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101-500 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 25 EMEA


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Business Unit/Divisional Strategy


Major Office Locations

10 offices worldwide:


Employment Contact

Danielle Lestradge - Global Director of People

Employee Reviews

  • “All the staff are able to (and do) get engaged with the running of the firm - and feel they are part of OC&Cs overall success.”

  • “Brilliant place to start your career. Interesting work, rapid progression, good pay, amazing social side. We are better than a lot of consultancies in terms of work / life balance (and it is something senior mgmt. genuinely care about), but be prepared to work 50-60 hours a week.”

  • “OC&C differs from other firms with its higher strategy focus, sector focus, office-based culture (as opposed to client site) and broader culture and social calendar.”

  • “OC&C is a lot more friendly and although it is not as diverse as other competitors, it has a far better culture (this is coming from someone who worked at a larger competitor prior to joining).”

  • “You learn so much so quickly in your first couple of years - a great place to start your career and make friends while doing so!”

Getting Hired Here

  • “All interview stages are completed in a week, and you should receive a decision a week after your final interview.”

  • “CV/cover letter screening, maths test, 2 interviews with consultants/managers, 2 interviews with partners.”

  • “Ideal candidate is one that thinks logically, is curious, has EQ and that can structure problems well and do mental math.”

  • “The key thing is a nice person - there's a strong culture of only hiring people that will contribute positively to the firm. Intellectually curious.”

  • “You submit an anonymised CV and Cover letter. You will then be invited to complete a maths test. You will then be invited to two first round interviews. If you get through these, there are two second round interviews.”

Perks & Benefits