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Kenway Consulting specializes in technology solution delivery, enterprise program leadership, and information insight. In keeping with their vision "to transform business by doing what is right," their stated focus is helping businesses achieve their objectives through the enablement/ enhancement of process and technology... by providing clients the right skills at the right time in the right volume for the right duration, resulting in the best possible solution for the lowest cost. The "doing what is right" vision ...

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Firsthand Findings

An “entrepreneurial spirit” is a prerequisite for success at virtually any consultancy. However, few firms embody this necessity as wholeheartedly as Kenway Consulting does. Insiders describe an environment of almost unparalleled flexibility and autonomy, where employees are encouraged to chart their own path in virtually every way.

There is no rigid adherence to a fixed schedule; instead, Kenway consultants are given carte blanche to work the hours that suit their lifestyle and optimal productivity. There is also no hard-and-fast vacation policy; employees are permitted to take as much or as little time off as they’d like. Nonetheless, the commitment to quality of product is unwavering, and at the end of the day, each individual is expected to deliver on client ...

About the Company

Kenway exists to help companies that need help. More importantly, Kenway wants to provide help to people at those companies who want it. The firm operates in the nexus between clients’ technology and business organizations—bringing together diverse teams that can remain agile and adaptable as a project evolves. Kenway’s stated goal is to provide “the highest possible quality for the lowest possible cost” by bringing “big consulting acumen” to the table without “big consulting rates.”

Core Capabilities

Kenway Consulting strives to bring value to clients through three core capabilities that encompass a range of services. The firm’s Technology Solution Delivery capability is how Kenway enables people and processes through technology. This begins with establishing and aligning IT Strategy ...

