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Vault Consulting 25 EMEA


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Employee Reviews

  • “An amazing startup culture. A nerdy obsession with what drives human change and organisational transformation. A wonderful place to make a difference. A culture built around autonomy, mastery and purpose (choose your own leader, no staffing manager for instance).”

  • “[Implement] calls for high independence in work and initiative. If you are passionate about your work you will thrive, if you are looking for a career boost you will burn out before reaching the destination.”

  • “There is a lot of freedom under responsibility. You can basically work with whatever you want, but you have to put in the work to get the projects. There is a great social culture in this firm, and people are really being taken care of.”

  • “We are always in motion. Exploring new ways of working. New ways of organizing. We are built as a network. And the culture is glued with great adventures that we experience together.”

  • “You have to be comfortable networking externally as well as internally. You have to be comfortable finding your own way. If you can say yes to this, you will get a lot of opportunities to develop in an awesome house with great colleagues.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “A candidate with a mixed background and nuances on life but who is still goal oriented. Relaxed personality.” 

  • “I think we could be better at interviewing to unveil more sides of the candidates. We are not trained in recruitment, so many of us rely on gut feel and first impressions in our recommendations of candidates.”

  • “On either level we typically try to close the recruiting process within 4 - 6 weeks from initial application to offer incl. all interviews and face-face meetings. People do either apply unsolicited or are approached by our in-house recruiters. Feedbacks do usually max. take one week, typically less than that.”

  • “Still a bit unstructured process but is getting better. The ideal candidate has very good grades, is a cultural fit with the company and tons of energy, then the rest will sort itself out.”

  • “The recruitment process has become a lot more structured, for the better, and I am positive to the fact that we are bringing in people who come from different backgrounds - for instance not just the standard profile who is really good at case interviews but also the more creative individual with an entrepreneurial approach.”

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