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51-100 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Office Locations

Chicago, IL (HQ)


Employment Contact

Sarab Weiss - Talent Acquisition & Retention Manager

Firsthand Findings

Employee Reviews

  • “As a smaller consulting company, assuming you can work in an ambiguous environment, you have initiative and are motivated, you will have excellent opportunities for tremendous growth.”
  • “Flexibility to involve yourself in any project you want. If there is something that you want to learn or grow in your career, the opportunity is there and encouraged.”
  • “At my previous employers, I felt like systems were built to create competition between my colleagues and to play games with our clients related to revenue and pricing. At Kenway, our mission is to help and to be helped, and it permeates everything we do. For clients, we offer help if we are the best positioned to do it. If we are not, we refer another firm. For my colleagues, we collaborate and work in an environment where everybody wins when our clients and Kenway do well. It's a very liberating feeling. “
  • “Small consulting firms like Kenway typically get pushed aside by the big guys when it comes to things like ‘prestige’ and name recognition. I definitely considered going to a larger consulting firm for that reason. However, I'm glad I came to Kenway because having direct access to leadership is a perk that does not exist [at] those larger firms. I think the flat hierarchy at Kenway is what makes it so special. The focus on work-life balance, fair compensation, and its friendly culture are all a direct result of the people at the bottom being able to give feedback and ideas to the people at the top.”
  • “We are a firm that believes that the means are more important than the outcomes, and we hold on to it. We believe that the means to success is actually more important than success itself. At our core, we want to help people. For both clients and Kenway colleagues, it’s about identifying when help is needed, offering it, being willing to provide it and accepting it without judgement.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Candidates that love challenges and variability in their work with a growth mindset.”
  • “I think our interview process has the right amount of rigor. We don't have too many callbacks but do have enough to make sure a candidate is exposed to several different people throughout the process. We are looking for high qualified professionals with skill sets and/or cognitive ability to meet the needs of our clients. We are also looking for candidates that are a cultural fit. They must do what is right not only for the client, but for Kenway as well. Candidates need to be highly collaborative and invested in improving and helping both themselves and their colleagues.”
  • “An ideal candidate would have the following qualities: self-starter, organized, strong project management skills, comfortability in being uncomfortable—jumping into new things, relationship building skills and technically sound.”
  • “The ideal Kenway candidate is someone that places a high value on making sure they do the right thing. Kenway likes it when its junior employees speak up and give their best ideas. It wants people who are hungry for more responsibility and want to make Kenway reflect their own passion.”
  • “They scheduled the interviews pretty close to each other and were very quick to respond with an offer letter after the final one. I think Kenway is looking for talented, technically-inclined, self-driven individuals who genuinely care about their work. They really push for us to produce the best quality of work possible, even if it requires more time or effort than we originally planned for.”

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