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KPMG is a multinational professional services network and one of the Big Four accounting firms. Organized as a network of firms that each bring services to clients, KPMG spans strategy and operations, analytics, business integration, business intelligence, business process management, change management, growth enablement, integrated business planning, organizational design, outsourcing, shared services, talent management, technology enablement, and transformation. On the ...

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The smaller pool of responses to this year’s consulting surveys suggests that the global juggernaut that is KPMG is continuing to grow both its presence and its reputation as a strategy consultancy in the APAC region, where the firm’s reputation as a leader in financial services seems almost ubiquitous. Still, KPMG continues to strengthen its consulting footprint within the Asia-Pacific markets, as evidenced by its solid performance in several of our 2020 APAC rankings.

The insiders who work in this region describe a caring culture and a rigorous environment that exposes consultants to a plethora of amazing development opportunities. It seems to be a place where colleagues “work hard and play hard”, where the hours may be long and the wor...

About the Company

While the member firms that make up KPMG International might be independent of one another, their businesses are organized around three service lines: audit, tax and advisory. And, within those service lines, the offerings from country to country are likely to be pretty consistent, too.  

Indeed, KPMG advisory services are organized into three groups that address distinct client issues: management consulting-including performance and technology- transactions and restructuring, and risk and compliance.  

Alphabet soup 

KPMG's roots date back to 1870, when accountant William Barclay Peat hung out his shingle in London. In 1911, his firm merged with New York-based Marwick Mitchell & Co., forming a business that later became known as Peat Marwic...

Employee Reviews

  • “If you want a firm that care about people and is a great firm, you should look into KPMG. There lots of growth and opportunity at KPMG.”
  • “Work hard, play hard.”
  • “Amazing Opportunities to build a career.”
  • “Great place to start your career.”
  • “The firm's commitment to the culture and the people [is great].”
  • “I have a good work/personal life balance. I am able to completely disconnect from work during off work hours. Firm has accommodated my move to a different state and the different time zone. Firm is respectful of granting time off when requested within a reasonable period of time. Travel is mostly based on my request and comfortability.”
  • “Best: PTO, hours required to work in advisory and flexibility of team. Worst: Compensation.”
  • “Team and company definitely allow for you to take vacation and even encourages it. Company is respectful of you when you're off they will allow you to have time off with no disruption.”
  • “Receive 10 holidays and 25 PTO days. I never use up all of my PTO.”
  • “They allow you to spend money on wellness and reimburse you for it. [The] firm [is] supportive of health and wellness.”
  • “Worst: Wish firm would be more open and honest of compensation and allow for living adjustment. Best: Early career rewards.”
  • “The salary progression is not comparable to the market since was paid lower when started with the firm. The non-monetary benefits made it better for me such as medical plan coverage/options, 401K matching package, flexibility, and ability to work remotely.”
  • “Overall, the compensation is not very competitive. Some factors include experience and if you are an entry-level college graduate hire it is based off of your major. I enjoy the $1200 early career rewards you can use for gym memberships and various lifestyle things as an Associate or Senior Associate.”
  • “Best: Firm stands to core values and shows they care about people. Giving a lot of opportunity to help community and build a good working environment. Worst: Promotion and pay opportunities are not as competitive as other companies.”
  • “Promotion process is not transparent. Challenging consulting work helps to continuously learn and improve.”
  • “Firm [emphasizes] diversity and inclusion and seems to be living up to it.”
  • “Best: Advisory line is growing. Worst: COVID impacts.”

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