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51-100 Employees


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Philadelphia, PA

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Employee Reviews

  • “Be prepared for a performance-based culture with straight talk and high standards of performance.”
  • “Come to Insigniam if you are looking to make a difference through a career in transformational management consulting. While compensation, benefits, and recognition are good and fair, there are other firms that pay more or have better benefits. But no firm does more to grow and develop its professionals and give them the opportunity that has real benefit and value for clients. In a survey of executives who had retained Insigniam and other firms, Insigniam rated higher in both client value and client satisfaction than all other firms, including both sets of Big 4s.”
  • “Insigniam is a place where an employee will grow in multi-dimensional ways, operating with levels of intentionality, accountability, and responsibility that are far beyond most other companies' business-as-usual. As such, Insigniam is not for everyone. Join Insigniam if you are interested in interrupting the world and your own levels of comfort and settlement.”
  • “What we do is create new possibilities where they don't seem to exist. We catalyze people to think newly and act different to achieve the unprecedented. What sets us apart is we work at the level of context and who people are being. We know who we are and what we're good at, and we develop a meaningful and deep partnership with our clients who allow us to dig into their commitments and concerns to have a huge impact on their business.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Insigniam's hiring process is the most intense of any I have seen and for good reason. We are looking for candidates with a strong and successful business performance and result oriented background. We provide our clients world class service in every aspect of working with us and candidates who we seek must be a match for the C Suite of the best run companies in the world. The interview process allows us to get to know the candidate and the candidate to get to know us, so that both sides can make the best choice. I knew where I stood with Insigniam every step of the way and so did Insigniam for me.”
  • “Someone with business acumen, who is curious, willing to learn, and look inward to truly transform and become a better person for themselves and our clients (regardless of how many years of experience they have).”
  • “The feedback from candidates—both hired and not—is that the interview process is personally valuable and reflects well on Insigniam.”
  • "The interview process is well defined and articulated as a four- to six-week ‘Candidate Journey’. There are assignments in writing and in video, there are interviews with consultants and partners, there is a Lumina Spark assessment that is offered as a gift to you as a candidate, and there is a final in-person interview. I found this process and my Candidate Journey to be clear, professional and easy to go through.”
  • “We are looking for sharp, intelligent and intellectual candidates who know that if they work hard and dedicate themselves to their firm, they will be rewarded financially and personally.”

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