Publicis Sapient is a digital consulting firm that specializes digital transformation for clients across a wide range of industries. Insiders love its reach, rapid career progress, and the ability to work on challenging projects for interesting clients.

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2011 Employees (All Locations)



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Vault Consulting 50


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Melbourne , Australia


President & CEO

Alan J. Herrick

Firsthand Findings

New to our survey this year—at least in its present iteration—Publicis Sapient is a firm with a big reputation in digital transformation, and the scale match. While it’s not a “classic” strategy consulting firm, don’t let that put you off: the company tackles projects that reinvent the businesses of some of the world’s biggest brands, offering some serious networking and exit opportunities for consultants. Not that this is a firm you’ll definitely want to leave: plenty of our respondents have been with the firm since its plain old Sapient days, and still see no reason to move on.

About the Company

Publicis Sapient is a digital consulting firm over 30 years old with deep roots on both sides of the Atlantic. Acquired by Publicis Groupe in 2015, the firm today offers services in strategy and consulting, customer experience and design, technology and engineering, enterprise platforms, data and artificial intelligence, and product management.

The firm’s core markets include consumer products, energy, financial services, health, retail, telecom, media, tech, transport, travel, hospitality, and the public sector.

Past is prologue

The first half of the company name—Publicis—is a €10.5 billion multi...

Employee Reviews

  • “My best experience in the last 20+ years brought me back as a boomerang seven
    years later. The company is still everything it stood for and I admired.”
  • “The opportunity to learn and grow in the space of digital business transformation is
    huge. Whether you're looking to build experience or build a long career, you'll have
    the opportunity to do both with some of the brightest and kindest people you will
  • “We are the ONLY firm that spikes in ALL the dimensions required to help clients
    through their digital transformation journey from end to end - strategy, design,
    customer experience, technology and engineering, branding, media and
    communications, change management, etc.
    Other firms may spike in one or two (e.g., McKinsey for strategy, Accenture for
    technology, WPP for branding and media), but NONE can truthfully claim to spike in
    as many areas as us. Fact!”
  • “We can do top-level strategy and digital strategy work that seamlessly flows into
    cross-functional execution. PS has best-in-class digital transformation capabilities,
    and with the build-out of the management consulting function now they also have a
    great strategy group to serve as tip of the spear.”
  • “We do amazing things and help clients with their Digital Business Transformation;
    but this is not a place where you can coast or hide. If you are an A-player who cares
    about your colleagues and about making a difference and meaningful results
    happen for clients, this is the place.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “One long interview (behavioral and case), then a super day with a behavioral
    interview and a case interview.”
  • “Initial phone screening/interview by recruiter or search firm, first round case and fit
    interview, second round case and one or two fit interviews. Ideal candidate has
    good consulting experience and a track record of structured problem solving in
    ambiguous situations.”
  • “Our recruiting timeline/turnaround time is relatively quick. We are seeking
    candidates that are interested in solving big business problems for clients and be a
    part of building the solution. We are not only looking for career consultants, but
    candidates who have demonstrated problem solving & leadership (e.g., managing a
    team) ability.”
  • “Typical candidates other strategy firms are looking for—high intellectual rigor,
    analytical, qual and quant problem solving.”
  • “We are looking for smart and intelligent candidates who can talk the language of
    business, understand the complexity that exists in today's world and can come up
    with creative and innovative solutions that help clients thrive.”