OC&C Strategy Consultants is an international consulting firm that advises management of major multinational corporations and leading national companies, as well as governmental and other public institutions. OC&C also supports world-renown private equity firms in areas including potential investment scoping, vendor and buyer due diligence, and post-acquisition strategy. The firm brings a deep knowledge of sectors and the churn of demand to their work with clients.

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Prior to the pandemic, OC&C had been growing at a steady clip in the U.S., and was gaining a reputation as a strong boutique strategy outfit. As with other firms in the industry, we are waiting with interest to see how the firm comes out of the present circumstances—and whether it can continue that prior trajectory.

As an employer, there is little to fault: Insiders have nothing but praise for the caliber of projects they get to tackle and, while there are occasional gripes about hours and client demands, these do not seem to go further than at most firms in the industry. Career progression and salary are similarly well thought of, too, meaning that, for most, there will likely be little other than the state of the wider economy to consider when thin...

About the Company

Focusing on strategic analysis, OC&C Strategy Consultants breaks the concept of strategy consulting down into six organizational areas: group strategy, business unit/divisional strategy, product/market/channel strategy, transaction support, strategy realization, and organization & change. The firm focuses on answering strategic questions facing clients from first principles. And based on market, customer, and competitor realities, rather than operational status quo and constraints. That's a strategy, the firm says, that ensures clients benefit from truly custom-built solutions, rather than off-the-shelf methodologies.

Although OC&C doesn't publicize its client list, it does claim to work not only with major corporations, but also with Mid-sized companies that need strategic help in rapidly changing i...

Employee Reviews

  • “If you are willing to put in the work, you will be highly valued and well supported, and have good opportunities to advance, and will learn a lot very quickly.
  • "It is an excellent way to start a career in consulting—most of the projects tackle interesting problems and offer great development opportunities. At the same time, the workload is less crazy than at other major consulting firms and the overall environment is very positive.
  • "While there are no barriers to entry in terms of academic or work background, the type of person who thrives at OC&C is someone who is a smart, a fast-learner, and wants to get involved and be a part of something growing and exciting
  • "If you are sure consulting is the path for you, I recommend OC&C over any competitor 100%”
  • “The mix of undergraduate majors among new hires at the firm (e.g. X% studied economics, Y% studied hard sciences, Z% Studied humanities)”
  • “Great that we don't travel, but the hours can be long still. Easy to take time off, but particularly after COVID it has been challenging to remain a balanced personal life on weekdays.”
  • “Hours can occasionally be intense, but are usually quite manageable compared to my friends at other firms. Travel requirements strike a good balance—we're on client site as needed (a few times per project, typically) but nothing like a 4-and-1 model.”
  • “In terms of quality of life, I believe OC&C is one of the better consulting firms. In comparison to the Big 3 or Big 4, hours are much better, travel requirements have been light (1 week per month pre-Covid), and ability to take time of is in line.”
  • “The best part of my work life balance is the whole traffic light system. It really allows me to plan my social life during the week. Managers generally really respect weekends as well —I have never worked during weekends at all.“
  • “Minimal travel requirements compared to other consultancies. Firm is remarkably respectful of evening plans during the week—though with an expectation that you will be sensible to planning around project demands. That said, consulting can be a hard career, so work expectations are commensurate with that.”
  • “Hours are sometimes long, but there is usually a good balance week to week. The culture is great, lots of social opportunities and really great people around.”
  • “Bonuses are good, I think a bit better than is typical in the industry. Base salary is on-par. I think managers are probably a bit under-compensated compared to how critical they are and how much work they do.”
  • “Salary is great, bonus is too. I wish they had gym subsidy, but I am all around very happy with compensation package.”
  • “Best: Competitive pay with top strategy firms, 100% medical/dental/vision, life insurance. Firm events including International Training Week (global training across all levels, often located in Europe) and Away Weekend (US-office conference often at a beach destination).”
  • “Very quick salary progression, and good bonuses.”
  • “Competitive salaries and bonuses.”​
  • “As a small firm, there is great leeway to shape your own role and progress within it. We could do better in terms of valuing different type of skill set—currently we are not too diverse and therefore expect somewhat the same from our employees. This is something I know we're working on improving.”
  • “We've invested heavily in diversity since I joined, and the results have paid off well. Training has improved substantially since I first joined as well.”
  • “Lots of room to move up, the firm is growing very fast. The promotion process is highly meritocratic, not political, and I don't feel that I am in fierce competition with my peers—we are all trying to help each other advance.”
  • “Unfortunately, with regards to formal and informal training, the firm wasn't able to adapt easily to the virtual environment. Prior to Covid, informal training on-the-job was one of the main drivers of my professional development. I hope to get back on that path after we return to the office in a post-Covid world.”
  • “Best: Upfront communications around the promotion process, several opportunities for leadership on non-project work (e.g. planning events, working on firm-improvement initiatives), ability to progress with no need/pressure for MBA, lots of opportunities for international development with strong ties between countries within OC&C partnership. Worst: Relatively unknown brand in the US, some growing pains with scaling training for non-UK offices.”
  • “Because they limit their work to 4 sectors, you don't get as much of a range of industry experience. However, you get to solve lots of very high-level problems working alongside the C-suite of your clients, and small teams means you have an opportunity to grow your skill set right away.”​
  • “We have a strong LGBTQ+ sub-team that organises frequent events to educate the firm and to ensure we attract and recruit LGBTQ+ talents. We have special recruitment relationships established with Howard University (HBCU) and we have a strong women's initiative team. I think the lack of parental leave might be a reason why we cannot retain enough women, because our junior level is very strong.”
  • “Mostly around recruitment, we need to be more proactive in recruiting ethnically/racially diverse applicants. We have improved tremendously on gender diversity, but still very male-dominated at the Manager level and above.”
  • “The base salaries and performance bonuses are the same for everyone below the Partner level—therefore, I am confident that female and male Associate Partners, Managers, Consultants, and Associate Consultants are being paid identical salaries.”
  • “At the senior levels there is also real effort but less success with diversity, where issues exist in retention of women and hiring of non-white experienced hires.”
  • “One of the benefits of a small firm like OC&C is that solutions are very actionable without rigid corporate structures—proposals that have been actioned within the last year include beginning to recruit from Howard University and committing to adjusting the relocation bonus scheme for those who have particular needs."
  • “We are growing very fast, and have seen resilient or even increasing demand despite COVID and the economic downturn. I feel very lucky to work at a firm that is thriving. I also appreciate how they managed the initial shock—no layoffs, very committed to supporting people.”
  • “The work we deliver is highly competitive, which gives us a good chance to continue to win new clients and grow in the US.”
  • “We have been rapidly growing in the last few years. The office size doubled in less than 2 years.”
  • “Many long-term clients to provide a reliable base of work + competitive proposition founded on fresh ideas to compete with some of the entrenched firms. Above-average exposure to industries affected by COVID but a strong recovery so far.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “We are seeking intellectually curious people who enjoy learning and solving the problems we encounter in our job. We are more interested in somebody who has interesting things to say about our cases than in someone who solves them flawlessly.”
  • “Intellectually curious, people who enjoy problem-solving.”
  • “Market sizing in a larger interview case—typical example is from own experience in the firm.”
  • “Similar to other firms, e.g. ‘estimate market size for X, what are the key growth drivers, in light of this, and the clients' strengths/weaknesses as discussed, what is the best growth strategy’ etc.”
  • “Market sizing, market entry.”

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