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  • “Early responsibility and learning opportunities at every turn, led by gracious management and helpful colleagues.”
  • “Our firm is determined to succeed but also do right by our society, communities, and have an impact on the world around us. We work hard but always do the right thing.”
  • “Hands down, the culture [is the best part]. When COVID hit, so many of our competitors resorted immediately to layoffs and I was terrified. But my firm committed to taking care of us, and the partners even collectively took a pay cut so that we could keep our people on staff. Leadership communicates with us on a regular basis, especially in the early days when no one had any idea what would happen. They took this seriously and committed to not only weathering the storm but thriving, and I will always be thankful to them for that.”
  • “At the end of the day, culture matters more than anything else, because if you look forward to going to work with your fellow employees, you'll enjoy your job a lot more and you'll be happy. I know many investment bankers who hate their jobs even though they do make a lot. PwC has an amazing culture of friendly, smart people who are willing to spend time to help you if you need it, will pass your name along for the next great project coming down the pipeline, and are always down to grab a beer after work and are great to spend time with on a personal level.”
  • “A career with PwC will challenge you more than you ever have been, but it will reward you with good compensation, a culture of shared purpose, and transparent growth opportunities as you advance your career.”
  • “PwC is a great place to both start your career and continue to develop as a professional. The opportunities and support you will get here will set you up for success whether you decide to stay with the firm long term or look externally for your next opportunity.”

Why Work Here

Here, you’ll learn with purpose, lead with heart and put your skills to work to make a meaningful difference in the world. As part of a diverse team, you’ll build innovative products and technology solutions for clients in unexpected ways.

If you join us, you’ll help organizations meet the challenges and opportunities of the US marketplace in the areas of Tax Services, Consulting Services, and Products & Technology. We attract top technology professionals from around the world—from those just starting their careers to experienced professionals.

Powered by integrated digital tools of today, you’ll provide services, build innovative products and technology solutions that will refine the ways we work and support our clients. Our purpose, vision and values are what connects the more than 284,000+ people across the PwC global network of firms and helps distinguish us in the marketplace and with our clients. Discover more about the firm including our impact on society, our commitment to creating a culture of belonging, and how we are investing in technology and our people.

Getting Hired Here


  • “Fully virtual interview process even before COVID. Two to three-rounds, mix of behavioral and technical. Ideal candidate has a great foundation, but more important is their attitude, growth mindset, and work ethic. Needs to show initiative (leadership comes in different ways) and a genuine understanding and interest in PwC and consulting.”
  • “Typically, a candidate may be interviewed via phone for an initial screening. Following that, there is a case interview as well as one or two "regular" interviews, where the candidate will be asked more standard interview questions. At this point, the interview circuit may be complete and the candidate should expect to hear from one of their interviewers regarding the position. PwC is seeking smart, curious go-getters who want to help clients approach problems in new ways. You do not have to be a business student, but you should have some understanding of the business world, current events, and what types of problems clients may need help with.”
  • “Interviews for more experienced candidates often take the form of very informal dialogue over an extended period of time, as the ideal technical resource is prepared before actually entering the firm, and the actual date of hire occurring only when a large client project is actually set to start.”
  • “For MBAs, the process is streamlined to one day of interviews. Students prefer having a quicker interview process. Ideal candidates have strong passions for a particular industry and are well aware of news in the industry.”
  • “There's no "one size fits all" candidate for PwC, but generally I think the ideal candidate is someone driven, open to learning, able to think critically, and communicate well with both internal and client teams, anywhere from Staff to Partner/C-suite level). They should have a clear understanding of why they want to work for PwC.”
  • “Our ideal candidate is both high performing (i.e. grades, quality of work, intelligence, etc.) and highly motivated to work collaboratively with others to solve problems... having fun while doing it. We turn away many top GPA students each year who don't appear to have the well-roundedness and diversity of experience that we are looking for as a firm.”