Implement Consulting Group is a management consulting firm. A self-billed "bunch of nerds" bringing change to change, the company has a people-centric focus. Though headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in Aarhus, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Oslo, Zurich and Munich, the firm serves clients worldwide.

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It’s entirely possible that, across the entire European consulting industry, there is no other firm with a culture or structure quite like Implement. With self-organizing project teams, very little in the way of hierarchy, and a commitment to providing a strong work-life balance, it’s a firm that will appeal to those with a need to be in control of their own destiny, but who are comfortable with operating without a huge amount of structure around them.

With that in mind, development is something that happens almost automatically at Implement, as a natural outgrowth of operating within the company’s parameters. While insiders have occasional gripes about compensation, the majority seem satisfied with their overall packages, especially in light of the aforementione...

About the Company

Headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in Aarhus, Stockholm, Malmo, Oslo, Zurich and Munich, Implement’s heart is in the North. With 900 consultants, multinational clients and worldwide projects, the company offers expertise with a global perspective.

Implement's mission is to help ensure true expertise turns into real change--to impact organizations and the people within organizations in ways that are sustainable and effective. Implement's clients are ambitious and seeking change, and the firm aims to help them tackle their toughest challenges.

Employee Reviews

  • “A strong culture, which puts personal development and client impact at the forefront. We run monthly client satisfaction pulses with all our client to welcome and react on client feedback. We also choose our own leader - which is often the person we feel can give us the best help on our personal development in the firm.”
  • “Autonomy over structure! We say embrace the mess. Implement has the playing field drawn out for you and all the basics you need to play. However, you have to choose the game, the ball, your team mates and leaders! It is an organic network where your own abilities can flourish if you’re up for the challenge of finding your way!”
  • “If you are looking for a strict hierarchy with a set path for you and your career then this is not the place to go. You will have a lot of freedom to follow your passion but also a responsibility to find your way. There is a lot of support and great people given that you reach out and take the opportunity. You should thrive in a creative and ever-changing organization or you will probably think of it as chaos and uncertainty.”
  • “In Implement you can go in any direction you want. But YOU are responsible for making you a success. We call the company a marketplace where every consultant is selling something: themselves. So you need to be able to sell yourself and push for the things you want to do. No manager or system is going to do that for you.”
  • “It's the sense of SHARED belonging and collective commitment to the COLLECTIVE success. This is reinforced through an amazing culture, distributed ownership structure, low hierarchy, servant leadership. And there is a noticeable absence of the typical managerial actions that would breed fear and otherwise threaten and diminish this. This sense of COMMUNITY drives very high motivation and performance. Other firms, who are quick to cut staff in a crisis like Covid-19 will likely have much higher fear levels and lower motivation to push for the collective success.”
  • “There will be a couple of companies that show significantly more subject-matter expertise in regards to industry/methodologies. But there won‘t be any company that knows better how to build a great team, create a fantastic atmosphere to work in and offer a place where you really feel inspired and surrounded by so many great people with not a single asshole.”
  • “Almost free food and drink is provided and very healthy and nutritious. Great emphasis is put on holistic health with effort from senior leaders to set the right examples around limiting drinking, working reasonable hours and having a sporty attitude to company wide events.”
  • “Best: we are encouraged to have a life outside the office. Ultimately, you are in control of how many hours you want to work and it is completely acceptable to ask to only work half time or to say no to projects if you feel you have too much on your plate, if the projects do not align with your situation at home, your values etc. Worst: because we are all working at the clients' offices (or from home in these COVID-19 days), you do not get to see your beloved colleagues very often.”
  • “I have 6 weeks paid leave. The firm INSISTS on us taking those weeks to re-energize and reflect on your performance and potential new interests or areas to develop after the leave. Amazing.”
  • “I have never worked in a place before, which had such a distinctive culture and open-environment. It is really great to be a part of that tribe of inspiring colleagues. Open, supportive and self-driven ware just 3 adjectives to be mentioned. The flexibility does have downsides for new employees, as it is dependent on your reputation and network across the company, which can be challenging in the beginning.”
  • “Implement is extremely flexible regarding vacation time, and usually you can take holidays whenever you want and it's possible with regards to your current project. Usually you do get a lot of support from colleagues and it's rarely required to do any work at all during you time off.”
  • “Usually we are encouraged to take vacation and to be flexible with our time when we are not heavily staffed on projects which is amazing. I love the flexibility. Also, if we are on vacation it has never happened in 5 years that someone urgently needed me at work. They are very respectful that when you are off you are off. They have contingency plans and teams working during the periods others are on vacation and vice versa.”
  • “We are a tribe, and that feels extremely rewarding to be part of. For especially younger consultants it can however be difficult to strike the right balance between hours spent at work and home.”
  • “As I see it, we have an abundance of perks. The most unique would be the multiple company arrangements such strategy tours to e.g. Morocco, Greece, Spain which we enjoy yearly (excluding the current period due to Corona virus).”
  • “Best: On entry-level there is not bonus but the base salary is quite high which makes room for development without focusing on monetary rewards. Worst: The lack of bonus on entry-level can at the same time be a little frustrating since it does not make it possible to reward extraordinary effort.”
  • “I am newly employed, so I have not had my first year-end salary talks yet. However, compensation and sign-on were very good.”
  • “I think the base salary is really low compared to peers and industry, where people get 30-40% more money. I think on the other side events such as the annual strategy tour, implement university and Friday meetings in Copenhagen are really great.”
  • “Negative: Bonus and chance to advance is base on performance, not that good when you come in as a graduate and don't have any contacts (usually) and it can be hard to get out on your first client mission. Other than that, hard for internal staff to advance within the area of salary. Postive: Good base salaries.”
