Jabian Consulting is a strategic management and technology consulting firm. They help companies become more competitive and profitable by creating and implementing strategies, enhancing business processes, developing human capital, and better aligning technology. Even before the pandemic, Jabian was a self-proclaimed no-travel firm and fewer than five percent of their consultants surveyed had traveled for work. This puts them in our top companies rankings often for this and related work-life balance benefits.

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Jabian Consulting has built a strong name for itself in the locales it serves. Pre-Covid-19, consultants who worked here considered the no-travel model and local client engagements to be a key differentiator, yielding a positive work/life balance. This model also seemed to enable a relatively smooth transition to remote work at the height of the pandemic.

Perhaps because Jabian consultants live in the communities they serve, there IS a heavy emphasis on community—both within the firm and without. Respondents to our survey describe a caring and encouraging culture and are quick to note that leadership is proactively supportive of the firm’s people pursuing their passions outside of work—especially as they pertain to community involvement. This makes Jabian Consult...

About the Company

As a local consultancy with offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte, and Chicago, Jabian employees enjoy local brand recognition, zero travel time, and the satisfaction of investing in their communities’ businesses—all while working at a cutting-edge firm. The firm was founded in 2006 by Brian Betkowski, Nigel Zelcer, and Chris Reinking, three consultants from a "Big Five" consulting firm. All current managing partners in Jabian, the trio built the firm around three major principles: client service, local focus, and an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit.

Priding itself on the ability to tackle its clients' toughest issues, Jabian focuses on the big-picture business challenges, including business strategy, customer interaction, human capital management, operational excellence, and technology optimization and execution.&l...

Employee Reviews

  • “If you love consulting, want to be challenged with really interesting client problems, but don't want all of the negatives of working for the Big 4 (hours, travel, other stressors of their culture), and also want to have the autonomy to grow in the direction that suits you, this is the place for you.”
  • “You have much more control over your career at Jabian than other consulting firms. There's no up or out policy. You can move as fast or as methodically as you want. You're encouraged to explore your passions through networking and training, both formal and informal. It's a safe environment to learn and grow and challenge yourself. We're well connected in our cities and have great relationships with local nonprofits to do both skills based volunteering and serve on boards. And leadership listens. Our feedback matters and influences positive changes at the firm!”
  • “The people who work here are all good people who care about each other. It's truly collaborative; we all care for and help each other.”
  • “Our culture - everyone here is genuinely invested in growing the firm, helping our clients, and giving back to our local communities. We actually walk the talk.”
  • “A firm that is grounded in its guiding principles that has not wavered from that, despite the ups and downs of the economy.”
  • “Amazing culture, friendly people, good work/life balance.”
  • “Work/life balance is important and taken into account when planning client engagements and other work. No travel required; occasional trips are not mandatory.”
  • “Worst aspect – as with all consulting – is the number of hours. This job like all consulting jobs will take as much as you give, so you have to define barriers and limits. Best aspect - two fold. First, the lack of travel at Jabian is fantastic. We live in the communities we serve, so travel is extremely limited. We say we take trips, not travel. Any travel is extremely rare. Secondly, the commitment of Jabian to supporting each employee's personal passions outside of work, and the communities we serve, are second to none.”
  • “As a local firm, we have - in my comparison experience - a very good quality of life balance. We are encouraged to become active members in our community through networking as well as community and volunteer roles that that the firm supports through a liberal networking expense reimbursement policy. We build deep and long-standing relationships with our clients, therefore it is easier, I find, to take time off because of that.”
  • “We receive $30 monthly toward health and wellness activities and equipment. Larger equipment purchases can also be expensed over time. We have an annual firm-wide health and wellness challenge that, in normal years, grants the winner up to an additional $300 in health and wellness funds.”
  • “20 days [of PTO]. Leadership [encourages you] to maximize their vacation time... it's taken guilt free. When on vacation it's 100% respected…This is rare, compared to other firms that don't allow you to completely switch off.”
  • “Fully supportive and accommodating [of paid time off]. They actively try to avoid contact when on vacation, and they encourage us to use the time when we need it. Teammates rally together to ensure everyone has coverage when they are out; it's part of the culture.”
  • “Best: competitive base salary. Worst: bonus is generally quite small…however last year some offices [received] double bonuses because of record high performance, but that is the exception. There should be more incentive based bonuses based on personal performance with a wider range of potential...”
  • “Not competitive overall in terms of base salary and benefits (401k, supplemental savings). No equity option. There was a serious, objective compensation assessment done, which improved salaries for some levels and people, but overall the value proposition is still centered on "no travel" which leads to better work/life balance. But many competitors are now improving on this, while paying better.”
  • “I do believe that Jabian is slightly below the market. I know I could have made more elsewhere, but it's a testament to Jabian's culture and community commitment, and other intrinsic benefits that make the full 'package' offer from Jabian better than most.”
  • “As a small firm, we have yet been able to offer one-to-one 401K match. But I believe this will come as we grow. We do have a profit sharing that helps.”
  • “[The firm] needs a higher bonuses and ability to earn them creatively.”
  • “Flexible hours, mentoring allotment.”
  • “In general, but especially for its size, Jabian does a great job supporting each of us with our professional development goals and aspirations. Each year we are expected to develop our plan for the year and professional growth is one of four key areas on which we focus. They understand it's critical, and they treat it as such! As we build our 'personal platforms’, it becomes increasingly important to our career progression, promotions, etc.”
  • “Jabian has yet to figure out a path to partnership for its people. They are working on it and it will be an major boost to employee engagement and growth once they figure it out.”
  • “Our firm hires experienced consultants so formal, early consulting training is limited. However, our generalist model allows people to practically experience and build skills across the firm as well as to develop a personal platform of your own interest (not mandated by the firm) where you can promote your internal and external brand.”
  • “You are in control of your career. It is not up or out. Employees have a personal platform that is your specialty within the company and you can educate the company on your experience. There are lots of training opportunities between formal training and lunch and learns and everything in between. We have several affinity groups that allow us to connect from a diversity and inclusion standpoint.”
  • “The best part about career development is that promotions are truly merit based. However, this creates a top heavy organization.”
  • “Best - ability to grow quickly. Worst - lack of documentation around career development.”
  • “Jabian is very intentional in how it support diversity and inclusion- from engaging in Pride month, to bringing in guest speakers on topics of diversity, and i's response to social unrest by supporting non-profits that are make differences in the community. Jabian has good mix of male and female leaders. Diversity is certainly celebrated!”
  • “Our firm is very open to conversations about equality and social injustice which is very refreshing. I would like to see more diversity at the highest levels. That should come over time since if we keep our people since the demographics outside of the SLT are much more diverse.”
  • “Jabian and its leadership are passionate about Conscious Capitalism and the corporate, social and broader stakeholder responsibilities that come along with that movement. Additionally...especially in these times of social unrest, Jabian's leadership has been upfront, honest, and open. They have listened and learned. They have given us opportunities to do so as well, including guest speakers with really thought provoking (and sometimes hard to listen to) messages. At its core, I am confident that the leadership here is going to ALWAYS do the right thing, and that includes actions in the areas of Diversity, Inclusion, and Corporate Social Responsibility.”
  • “D&I is a huge point of emphasis at Jabian.”
  • “I am involved in the hiring decisions and promotions decisions and I know that this is extremely important and respect our policies.”
  • “Everyone seems to have equal opportunities.”
  • “Best: everyone at the firm truly buys into the culture and recognize that we are all dependent on each other for our success. There is tremendous accountability at all levels. Worst: unsure of our growth strategy. Prior to Covid-19, leadership was focused on opening smaller offices in other cities. There didn't seem to be as much priority given to growing our primary office in Atlanta. That, in combination with our challenge to raise rates at clients, limits compensation and upward mobility as the top levels get more crowded.”
  • “Best: investing in maintaining the team together during COVID- no furlough or layoffs. Also invested in expanding our footprint with a whole host of new clients, and even looking at engaging with clients beyond our geographies (benefit of virtual) should provide a lot of opportunities for growth. Worst: impact of COVID and not being able to engage with clients in person- the trend of virtual consulting could be the new norm. This trend isn't for people that enjoy in person engagement... we'll have to wait and see.”
  • “Consulting industry has been tough but outlook is looking strong.”
  • “Good outlook for consulting post-pandemic.”
  • “I would describe my company as entrepreneurial but not innovative.”
  • “Partners are still making sound decisions, but communication is minimal, and development of future leaders does not exist; the firm is anchored by 3 the partners' ability to be involved in everything.”

