to work hard and there are plenty of weeks that I work a lot of hours, but there are also times when things aren't as hectic and you can be more flexible.”
  • “We've moved to having health and wellness reimbursements which allows each of us to take better control of our personal needs. The firm also does a good job sharing health and wellness programs (e.g., meditation application).”
  • “ScottMadden has supported a variety of wellness programs, most recently providing all employees with Headspace (mental health app) and creating a gym membership/sports equipment reimbursement program.”
  • “ScottMadden is extremely accommodating with respect to vacation time, both the amount of PTO and a lack of intrusions during vacation time. Taking time off is respected and encouraged.”
  • “Performance based compensation package is rewarding and retains top performers. Profit sharing deposited to 401(k) reflected true sharing of success by Partner group.”
  • “I'm really happy with the compensation package including the base salary and the bonus opportunity. My least favorite observation is that there is little to no salary progression in each position; however, this usually works itself out through bonuses since the more experienced consultants will likely be easier to staff.”
  • “Our compensation is determined by position, eliminating pay inequality. Every two to three years the compensation is benchmarked against others within the industry. We do not receive an annual increase, so your salary remains stagnant unless you receive a promotion or the comp plan is revised.”
  • “Pay is fair and equitable, and the rubric is based strictly on rank. I never have to worry whether I did a good job negotiating my compensation or whether another consultant is getting paid more simply because they're favored by management. The firm lays out good guidance on what it takes to advance to the next level, as well.”
  • “Our bonuses heavily depend on utilization, and if you are below a certain threshold, you do not get your bonus at all. Thankfully, our bonuses are paid out quarterly, but you can go quarters without a bonus if you have used vacation or are in between projects. Otherwise, I think the base salary is competitive and the pay is very good.”
  • “Bonus is very favorable and dependent on the number of hours you are staffed on a project.”
  • “Outstanding top-down mentoring and development. Partners and directors invest time into their people and projects to ensure success in both.”
  • “Leadership and senior management are very available to provide guidance and feedback. Leadership is open and transparent about the state of the firm. Leadership is also open to change when critical issues related to retention are identified, including diversity, compensation, and staffing.”
  • “One of the best aspects of my firm is collaboration. Consulting is competitive, but that does not have to be at the expense of cooperation and teamwork. ScottMadden sets high expectations and empowers employees to deliver an excellent consulting experience in a way that allows you to put people first.”
  • “ScottMadden has a very good career development program/opportunities. In my experience, Directors have weekly calls to specifically talk about development within the firm, and do their best with what they can do to help with that. THIS has helped me grow within the firm, the project, and personally. Moreover, ScottMadden does their best to provide you with free access to training online.”
  • “ScottMadden has a very thoughtfully designed mentorship program that enables new hires to connect with junior and partner level mentors. The boutique nature of the firm and generally flat structure allows you to quickly gain access to leaders in the organization and quickly grow in your role.”
  • “ScottMadden provides excellent training opportunities, but they are largely self-driven. The firm has a strong focus on diversity in recruiting and hiring which is supported by top leadership. Promotions are made regularly and fairly.”
  • “While any firm can find opportunities to improve, I am very satisfied with the diversity focus at my firm. They make a solid effort to ensure diversity and equal opportunities.”
  • “I believe that ScottMadden is actively aware and seeking to strengthen and grow in their diversity efforts.”
  • “I have never in my time at ScottMadden seen anyone treated differently in any way based on their age, gender, sex, race, sexual orientation, background, or any other reason. The firm has been and remains focused on fostering diversity at every level, and clearly realizes that diversity makes us a better firm.”
  • “The salaries at each level are transparent, including the bonus calculations. I see no discernible difference in compensation or opportunities (promotion, staffing, etc.) between any category of employee. We've done a lot to adjust hiring to continue our ongoing work in becoming an even more diverse and inclusive workplace. It can always be better; however, I'm extremely happy with the strides we've made in the last five years”
  • “Diversity is a high priority at the firm. Actual stats are average but the trends are improving year to year. The focus is there.”
  • “As a mid-sized firm, I believe we are still learning about diversity, but am appreciative of the efforts taken. As a firm, we naturally have an inclusive culture, and we naturally value similarities and differences. We are now being more intentional in our efforts to maintain and strengthen this culture, and in our efforts to expand the differences among our employee base. We have a Diversity & Inclusion Committee, and our leaders have openly expressed a commitment to D&I. I would like to see ScottMadden develop an improved process to recruiting and evaluating candidates. It's important that quality remains the same, but we expand our understanding of how quality can be measured. We also conducted an Environmental, Social, and Governance survey last year. We will continue to do this and leadership will develop their strategy based on what the employee base values as well as our client base.”
  • “We had a very good year last year that is flowing into this year’s outlook. Our firm has been very proactive in assessing and approaching how to work through the impacts of COVID-19.”
  • “The firm successfully rode out the COVID-19 pandemic with very few staffing reductions. The firm managed resources to ensure that almost all consultants were kept on regardless of availability of project opportunities.”
  • “Because the firm does a lot within energy, our firm is positioned very well for upcoming years. The industry is evolving so much, and our firm is helping companies at the forefront of these changes.”
  • “ScottMadden's client base in the utility sector remains stable and the opportunities emerging from the energy transition continue to open new doors for the firm to deliver value for clients.”
  • “Firm had an outstanding 2019 and Q1 2020, however COVID-19 will likely affect business outlook as it will for many companies and industries. The firm's strong reputation and expertise in regulated utility industry will help mitigate some of the adverse financial effects.”
  • “Hiring and growth are conservative, and I trust the partners' ability to generate new work.”