Employee Reviews

  • “If you are looking for a firm that respects the uniqueness of each individual, pays based on merit not tenure, allows for a flexible work schedule, and will continually challenge you, this is the place for you.”
  • “Kenway provides great growth opportunities for people seeking growth. Consulting engagements are generally not very long so you get to try and see quite a bit, thus growing at a much faster pace than typical.”
  • “Our culture sets us apart from the competition. Our mission, ‘To Help and Be Helped’, our Guiding Principles and the fact that employees feel a part of this culture, and our leadership lives our mission and Guiding Principles sets us apart.”
  • “Kenway is a great place to work with talented colleagues, challenging client work, leadership opportunities, and a culture first approach to consulting.”
  • “Flexible vacation policy, competitive compensation, interesting work, accessible leadership who watch out for the well-being of their employees and are willing to walk away from a client that is not reasonable.”
  • “Culture ... it is our highest priority. I do believe that we have better talent and execute at the client better than our competitors. That said, there is no denying other companies have very smart and motivated individuals. However, our commitment to culture and doing what is right for both our clients and our employees is what sets us apart.”
  • “From the perspective of consulting, there is no place that provides better quality of life than Kenway. Employees literally choose how many hours they prefer to work, and leadership backs us when clients have unrealistic demands on our time.”
  • “Kenway puts a heavy emphasis on work/life balance. At the beginning of every year, employees are required to provide a value for how many hours they'd like to work per week as well as estimated number of weeks of vacation. These inputs are now treated as capacity and staffing is assigned accordingly.”
  • “Similar to training and vacation, each employee communicates their ideal ‘work week’, e.g. 42 hours per week, or 50 hours per week, depending upon their own desires/interests, and personal commitments and preferences. Because each employee is taking their own quality of life into account when selecting their preferred work week, ultimately, our quality of life is driven by us, and not the firm, which is extremely empowering and liberating.”
  • “Kenway is very accommodating with vacation time. You have the ability to take as much as you need as long as you work a minimum number of hours to receive your full salary. It can have an impact on your bonus.”
  • “We have no formal vacation policy at Kenway. Each year, employees share how many hours per week on average we prefer to work, taking into consideration holidays and vacation plans. Leadership then sets the overall billable budget for the firm, which trickles down to each individual. There is then trust in employees to hit those billable targets or communicate when we will not. But there is a lot of freedom at Kenway to pursue vacations and other interests outside of work.”
  • “I am extremely happy with my work/life balance. It is one of my favorite parts about Kenway.”
  • “The best aspect is that we are basically a meritocracy. The value you provide is rewarded. You are not rewarded based on age, title, or experience. You need to prove yourself every year. The ‘worst’ aspect would be if you felt you've put your dues and should get rewarded just for what you've done in the past - this is not how we work.”
  • “The best parts of our compensation are the SEP-IRA employer driven retirement package and the very aggressive performance bonus. These two components result in above market compensation. This was mentioned in another answer, but Kenway pays based on Merit not tenure ensuring in any given year the individuals providing the highest level of quality is the most highly rewarded.”
  • “Total compensation (salary, retirement benefits, and bonus) seems relatively high and is quite satisfactory. Using a SEP IRA instead of the traditional 401k is great. It would be nice to have more of the money from the annual bonus allocated in base pay, but of course that is harder to do since it depends on having a successful year.”
  • “Variable based on the quality and quantity of your work. And it can vary widely. Junior low-salaried employees can out-earn senior high-salaried employees if the quality and quantity of their work is better, through our highly variable performance bonus plan.”
  • “Bonuses have been great in good years, but we have a lower base salary so on the down years we aren't quite making our market value. 25% SEP contribution is great!”
  • “Most of the compensation is variable so it depends heavily on individual and firm-level performance.”
  • “Active training always available, career growth is considered as part of staffing on projects as well as career aspirations…”
  • “Best aspects is the unique treatment of every individual. In other words, the firm helps us craft our own unique path. But it's a two-way street. If someone simply wants to have a path dictated to them, it's not going to happen. We need to own it. I love that. But for some people, it can be the worst part, and be unnerving to chart your own course.”
  • “Kenway is very entrepreneurial, so employees are not painted into boxes or linear career paths. It is incumbent on employees to understand their passions, how they can add value for the firm, and from there the sky is the limit. After working at larger firms for many years, I found great opportunities for leadership and making a difference much earlier and more frequently in my career at Kenway.”
  • “What I love about Kenway's Career Development is that there is not traditional banding or steps that you need to take like other companies I have been a part of. You can move through your career as quickly as your performance allows.”
  • “The best aspects are that we provide both the ability to increase skill set, value, and leadership capabilities by providing both internal and external training. If I had to say what the worst aspect is, it would be that we need to hear from the employee what they are eager to tackle next (i.e. the employee must be motivated). We'll definitely mentor them, but they need to show the drive to not rest on their laurels.”
  • “You have the ability to fully take control of your career. You have to be a self-starter to work here.”
  • “Kenway is a small firm, only 50-ish employees. If you look at the numbers, you will notice the majority is white and male. Nonetheless, the discussed policies and intentions through recruiting, promoting, etc. have always been merit-based and non-discriminatory.”
  • “Kenway leadership takes time each month to talk about diversity, and has put a team in place to take our diversity discussions and put them into action. Our leadership team is evenly split between men & women.”
  • “The firm itself is not very racially diverse; however, it is very small currently. There have been firm and conscious efforts; however, to focus more on diversity hiring.”
  • “We have a Guiding Principle to avoid collectivism at all costs, i.e. never treat anyone a certain way simply because of skin color, gender, sexual preference, religion, etc. That said, we can do better at making sure we recruit from more diverse schools and diverse institutions.”
  • “Diversity for women is effective. Diversity for minorities is lacking, but plans are in place to revamp recruiting efforts to include more minorities.”
  • “As someone who has visibility into the financials of the company, I can confidentially say that men and woman are treated equally with respect to pay and promotion activities.”
  • “Business continues to recover from spending slowdown with quarantines. Alignment of investments is suboptimal and generally based on who is available and not the most strategic growth opportunities.”
  • “We were very proactive to respond to the pandemic and the economic downturn that happened as a result. We applied and were granted the PPP loan. We took cash conservation measures (i.e. we laid off some employees and paused contributions to our SEP retirement plan, which have since been restarted). Our leadership's communication in this regard has been great…”
  • “From what I know, Kenway has managed through the COVID recession better than most competitors. We had minimal attrition, and have not reduced employee compensation at all. Also, we invested significantly in training our employees and launching new services during COVID to be positioned to exceed when the economy bounces back.”
  • “Our leadership is well respected and definitely understands how to continue moving the company forward. However, being a small consulting firm, we are certainly vulnerable to the impact of Covid-19, especially if the pandemic continues to rage unabated.”
  • “Smaller client base makes it difficult to expand if they don't have the funding. Our leadership team has plans in place and taken action on those plans when needed to help position Kenway to succeed over the next 12 months.”
  • “We rely a lot on networking to bring in new business so Covid-19 has slowed a lot of new incoming business streams; however, we are adjusting and the outlook is promising.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Our recruiting strategy has typically been to hire broadly for smart individuals who are not afraid to get into the weeds and get their hands dirty with tactical tasks. As we've grown though, I believe we have been too hesitant to get more narrow with our recruiting. We should/ could recruit for specific roles/ skills/ talents (i.e. Informatica architects/developers, sales professionals, people with account management or capability leadership experience, etc.)”
  • “We have potentially one or two callbacks where the candidate may meet with at a minimum two more people and possible three. An ideal candidate is someone who either has the skill sets and strategic mind that fits our services and capabilities or showcases the potential to get there. Equally, if not more important, is the candidate must be culturally aligned to how we interact with both our clients and internally.”
  • “We want candidates who align with our mission of wanting to help and be helped, and we want people aligned to our Guiding Principles. Ideally, they also have the skills to do what we do, but it is better to train a culturally aligned person to do what we do, than it is to train a talented consultant to align to our values if they don't inherently share them.”
  • “Someone with entrepreneurial spirit and capacity to switch from technical work to business focus. Needs to have strong communication skills.”
  • “The ideal candidates is motivated to continuously strive to learn new capabilities and services.”
  • “Solid business acumen (mostly operations and decision technologies) with an eagerness and comfort for building technical aptitude.”
  • “In addition to the traditional screening interview, behavioral interview, technical interview, we also utilize a Wonderlic personality and IQ test that is customized for our industry. And we started using a case study interview a few years ago.”
  • “Our interview process focuses on skills and culture but also implements a case study to assess the consultant’s ability to manage a portfolio of projects and initiatives.” “Please provide examples of how you climb steep learning curves quickly? Tell me about a time you disagreed with the approach leadership was taking and how did you handle it.”
  • “Cases: an example is we give a candidate a typical use case we see when first talking with clients. We ask them to create a proposal based on that use case. Interview questions: These range from testing the candidate on their skills and understanding how they would handle certain situations (behavioral). We also dig into examples on their resumes to equate the skill sets they are showcasing to work they have performed.”
  • “Project portfolio, data, IT strategy (cases).”
  • “Tell me about a time when you had to disagree with your supervisor's instructions on what to do.”
  • “Here's a situation that I was in __________. If you were in my shoes, how would you deal with the issue?”

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