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101-500 Employees


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Best Consulting Firms for Retail Consulting


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Neal Kissel - Managing Director

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Employee Reviews

  • “Due to our smaller size there is minimal bureaucracy and consultants can progress fast given stretch roles and high access to clients.”
  • “Early responsibilities and deep analyses for clients, early interactions with managers and executives."
  • “Everyone contributes to the thinking.”
  • “Great place for me to start my career, learn about a variety of business strategies and industries, and work with high-caliber colleagues.”
  • "Marakon is great for building an essential skill set you need in business and management. While the firm is small, the type of work is extremely interesting, intellectually challenging, and of substantial impact. On top of that, you will like the people you meet here--they are smart, humble, fun!”
  • “Small firm means flatter organization and greater exposure to senior leadership and clients early on in career.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Typical two rounds. Two interviews the first round, three interviews the second round. Ideal candidate needs to be well rounded. Strong analytics but ability to step back and see the big picture. Good strategic instincts and willingness to put forth a point of view and support it with facts. Genuine, personable, and mature. Good communicator and good team player.”
  • “Standard case and fit interviews starting with phone screen/on-campus interview followed by one or two rounds of in-person interviews. Off-cycle takes about three to four weeks.”
  • “The ideal candidate structures his or her thinking, demonstrates analytical capabilities, is a team player, and can communicate effectively by listening actively, questioning thoughtfully, and articulating clearly.”
  • “On-campus consists of one or two first-round interviews (case, fit), then a super day in offices with more senior consultants and partners (case, fit). Ideal candidate is highly analytical thinker who can build models in excel.”
  • “We are seeking entrepreneurial, creative problem solvers with strong analytical skills that can break down a problem and enjoy putting it back together.”

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