EVERSANA CONSULTING, the strategic advisory arm of EVERSANA, is a global consulting services firm serving a range of large and small biopharma, med tech, and digital therapeutics companies. The firm integrates strategic planning with launch excellence and commercialization execution to provide end-to-end commercialization support to clients. EVERSANA CONSULTING’s solutions are driven by its practice areas, including brand strategy/marketing, launch and commercialization, product innovation, corporate strategy, business development, and...

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5,001-10,000 Employees


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Chicago, IL


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Dayna Reyna, Talent Acquisition (Full time and internship positions)

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Part of an organization that bills itself as “the leading provider of global services to the life sciences industry,” EVERSANA’s consulting unit finds itself in an enviable position for most players in the healthcare space. With a steady pipeline of leads and big-name clients, this is a firm that can provide career opportunities and industry exposure that very few can match.

That’s borne out by responses from consultants, who indicate a high degree of satisfaction with most aspects of life at the firm—and with the on-the-job training opportunities in particular. One word of caution for applicants: those seeking a majority/fully- remote position and/or a low travel model may want to delve into the company’s post-pandemic plans as part of the interview process. At ...

About the Company

EVERSANA CONSULTING is a part of EVERSANA, a service provider to the life sciences industry. EVERSANA CONSULTING operates at more than 40 locations across the North American, European, and Asia Pacific regions.  

The firm’s capabilities include an array of consulting and advisory services that help executives across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries solve their biggest challenges. The firm’s practice areas include launch/commercialization, pricing and market access, brand strategy and marketing, corporate strategy and business development, medical affairs, and data analytics. The organization helps clients navigate program development, pre-launch and launch phases, strategies for in-line brands, loss of exclusivity, revenue management, regulatory, and more.

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Employee Reviews

  • “A full-service life sciences consultancy with a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing client needs and delivering high levels of satisfaction.”
  • “Delivery staff has a lot of opportunity to interact with exposure to higher up/ C-suites from clients.”
  • “Experience and expertise to help clients end-to-end from assessing the landscape, developing strategies and tactics through implementation. We've been in the clients' shoes, understand what they need and can deliver wherever they require support.”
  • “Incredible opportunity to grow as a consultant and become a leader within the organization.”
  • “Strong growth and acquisition plans.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Hard-working individuals with a great personality and that are easy to get along with. Interview process included recruiter call, 2 formal interviews, and 1 interview/offer call.”
  • “The ideal candidate would be a team player, passionate about providing great services.”
  • “The recruitment and interview process typically consists of a screening interview, two company FIT interviews, 1-2 case study presentations and then a final interview. We strive to conduct callbacks within a 3-5 day period, and the goal is to complete the process in 4-6 weeks, which can depend on both the candidates availability and the staff.”
  • “Usually 2 interviews (one screen one case), we are looking for people that get along well with others and have strong analytical minds.”
  • “We tend to seek more experienced candidates, interested in Life Sciences or with a health, science or engineering background. Prestigious colleges and academic institutions are also a focus (to the detriment of less diversity).”