Getting Hired Here


  • “The interview process is straightforward and will move as fast as the candidate wants it to. Initial phone screen by a recruiter, 30-minute interview with a recruiter, a panel with two consultants, and then a whiteboard case interview with the partners and/or SLT members. Our ideal candidate has at least 3 years’ experience consulting, has demonstrated actual or desired involvement and leadership in the community, and is a good cultural fit.”
  • “Jabian creates a 'virtual bench' which is a pipeline of interested, available, and interviewed/approved candidates who can be ready to hire as the opportunity becomes available. As a smaller firm, this is critical and allows us to hire as we grow, lowering risk and providing more Day 1 opportunity for new hires.”
  • “Ideal candidate has at least 5 years’ consulting experience and is a well-rounded generalist who is intelligent, motivated and hard-working.”
  • “The process is pretty transparent and fast.”
  • “[We look for] top-tier consulting experience, at least 3 years of experience, strong cultural fit, and top performers.”
  • “Great process.”
  • “Jabian has a lengthy interview process, culminating in an in-person, scenario-based role play that affords leadership to see you in action. It's a great way to see how people think and act under pressure, both good and bad!”
  • “Behavior-based interview questions. Give me an example of a time when you led a team through a major transformation.”
  • “Panel interviews (behavioral) and role play (situational) for the final interview.”
  • “The final panel interview is a single case question (no pre-work) and is still conducted with the Managing Directors - it includes three people, usually an Executive Directors and two MDs.”
  • “Tell us about a time you introduced a significant change or innovation to an existing process. Tell us about a time when you coordinated work activities across several groups. Case questions related M&A activities.”
  • “Tell me about your latest project. What was your role? Did you interact with client leads? Have you had exposure to business development? Outside of client work, what other aspects of the company were you involved in?”

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