  • “The worst part is probably the relatively low salary for junior consultants (my current position) and that we’re not paid extra time. However, from L2 and up the bonus and stock purchase opportunities are awesome. Pretty good base salary as well.”
  • “Excellent career development opportunities. High quality training, and very experienced peers to learn from.”
  • “Fantastic, consultant-led training opportunities. Highly transparent promotion process with great dialogues with personal leader based on personally defined development goals.”
  • “Implement is a great place to be because it gives a very high degree of freedom and autonomy. Because of this, you are also very much responsible for yourself and the level of organization is low. This is something you need to get used to.”
  • “It is definitely an advantage if you are male and willing to put in a lot of extra hours to get promotion to partner, but it is also very important which type of leader your department has—the more you behave like the leader of the department, the bigger the chance is to be promoted to partner.”
  • “The best part of Implement is that everyone is extremely nice and helpful. The worst part is two-fold: firstly, Implement is really informally organized and it can be hard to navigate 800 colleagues. Secondly, there is a very poor commitment to diversity and inclusion amongst senior management, and as a woman it is very hard to envisage a long-term career at the company.”
  • “There is no end to the opportunities to develop. If you find or have an interest in something that may or may not be present in the firm—you are encouraged to start a movement of that interest. Let the passion drive your development—even if it does not fit in any category or practice right now.”
  • “There are more men at the top of our firm - no doubt. But I don't believe that it's because women aren't invited up there. I think it's because being at the top costs a lot of personal freedom, and the women I know in the company care more about having time to be with family and loved ones. I see a lot of men being successful at the firm - but I also see them getting divorced and needing two au pairs to keep their home running. All the things I want to do, I get to do. So I'm not experiencing any lack of progression or opportunities because I'm a woman.”
  • “Both parents are encouraged to take maternity/paternity leave. It is also very acceptable for both parents to work flexibly to accommodate child related activities (daycare pick ups, etc.).”
  • “Having lived outside of Denmark, this company is, like the rest of Denmark, incredibly white. Not just in skin color but in fundamental mindset. I think we are doing reasonably well in terms of male-female gender balance (but as a dude I'm not the voice that matters). But we are certainly very homogeneous: everyone is physically fit, nobody is overweight, nobody has any physical disabilities, everyone is highly cognitive functioning, high iq, highly articulate, likable etc. Nobody understands how it is to live without these traits. It's taken for granted. That will be our biggest barrier to international specifically US expansion where the diversity requirements are 5-10 years ahead.”
  • “I feel sure that men and women are paid equally for the same work. But with 69% men and 31% women, I still see some room for improvement—especially on the owner level where women are still underrepresented.”
  • “The criteria for higher wage/promotion is based on characteristics that are more male than female thus unintentionally creating inequality.”
  • “There is little transparency when it comes to diversity/pay equality. However, the majority of partners are men, and there are no women on the board, so one can only imagine, that the pay may not be equal between men and women.”
  • “Best: The Swedish part of the company was on a 20% yearly revenue increase and we were building the brand. Worst: Uncertainty due to Corona.”
  • “Corona concerns—proactive responses but I believe we should have had more stability going into it. They innovate and create new ideas fast.”
  • “COVID will of course impact the outlook. However, leadership have taken extreme care and precautions in regards to the possible impact to the company. I believe the company will be less impacted due to the precautions taken, initiatives in place, drive within the company, and overall leadership.”
  • “Sustained business will be secure in Denmark but growth will come from the international offices. However these are poorly supported and it feels still like little off-shoots.”
  • “Very broad service offerings and broad industry knowledge makes me comfortable in the long term perspective in terms of the diversification. The growth rate contains the risk of losing the unique culture, but so far the core values and the culture could be kept.”
  • “Very high transparency from leadership and strong culture to back it up gives high morale. Decentralized steering gives a ‘prototyping’ culture where new ideas are free to be tried and tested. Small enough to keep this way of working/culture alive, but big enough to back up great ideas. Quickly took powerful action to come out of the Corona situation even more well positioned than before.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “After interviews, we are extremely quick in getting back to applicants and provide very detailed feedback.”
  • “Best in class results from business schools, work experience in high calibre consulting firm, very good presentation skills, confidence (we are not good in integrating introverts), very open minded and flexible mindset. We usually call back within 2 to 5 days.”
  • “It’s very adaptable in time to show respect to the candidate, but it is quite rigorous. First interview is all about cultural fit, second about skill, 3-4 is more about meeting more people from the office especially partners to find a fit. The last one with our office manager, more of a formality to welcome the person onboard. Also in the beginning a test is made of logical, numerical and language skills.”
  • “The cultural fit is a defining factor, self-leadership and mastering own energy, owners mentality, commercial edge and real teamworking skills.”
  • “The time until I had my contract was very fast, even though it consisted of 3 rounds. The ideal candidate is not just smart and experienced in his field of expertise, but especially fits into the company and culture personally.”
  • “Very professional process and dialogue with HR/recruiting. Very important for the company to find highly skilled candidates who fit into the culture of the organization.”
  • "Here's a specific thing I'm working on right now, I'm curious, how would you begin to think about this?"
  • “Classic case interview questions including market sizing and a case relevant for practice. I was given a supply chain case involving how structure a production sequence given some constraints.”
  • “If you were to write a non-fictional book about something - what topic would that book be about and what title would it have?”
  • “Market-sizing questions. Value chain advisory. Business comprehension questions (not just business school or case study templates prep).”
  • “Prepare a presentation in which you show us what is not in your CV.”
  • “We have for several years had a 3-step interview flow, each time with 2 company representatives and a fixed agenda. Speed of the process is fast and the process is well system supported.”

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