Kx Advisors is a boutique healthcare strategy consultancy. Growing out of Kaiser Associates’ healthcare practice, the firm was spun off in 2019—although it can still call on its former parent for “core corporate support functions.” The firm brings data-driven analysis at all stages of the product lifecycle to inform the decision making of sales, marketing, and strategy executives. Clients included leaders in pharma, biotech, medical device, and health IT.

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Employer Type




51-100 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Corporate Strategy and Franchise Planning


Major Office Locations

Washington, DC


Employment Contact

Maxie Haugen

Firsthand Findings

Having come of age a few months before the phrase “Covid-19” was first seen in print anywhere in the world, Kx Advisors’ first couple of years of life as an independent entity have been marked by a great deal of turmoil and uncertainty—at least externally. On the inside, the firm has set about the work of building processes and adding headcount with vigor, with the result that it is one of the more exciting boutique-sized players anywhere in the pharma and healthcare space.

That excitement and growth translates to fantastic career opportunities for motivated life sciences specialists—especially those who are interested in assisting with growing the firm. Regularly described as “dynamic” and “collegial” by insiders, Kx is a company where getting the work done actu...

About the Company

Kx Advisors (previously operating as Kaiser Associates’ Healthcare Practice) has provided strategy consulting services to help healthcare executives achieve critical business growth goals for more than forty years. With a highly collaborative approach, they have developed pragmatic solutions for leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, health IT, and digital health clients, with data-driven insights to give those clients the tools to compete and win across the healthcare industry.

Kx Advisors does this by conducting comprehensive primary research and data-driven analysis at all stages of the product lifecycle to inform the decision making of sales, marketing, and strategy executives. The Kx approach establishes the required fact base to vet critical decisions and brings together data from disparate sources to develop ...

Employee Reviews

  • “A dynamic and highly educational experience with direct client engagement across engaging biotech and healthcare projects.”
  • “Above and beyond best work-life balance combined with a healthcare strategy focus for the boutique life-science consulting experience.”
  • “Definitely speak to any recent employees with a similar training background as yourself. I was able to get the best assessment of the lifestyle, work style, and leadership of the firm through those conversations. Everyone raves about Kx's high-quality product and unique culture - and it lives up to the hype.”
  • “Kx is a fantastic place to work. If you are at the beginning at your career, it offers a fantastic opportunity to learn by working with incredibly bright and collaborative colleagues and innovative clients. You will have the opportunity to see a multitude of business problems facing lots of different businesses within the healthcare industry, and will develop tools to tackle them.”
  • “Our firm is small, but powerful. We focus on what I and many would agree is the most exciting work in management consulting: growth strategy. We're growing rapidly, competing with the big three (and winning our fair share), and uniquely value work/life balance, personalized career development, and firm culture.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “1st round: 60-minute phone screen interview, 30 minutes behavioral questions, 30 minutes miniature case. 2nd round: written case exercise consisting of four business questions about a scenario set up for the candidate. Candidate research is limited to 4 new articles on the topic that we provide. Candidate has 90 minutes and one page. 3rd round: Super day consisting of 4 interviews: one 30 minute peer behavioral interview, one 60 minute partner behavioral interview, and 2 60-minute case interviews. We look for candidates that have a compelling reason for why consulting, why Kx, and why them for us. on the cases, we like to see candidates display business and healthcare knowledge, and good reasoning skills. Like most firms, we do not pass candidates that spit out a template from a book and do not know why it's relevant or what each criteria they brought up means.”
  • “Interview process is pretty straight forward: phone screen, phone case, super day (~5-7 interviews, with ~2 cases), then a decision; everything happens in a few weeks.”
  • “Interviews were well-organized by the recruitment team, timely in response, not too intense yet well-structured and familiar as far as consulting interviews go, and very helpful in simultaneously vetting my fit and educating me on the nature of the firm. I felt very confident making my decision when I was given my offer. The ideal candidate is a graduate from a high-quality program with an analytical mind and affinity for healthcare trends and technologies, excellent presentation abilities, high work ethic, friendly personality, and the demonstrated ability to tackle multiple assignments to deliver a high-quality product on time.”
  • “Process is thorough and competitive, while being efficient/respectful of candidate's time and providing candidates with a good idea of the company's culture and answering any questions the candidate may have.”

Perks & Benefits