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Insigniam is a management consulting firm that specializes in enterprise-wide transformation, transformational leadership, and managing change. A core value proposition of Insigniam’s organization transformation services is empowering clients to “build a bond and collaboration” among their people. Knowing that culture fuels strategy, Insigniam invests heavily in training and fostering entrepreneurship in the firm's own employees, so they can bring the most impactful solutions to clients.


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Firsthand Findings

Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, there was no doubt at all about Insigniam’s position or trajectory in the marketplace: with a unique offering that directly assists with client growth, the firm was enjoying strong demand for its service. Since the onset of the pandemic, have remained optimistic about their firm’s outlook. Although some are cautious about their optimism solely because of Insigniam’s size, the firm’s headcount has yet to have any tangible effects.

Pandemic concerns aside, Insigniam remains a firm where insiders relish the opportunity to learn and apply a proprietary methodology to solve clients’ most pressing problems. That leads to serious opportunities for career development and growth and, thanks to the firm’s size, no shortage of facetime with s...

About the Company

Unlike consulting firms that advise, train, or do it for you, Insigniam helps ensure that the breakthrough, innovation, and transformation initiatives are led by your leaders and employees. They catalyze, provoke and guide clients and organizations, so the capabilities and competencies are developed within the organization, not walking out the door when they leave.

Insigniam stands for the breakthrough, innovation, and/or transformation a company seeks, partnering with you to leverage your deep knowledge of your business with their expert insights and unique methods for thinking newly, altering behavior, and executing results. Their work has been honed over decades of working with executives and large enterprises.

The firm's name is inspired from the Latin usage of ...

Employee Reviews

  • “A constantly evolving opportunity to make a difference.”
  • “Employees consistently stay at the firm for decades and love what they do. There is a heavy emphasis on growth and development for all employees, both technical and for the person. The method we use also works anywhere in life and in fact, you take it with you. Our clients are doing incredible work that inspires us. People like to have fun!”
  • “If you are entry-level it's a good starting point because you get to learn a lot about the consulting world and how Insigniam does things. If you are more experienced and have been at leadership levels in other types of organizations, you will need to be open to thinking newly and acting differently which can sometimes feel like a square peg in a round hole.”
  • “Insigniam's methodology delivers repeated results in enterprise-wide initiatives that surpass clients' internal projections and leaves leadership teams' well-equipped with tools to carry out performance long after our engagement. This makes Insigniam unique in the management consulting space and of course breakthrough performance indefinitely.”
  • “It will be the best decision you make for your career. Regardless of whether you want to be a consultant for the rest of your life, you will gain valuable distinctions and perspective that will help you in whatever field you pursue.”
  • “Our technology and methodology is unique. We enable organizations to create the future of their organizations and to have unprecedented results.”
  • “Working at Insigniam is one of the best decisions I've made in my life. You get to consult executives at pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, consumer goods, airlines, and a lot of other industries, all the while growing professionally and as a person. This is one of the best places for people who are open to new experiences and have a high level of intellectual curiosity. Our consulting is unorthodox. Be prepared to be challenged but you will have a rewarding growth in return.”
  • “For the most part I think our firm is very accommodating. Sometimes I feel restricted by policies on how many people can be off on a particular day.”
  • “Management is quite accommodating with vacation time and encourages us to take it throughout the year. You are not expected to work when you are off. This is a widely adhered to.”
  • “The company is very supportive when it comes to our well-being taking things on a case by case basis and makes a point of this.”
  • “The firm encourages us to take care of ourselves but does not regularly engage in programs on health and wellness.”
  • “The number of hours that I work outside of our specified times is by my choice. It is easy to take time off.”
  • “Vacation time depends on how long you have been with the firm. Firm standard at the start of employment is two weeks’ vacation. People are given an extra day for every year that they are with the firm.”
  • “We are encouraged to take direct flights, get a car service and get rest. I'm not aware of any wellness programs.”
  • “I feel our salaries are fair and there are clear cut bonus plans that are based on performance. I think our support staff compensation is too low to attract the kind of talent we want.”
  • “I have income as a Partner, for sales, and for consulting. Bonuses can be earned by all employees regardless of their accountability. We often have contests that include all employees. Currently if we make a specified sales number for the year, our annual firm meeting will be in Rome; this meeting is always beautifully planned--one year it was in Paris! What I have always loved is that there are no limits to what I can earn.”
  • “Our health benefits could be better. Our 401K and deferred comp programs are excellent.”
  • “The salary is not high for the industry, but the bonuses are good. Raises are offered frequently. I am satisfied with my compensation package.”
  • “A lot of information that allows one to become effective as a sales consultant. A structured way to think and act as a consultant representing the firm.”
  • “Best: We have a team-based structure that allows for a lot of attention on 1-on-1 informal training. I always gain valuable action steps that I can take after speaking with the many informal mentors that I have within the firm. Worst: Lots of work to prepare for trainings and long hours during formal training activities. Can be mentally and physically draining.”
  • “Insigniam has very clear and well-defined paths for development within the firm. I have not heard of many people switching between paths. Formal structures of training and support are thorough and designed around these paths. The amount and type of support and training your receive from informal structures really depends on who your mentor is.”
  • “The best aspect of Insigniam's career development opportunities are the space we are offered to provide high-level consulting to clients. By high level I mean both high-impact work that provides a lot of value to clients and gives us the experience of working on large-scale problems. I also mean working and making relationships with senior executives. The worst part of our career development opportunities is that the opportunities are largely confined to Insigniam. Few other firms do what we do, and the non-compete clause prevents us from working at another consulting firm within a 2 hour drive from an Insigniam office. That covers NY and LA, where I live.”
  • “I have not counted, but there appears to be a great deal of diversity at our firm, especially when it comes to diversity of experience which really makes a difference when dealing with many different clients at once.”
  • “I think Insigniam is the ultimate meritocracy from what I can tell. It's all about who you're being, the value you create and the results you generate. Nobody seems to care about anything else, which is great.”
  • “Our record speaks for itself. Our culture creates an environment for equal opportunity and support. Gender is not remotely an issue.”
  • “We have gender parity in our partner group (in fact more women then men). We are given room to have our own personality expressions.”
  • “Company is set apart from other consulting firms and has a unique offering that no other consulting form can say that they have. They can truly take a company's concept to reality by working with people to think and behave differently.”
  • “Currently we are all working from home during COVID-19; that is why my answer on business outlook is not a 10. We are all working full-time and very actively. We could have an exceptional second half of the year and do very well. Our consulting is based on our method for Breakthrough which is all about possibility and producing results that are significantly beyond what is considered likely given the resources and circumstances. Since we are applying that method now to our business, we could absolutely have a banner year. We are committed to that!!”
  • “Insigniam and its leadership team is always looking forward to what is next. We will get through the current circumstances and stronger than we were before.”
  • “We have several strong legacy clients, and we have a strong sales team that is able to generate new business. We are growing as a firm, in terms of headcount, and morale is high.”

