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NERA Economic Consulting understands what many people can’t: economics. The firm provides economic advice, analysis, expert testimony, and regulatory insight for global clients throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Employing more than 500 professionals, including 425 economists, the firm has been creating strategies, studies, reports, expert testimony, and policy recommendations for government authorities and the world’s leading law firms and corporations for over half a century. NERA specializes...

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Antitrust and Competition...


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New York, NY (HQ)...


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Andrew Hund - Human Resources Director...

Firsthand Findings

NERA’s position in the market as an expert provider of economic and litigation consulting services has long been established—as has its friendly, academic culture. This is a firm where those with a background in economics can take advantage of all the opportunities they can handle to further that skillset and apply it to real-world settings with tangible impacts on client success.

A low travel model (even prior to COVID) helps to mitigate spikes in working hours, as does a generous vacation allotment—assuming consultants can find the time to use the days. Whether as a stopping point between studies, or for a longer-term post-grad career, NERA will suit anyone who has both the chops and the inclination to continue learning about economics on a daily basis.

About the Company

NERA Economic Consulting makes its buck off understanding what many people can't: economics. The global firm provides economic advice, analysis, expert testimony, and regulatory insight for clients throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Employing more than 500 professionals, including 425 economists, the firm has been creating strategies, studies, reports, expert testimony, and policy recommendations for government authorities and the world's leading law firms and corporations for more than half a century. NERA specializes in bringing academic analysis and rigor, objectivity, and real-world industry experience to bear on issues arising from competition, regulation, public policy, strategy, finance, and litigation. The firm uses hard economic data to make its case, drawing on its professionals' exper...

Employee Reviews

  • “A challenging and rewarding environment with exceptionally bright people.”
  • “Challenging experience and a lot of personal growth.”
  • “Early responsibility and great work, for those who can take it.”
  • “Entrepreneurial firm structure.”
  • “I believe we understand economics and apply economic principles to real world problems with a greater level of rigour than any competitor.”
  • “Only one person (manager) controls your progression and has incentive not to promote you based on your performance but based on their perceived length or tenure to get a promotion.”
  • “30 days of vacation per year, very easy to get vacation approved.”
  • “Best: very interesting project work and continued opportunity to learn, build intellectual capital and develop skills; great company culture promoting excellency and thought leadership, investing in people and accommodating individual preferences; great work life balance and adequate pay. Worst: not much, more international opportunities would be a plus”
  • “Can transfer unused vacation indefinitely, 30 days vacation per year, sometimes vacations need to be cancelled because of project work.”
  • “Extremely accommodating: no issues taking time off (before popular times like Christmas or Easter the team coordinates its plans), little to no work requirement during time off, generous vacation package in line with most other sectors and positive culture towards taking time off.”
  • “Frequent team events including sports related (e.g. playing football every month), but this does not appear a high priority. However, it also does not appear to be an issue, since most people are active themselves and there is little overwhelming stress which would require some form of enhance (mental) well-being efforts. Free fruit basked in the office though.”
  • “Provision of counselling services that are free to a certain amount of lessons. Assistance with purchasing gym memberships but not good value.”
  • “We work a Minimum of 8 hours per day. In weeks where there is more work we might work 9 hours (9h-19h with a 1 hour lunch break). We usually do not stay at work past 19h (unless we have to finish something urgent, otherwise, we avoid it). I personally do not usually travel (in 6 months, maybe twice). Some colleagues travel more. We are encouraged to take time off and when one person takes time off, the others cover for them. There are months when work inflow is typically lower (we are more likely to take vacations on those months).”
  • “Best: overall it's fair, free public transport is nice and not customary even in Germany. Health insurance is obviously not an issue either. Pay policies are also fairly transparent and all in all, the company (or at least my director) is very generous and makes an effort to preserve the balance within the team as well as sharing financial success. An underrated plus is that the company is well resourced and does not prioritise partner/director compensation unduly. For example, there are fairly generous budgets for team events and good ideas usually get funding. Worst: It should be possible to balance overtime and take time off during less busy weeks.”
  • “High salary is good, low transparency in determining size of bonus is worst, though more of a nuisance.”
  • “Lack of transparency - there are no official salary grid and no detail on how bonus are calculated.”
  • “Was able to negotiate a good signing bonus.”
  • “I am very impressed be how willing my colleagues are to take time of their day to train me and help me learn.”
  • “No informal mentoring in place, very specialized field of services that create few exit opportunities.”
  • “Only your manager controls your career progression, hence, they have an incentive to not promote you and give lower salary raises because the employee is being paid from the manager's revenues.”
  • “Plenty of firm and practice area training.”
  • “Men and women take up roughly equal numbers for senior consulting positions, while men begin to dominate at senior management level. Based on anecdotal evidence alone, it seems men are typically paid a bit more at entry level.”
  • “NERA is relatively well balanced in terms of men / women staff and partners. Same for minorities.”
  • “Our staff is predominantly male, which is the result of predominantly male applicants.”
  • “The general issue is the low diversity within economics as an academic discipline, which limits the hiring pool for us. The company has a slightly higher share of women than universities educate, but it's still very low. From what I understand, the women in our team are satisfied with their treatment and opportunities. Despite the low share of women, the culture is very open and friendly and generally much more respectful than at the big4 at which I worked before.”
  • “Corona is worst, new initiatives for business development in new areas is best.”
  • “Despite the current crisis, projects continue to come in, at least for now. The company is well positioned due to a talented and motivated work force and generally excellent leadership. There are initiatives to develop new businesses which should ensure commercial success in the future.”
  • “Expert business so limited firm support and relies on an entrepreneurship spirit.”
  • “The Coronavirus naturally affects the business outlook of the firm.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “4 stages: HR interview, Economics and Finance test, face-to-face interview with consultant, face-to-face interview with director. The ideal candidate is inquisitive, and asks for as much information as possible in the case study.”
  • “Friendly, transparent and fast. Candidates should be open towards new ideas, eager to learn, cooperative, enjoy (academic) debates, be willing to take responsibility and initiative and have a firm understanding of economic principles.”
  • “Initial phone interviews, HR and Consultant, then on-site tests and interviews. Offer thereafter if accepted. Ideal candidate knows.”
  • “Seeking economists only. Not at all seeking candidates with previous experience in the Energy Industry.”
  • “The interview and callback is quite long due to part of the HR team being decentralized. Ideal candidate has a master in economy and in finance and experience in banks or other economic / finance consulting firms.”
  • “Behavioural interviews only.”
  • “Cases are usually previous project work (e.g. how would you go about estimating damages from X or how would you assess Y) as well as some economics (including a test, essay writing and methodological questions).”
  • “Economic and finance questions notably on WACC, difference between price and value.”
  • “How would you determine whether a sector needs to be price-regulated?”
  • “In my practice we will ask about how they would evaluate a specific major infrastructure investment.”

Perks & Benefits