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1,001-5,000 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Office Locations

Chicago, IL (HQ)


Employment Contact

Lauren Santimauro - Campus Recruiting

Firsthand Findings

Employee Reviews

  • “Best firm for someone looking to grow at a fast pace in a face growing firm, with a great collegial culture, industry competitive compensation, and great exit opportunities.”
  • “I think Kearney is by far the most diverse firm in the industry, the people are amazing, and I think that far outweighs the shortcomings of the firm.”
  • “Kearney goes the extra distance to create an apprenticeship model within consulting to ensure that employees with real life experience can catch up with their colleagues who already have the needed consulting skills.”
  • “Our clients and recruits tell us that our firm's culture truly sets us apart - we put enormous emphasis on our core values (including generosity, passion, boldness) which permeate everything we do, how we evaluate and measure ourselves, and how we set our ambition and goals. I fully stand behind this!”
  • “The people really are amazing. I know it's a cliché, but it's really what I love about it. Everyone is so humble, but they're so impressive. These people are brilliant, but they're not the type to announce it to you. The work is probably the same as the other major consulting firms, but I don't know anywhere else with the same low-key, friendly, and happy vibe.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Ideal candidate is balanced: outspoken, outgoing, team player, creative, smart, structured, comes prepared.”
  • “Feedback and callback is among the best I have observed, we treat the applicants very well. We are seeking confident, structured problem solvers who seek out ambiguity and discomfort, less so is it seeking established experts but people who crave learning and challenges and who thrive in a client-facing and team-based environment.”
  • “I think that first and foremost we're looking for strong problem-solvers that have the aptitude to do the work. This is tested via the case interview as well as by an evaluation of academic performance. Beyond that, we have clearly defined values that are tested throughout the interview process. We look for candidates that are strong communicators with the ability to influence and lead, demonstrate intellectual curiosity, and possess humility.”
  • “Kearney is looking for people who are genuinely interesting. Hard-working people, who don't live to work. They love non-traditional backgrounds. People who are brilliant in their fields and fast learners. They aren't looking for cookie-cutter management majors. In students, they're looking for leadership experience and deep involvement in on-campus activities as well as experience interning at top companies, high profile non-profits, fast-paced start-ups, or, in the case of students with non-business backgrounds, places that are at the top of their fields.”
  • “We look for the best talent, from top universities, but we also make sure to bring in diverse talent with different strengths. There is no one ‘ideal’ mold, but we are seeking for the smartest people who will be a good fit in our culture.”

Perks & Benefits