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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Most Prestigious Consulting Firms in Asia-Pacific


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New York, NY


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  • “Combine the prestige and legitimacy of a Tier 1 firm with the growth and close-knit culture of a small-firm challenger.”

  • “Commitment to rigorous analysis and a willingness to say no to our clients and give them the analytically right advice, not the politically right advice.”

  • “If consulting is for you, this is an amazing place to experience it. We build careers, most of our leaders joined from university and stayed because of what Oliver Wyman could provide. That says a lot.”

  • “Oliver Wyman offers excellent professional development and rapid growth, and extremely smart people. It is less developed than some Tier 1 firms, which on the one hand means some things are still maturing, but also means there are great opportunities for individuals to really shape how the firm evolves.”

  • “The opportunities are great if you're ambitious and want to start your career at a place that offers genuine chance to rise to the top in under 10 years. You'll quickly learn a lot about how to solve business problems, get exposure to senior people across a broad range of industries and meet a great bunch of people.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Consultants and partners actively participate in the process, including making acceptance and rejection calls, which I think is good practice. The HR side is a bit slow, but very busy at the moment, so understandable.”

  • “Oliver Wyman has a very rapid interview process, that usually takes place over a couple of weeks, with 4-6 interviews. We are seeking individuals with deep underlying intelligence, creativity and clarity of thinking, who also show resilience and the ability to contribute to a thriving team.”

  • “The firm is seeking workers who are independent and dedicated as well as being able to adapt to any work situation.”

  • “Two rounds.  Several case and fit interviews.  Format gets tweaked relatively frequently, though always more case than fit interviews.  Ideal candidate must be a numerate, logical problem solver, have good presentation skills, and be able to demonstrate a broad interest across many topics and a willingness to learn about new ones.”