Why Work Here

Insigniam is a management consultancy that has been a pioneer in the field of organizational transformation and breakthrough performance for over 30 years. The firm was co-founded by Shideh Sedgh Bina and Nathan Owen Rosenberg, who still lead the firm today, and has almost 60 employees working to address their clients’ most pressing business concerns. Senior executives of some of the world’s largest companies have used Insigniam to produce breakthrough outcomes that are critical, necessary, and unprecedented given the history of their organizations and their current skills, resources, performance records, and circumstances.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Interview with five partners or soon-to-be partners before interviewing with both founding partners.”
  • “It is pretty rigorous. The ideal candidate needs to display more diversity of traits than the average job.”
  • “One partner is accountable to post openings and do an initial interview. If the candidate seems to be a good match, four to five partners are scheduled to interview the candidate and to rate the person in specified areas and enter that rating on a template that includes everyone's rating. The ratings are averaged. The interviewing group has a call on which each person comments on their ratings and answers questions. Each person is asked to say if they recommend hiring with no caveats, with caveats, or does not recommend. Based on that process, the partner accountable will either send a note thanking person and letting them know we are not moving forward or the person has an interview set up with each of the two founding partners who make the final decision.”
  • “Someone with diverse life experience and perspectives, who is willing and able to put in the intellectual effort to think beyond what they've been taught and know to be true.”
  • “The ideal candidate is someone who is a self-starter, is curious, has advanced degrees, has grit and is resilient.”
  • “As you consider the work of being a consultant and salesperson at Insigniam, which are the aspects of the job you think you will most excel? Which will be the biggest challenges to you? What would your boss(es) at that time (i.e. low points) say about your biggest strengths and areas for improvement.”
  • “Describe a situation where you had a setback. What happened? How did you respond?”
  • “They have a writing assignment. We give them a real business issue and ask them to create a plan for how they would impact that issue and to speculate on why an executive would hire our firm.”
  • “What have you found works well for you in terms of a work environment? What doesn't work for you or what prevents you from making your maximum impact?”

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