Why Work Here

Getting Hired Here


  • “Our firm focuses on the people. We want someone smart, but there are many smart people out there. We also want someone who is intellectually curious and who fits with our culture. We work hard to get things done right the first time.”
  • “Our firm predominantly hires candidates from business school. This process begins with an on-campus interview or a phone interview. You will then be invited for an interview day. You will likely have three to four 30-minute interviews and will then deliver a presentation to a panel. ScottMadden does not do case interviews; situational and hypothetical interview questions are common. We are looking for candidates with strong communication and interpersonal skills, who will work well in a team environment. Further, we are looking for strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Attitude and energy are also important. We are looking for people who buy-in to our firm and our culture.”
  • “Process is highly organized and total duration is about three weeks with an offer occurring within a few days after case study. Ideal candidate combines strong interpersonal and analytic skills.”
  • “ScottMadden looks for candidates who exhibit a variety of competencies from analytical to interpersonal to problem solving and many more. While our interview process is largely behavioral, case presentations are required of our experienced candidates. It is difficult to do well enough to receive an offer – we are looking for only top talent.”
  • “The interview and callback process is fair and consistent across locations and experience levels and consists of behavioral and case interviews. An ideal candidate is looking for a consulting role where they will have the opportunity to quickly take on a high level of responsibility and also have the opportunity to make significant contributions within and outside of project work.”
  • “The firm is quick to make recruiting decisions and calls are made almost immediately. Consultants at all levels are involved in recruiting. The ideal candidate is a quick-thinker, problem solver, analytical, and is easy to be around.”
  • “Typical behavioral interview questions: Describe a time when you had to make tough decision with limited information.”
  • “All the common behavioral questions across dimensions like adaptability, analytics, project management, etc.”
  • “Panel of 4 behavioral/analytical interviews followed by a presentation of the applicant's choice.”
  • “We use a situational and behavioral interview followed by a case presentation.”
  • “Tell me about a time you were working with large amounts of data and failed to deliver a reasonable outcome or had an incorrect outcome.”
  • “Very focused on behavioral and firm/culture fit. Minimal case work, typically less about detailed analytical push and more about problem approach and presentation style.”