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Kearney is a global management consulting firm that has long specialized in sourcing, procurement, and operations. The firm works with more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500, as well as governmental and nonprofit organizations. Their services include analytics, digital transformation and innovation, new market growth, procurement, IT, and sustainability.

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Kearney’s position in the European market seems to be strengthening all the time, with insiders reporting that the firm retrenched and pivoted well during the initial COVID-related market shock. As a result, it seems well-placed heading into 2021 to take on whatever conditions arise. That’s thanks in no small part to the model the firm operates, which lets employees act entrepreneurially without subjecting them to too much red tape.

As a result, there are some fantastic opportunities for career development on offer at the firm, with the limits of the role set mainly by the consultant’s own willingness and ability to spot and deliver on opportunities. Much of that, of course, comes down to being able to cope with the workload, which can be substantial at times. Ho...

About the Company

Since 1926, Kearney has been trusted advisors to the world’s foremost organizations and continues to live by the principles established by their founder Andrew Thomas (Tom) Kearney so long ago: “Our success as consultants will depend on the essential rightness of the advice we give and our capacity for convincing those in authority that it is good.”

Kearney is a leading global management consulting firm with more than 3,600 people working in more than 40 countries. They work with more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500, as well as with the most influential governmental and non-profit organizations.

Kearney is a partner-owned firm with a distinctive, collegial culture that transcends organizational and geographic boundaries—and it shows. Regardless of location or rank, their consultants are down to earth...

