Jabian Consulting is a strategic management and technology consulting firm that exists to help companies become more competitive and profitable by creating and implementing strategies, enhancing business processes, developing human capital, and better aligning technology. The firm places a heavy emphasis on serving its local communities, both in a professional and volunteer/philanthropic capacity.

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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Business Strategy


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Atlanta, GA


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Elise Giannasi Bivins - Director of Human Resources

Firsthand Findings

We’ve had our eye on Jabian since its early days as a single-office startup pioneering a new way to do consulting without burning out its employees. And we’re happy to report the firm continues to go from strength to strength, achieving growth without sacrificing a company culture and sense of community that employees and clients alike have come to value.

While compensation and formal training opportunities are less than might be found at industry competitors, it’s the culture and lifestyle that convinces so many experienced consultants to sign on with Jabian. While some competitors fret that the recent switch to digital models may rob Jabian of a core selling point when competing for talent in the future, the t...

About the Company

Jabian Consulting is a strategic management and technology consulting firm that believes in the power of energizing its people to allow them to deliver amazing client results. The firm was founded in 2006 by Brian Betkowski, Nigel Zelcer, and Chris Reinking, three consultants from a "Big Five" consulting firm. All current managing partners in Jabian, the trio built the firm around three major principles: client service, local focus, and an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit.

Priding itself on the ability to tackle its client’s toughest issues, Jabian takes an integrated approach to creating and implementing strategies, enhancing business processes, developing human capital, and better aligning technology – ultimately helping clients become more competitive and profitable.

Jabian has earned national accla...

Employee Reviews

  • “Amazing culture. Working with great people and enjoying best-in-class work/life balance.”
  • “There is no competition amongst our people. We have a lot of humility and focus our energy on supporting each other, our clients, and our community.”
  • “Exceptional culture and commitment to individuals. A family atmosphere where we all pulled together during the pandemic to not lay off anyone. Compensation is average so be prepared to accept that as a tradeoff for the good things.”
  • “Small enough to only have the smartest/best people whom you want to work with. Local and community-oriented.”
  • “We actually follow through on ‘all that culture stuff’ that so many firms talk about. If I need to leave early on Wednesdays for two months to coach a kids' soccer team, it happens without any pushback. People are encouraged to take their PTO. The things going on in your life outside of work matter.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Firm seeks out traditional big consulting alum from places like Accenture, Deloitte, EY, etc., but with recent resource crunch, are starting to explore recruits with industry backgrounds as well.”
  • “Interview process is efficient and responsive. The ideal candidate - executive presence, demonstrates the ability to solution and break down and communicate complex problems, process-oriented, strong cultural fit.”
  • “The ideal candidate is typically an experienced big 4 consultant who no longer wants to travel.”
  • “The ideal candidate Jabian is seeking is a well-rounded consultant that would like to help build our company and become famous within the firm and outside the firm for the areas of business in which they are passionate. The recruiting team consistently hears that our interview process is the best they have been through because we place such a focus on the candidate experience.”
  • “We are seeking experienced management consultants that have a wide range of experiences and an interest to be part of a growing, entrepreneurial culture.”

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