Employee Reviews

  • “Challenging, [but also has a great] international learning experience with countless opportunities for personal and professional growth.”
  • “Choose Kearney if you want to have a strong focus on empathetic consulting. We support our colleagues like we support our clients, with constructive insights and a positive and altruistic mentality.”
  • “Excellent opportunity to explore many industries and establish strong analytical, technical and communication skills. Great benefits and support system to keep you going.”
  • “Great culture where talent is truly fostered; Focus on work-life balance and well-being (as much as possible in Consulting); Rewarding compensation compared to others in the same industry.”
  • “Having worked both in industry and consulting, and having engaged with friends across various consulting firms, I am confident that I am working for the best consulting firm around and are proud to be associated with the firm!”
  • “If you enjoy international opportunities, close relationships with colleagues who [may] go on yearly ski trips and in developing strategies for the world's largest corporations - then apply at Kearney. Beware of the long working hours.”
  • “Our niche is strategic transformation - we engage at CXO level and start with strategy but then get our hands dirty in the implementation phase for a few months launching key projects before handing over to client. We sit between the 'strategy only' purists like MBB and the massive implementation houses like Big 4. This is a much more authentic approach that shows we genuinely care about how our recommendations stick - clients can sense this and return to us often.”
  • “[In my unit], a health initiative exists with regular exercises that can be taken part in, either in groups or alone. Winners of these initiatives receive a health-related winning price.”
  • “As a junior, I experience no constraints on vacation time. It is encouraged to take weeks off during summer, however if you plan ahead of time, you can easily become an exception.”
  • “Best aspects are related to variety of projects and experiences, exposure to clients' C-suite, solving complex problems, building strategies that have a direct impact on corporates, organizations, countries. Worst aspects are related to lack of work-life balance, extensive use of junior/not experienced resources to often deliver work that requires different kind of profiles, non-transparent internal policies.”
  • “Firm offers many options, from mental health sessions, to sleep advice. We also have a very attractive health insurance plan, with which we can go to hospitals/physician worldwide.”
  • “[My unit] gives us a choice of travelling / working in London, which has been extremely helpful prior to Covid-19. They have also provided employees with other means of working from home e.g. funded monitors, ergonomic chairs, etc. It has been easy to take time off, and the firm offers opportunities to take a LOA. The firm and industry requires us to work long hours, although it depends strongly on projects. Post-Covid-19 has been particularly challenging for the industry, hence also for the firm, requiring us to work much longer hours. The requirements, however, vary with respect to the individual senior leader. There is also a degree of disconnect between the partners and junior consultants, esp. regarding work culture and work-life preferences.”
  • “On the plus side, travel requirements are not too high, especially since Corona, and this has allowed me to live in a different city together with my family. Taking time off is relatively easy, and people will try to accommodate the odd day here and there as much as possible. On the negative side, hours are very long, whether on Business Development or a project. This has only gotten worse since working from home because of Corona, as there is no clear separation like the one that travel meant before Corona. People are typically expected to be online late at night, with emails and chat requests for immediate support happening even after midnight.”
  • “[In my unit,] there are mindfulness sessions, on-site physiotherapy and health weeks. Buy-in seems to be relatively widespread. I would very much appreciate a 30' physical exercise session in the office, once a week or more, and I think others might, too.”
  • “Bonus compensation guidelines are not very clear and transparent. However, a large pool of bonus is offered in line with company performance but allocation is not clear.”
  • “Direct link with career progression under clear roadmap. Aligned with best practices. Variable component 100% at risk, depending on performance and regional market dynamics.”
  • “I cannot think of anything bad. Our ethics on salary is extremely strong and it is purely linked to position and performance.”
  • “Kearney offers competitive salaries, bonuses and benefits. The pay is also equal across the same rank. What I particularly like is that coaching is offered on a need-basis which is very good and has helped me at critical times in my career with things such as speaking training or more personal career coaching. The nice thing is that you can have these individually paid for by Kearney, where you are able to pick a program or coach you like and really focus on your own personal development. This not only helps you get ahead within Kearney, but also, if you choose to leave the firm, will be valuable thereafter.”
  • “Our firm's compensation is very competitive / better than most of our competitors in the Middle East. Housing stipend is included outside of base compensation, and bonus ranges are quite sizable once you've reached a certain level.”
  • “Plus side: salary progression from my current step to the next one is great, and salary itself is very good. Negative side: life in London is expensive, so what looks like a very good salary only affords you a flat share, or very small (~20sqm) single apartment, for an overall work experience of 5-7 years.”
  • “A lot of formal training and coaching combined with a lot of responsibility and client/third party interaction allows us to grow tremendously fast. Furthermore, in my geography, you can feel from the LinkedIn recruiter proposals and general interactions with industry stakeholders that our brand has become even stronger in the last year or so, improving exit opportunities.”
  • “Eastern European offices want to newly focus on local business. Firm does not have global staffing model such as McKinsey. All this drives my satisfaction lower.”
  • “Kearney considers training as a major responsibility towards its consultants. The firm is committed to the personal and professional development of its people, and dedicates time, money and resources to help them grow.”
  • “Promotion processes are transparent and fair. The training opportunities as in-class, virtual or completely electronic (self-learning) [which] offers an incredible depth and width”
  • “The best is the expertise area where Kearney is focused -Strategic Operations- is a very hot topic that provides great development opportunities, but the worst is the Principal position in Iberia (my current one) that requires an average tenure of 6-7 years before the promotion to Partner.”
  • “The culture of the firm is strongly focused on developing individuals and helping them rise through the ranks. The worst aspect is that despite it ostensibly being adamantly meritocratic (i.e. each consultant be measured against expected output), there is an element of competition for promotion across the region (i.e. comparing consultants' performance to each other), which may impede the development of those in smaller offices in the region.”
  • “Company is making conscious effort to increase female mentorship towards senior ranks.”
  • “Especially in the current political climate, Kearney has stepped up Black@Kearney activities. Our PROUD network is massive and established, hosting offsites and recruiting retreats in UK and Europe. Our Women's Network is strong in London with a flagship International Women's Day event hosted with partners like Amazon, Bloomberg, RBS/NatWest, AMEX, etc. each year - last year was global across five cities. We could always do more and do better. The biggest issue is that our partnership [in my unit] is all older white males, and even if they are aware of unconscious bias it will trickle through in ways unless it is emphasized much more.”
  • “Generally, the firm pays a lot of attention to gender equality. However, unconscious bias hits everywhere and is very hard to control - despite all the checks and balances the firm has put in place. I do think, though, that the firm does what it and anyone else can, given that we are all acting humans.”
  • “I believe diversity of people and thought are valued. I identify as LGBT and have felt encouraged to nurture this aspect of my identity at work. I've observed the same for people of different diversity groups, including women.”
  • “Kearney is a strong promoter of diversity and inclusion. There are internal LGBTQ and Women communities who are extremely active and aim at raising awareness about the ongoing fight for equality among humans. The firm, in turn, has consistent rules and criteria for promotion that are applied on everyone.”
  • “We could do a better job actively recruiting outside of stereotypical and traditional male-dominated spaces, and male Partners could do a better job actively mentoring female juniors (internal networking remains stronger among men, as is true in most corporate workplaces). Internal female networking is getting better. In the Middle East, we are very diverse by nationality, but not necessarily by diversity of thought - having recruited from the same small set of top business schools year after year.”
  • “Business is strong and leadership is optimistic which gives us a feel-good feeling. We continue to focus on areas of analytics which will potentially maintain the firm's leadership in the future.”
  • “Leadership shown by the regional head in turbulent times is inspiring. Strong client relationships in key sectors also help. Lack of strategic and long term projects is a risk.”
  • “Some leading-edge industry approaches (e.g., web data mining) have pockets of support, but struggle to become integrated part of our offering across practices. Also our thought leadership is ok in certain areas, but limited and not comprehensive (when I google certain topics, I always end up on great public material from our direct competitors).”
  • “There is still some concentration in a few industries, so the spread could be wider, but that is also understandably a function of the economic structure of our region. The best part is that the pipeline is full and the office is effectively sold out.”
  • “Think we have a strong offering to get through the crisis and we had very transparent communication during it, innovation in consulting is hard to compare, I personally work on some offerings which are very innovative so I may be biased there.”
  • “We have combated Covid-19 effectively and have a thriving business despite a difficult environment. I think our clients will also recognize how well we have managed to support them through this difficult situation.”
  • “[In my unit], we have not been affected by COVID as severely as some of our competitors might have been. We have not been forced to fire people nor enforce any hiring freeze or push start dates for our incoming consultants. We have also not been forced to cut rates. We are performing above the 2020 Target that was set before the crisis hit, which I think is quite impressive.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “[In some units,] as part of the recruitment process, we assign a buddy to the candidate. The role of the buddy is to assist with preparation specially in preparing for the case studies.”
  • “[In my unit], first round is speaking with recruitment manager, second and third round are interviews. Ideal candidates perform highly on all 3 interviews - multiple interviews are held in rounds 2 and 3 to ensure candidates are not chosen based on 1 person’s perspective.”
  • “Ideal candidate [for my unit]: A very well rounded, presentable candidate with extensive international experience, superior analytical and problem-solving skills, a growth mindset, and a desire to grow, learn, and be challenged.”
  • “Plus sides: Interview process was great, everyone was very friendly and sounded like they took their time in understanding me and my experience. Also, I was approached on LinkedIn by a third-party headhunter, who was very professional and courteous. Negative side: I didn't have an interview with any partner from the office I was joining, which I believe may have negatively affected my first months in the firm in terms of visibility and personal brand.”
  • “Quick and concise, with a very good idea of what type of individual they are trying to recruit. The company usually looks for individuals that fit its culture, has at least a rough idea of what they are interviewing for, that demonstrates that they are capable of deconstructing the problem in front of them and reach a structured conclusion or resolution.”
  • “Sequence of interviews with consultants up to Partner; the ideal candidate would be authentic, intellectually curious, strong in analytics and have a high EQ.”
  • “The process is comprehensive and the candidate we look for is one with great problem solving skills and entrepreneur mindset.”
  • “Business cases in the utility or healthcare sector; market sizing across every sector; digital transformation, etc.”
  • “Business cases to solve strategic, operational, economic and people related issues. Focus on fit with firm and personal character.”
  • “How to expand a cybersecurity firm based in the USA to the UAE?”
  • “Our client intends on starting a new abc business in xyz country. What factors should we analyze on behalf of our client to inform whether they should enter this market?”
  • “Should your friend build an opera house? How should the client valuate his company?”
  • “We use the normal type of case studies and we use systemic scenarios as well. The purpose is to test the candidate's ability and understanding of current events and the respective impacts.”

Perks & Benefits