Tech-savvy jobseekers who live on the cutting edge of digital transformation will spark to Ignyte Group: a fast-paced, DC-based boutique that specializes in the automation and modernization of business processes. At fewer than 100 employees, Ignyte maintains a close-knit and entrepreneurial culture akin to what you’d find in Silicon Valley. Ignyte Group lives and breathes its core values of innovation, cross-functional collaboration, ownership, and creativity.

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The size and scope of Ignyte Group present both opportunities and challenges for the consultants who work there. This is a smaller firm with a startup culture and a unique, niche focus on merging traditional management consulting with professional branding. For those at the start of their careers, the firm may not offer an abundance of project diversity—which is something with which insiders sometimes voice frustration. But an entrepreneurial culture that fosters ambition and promotes mentorship and self-guided learning provides an array of incredible learning opportunities.

If you’re looking to grow your skills quickly through hands-on exposure to numerous areas of the business, Ignyte Group can offer you an investment in personal/profes...

About the Company

Ignyte Group (Ignyte) is a Washington, DC-based digital transformation consultancy that helps clients modernize and automate their business using the Appian platform. Founded by senior leaders from “Big 4” consulting firms, the company’s mission is to enable business transformation by providing expertise in strategy, technology, and management. At the intersection of innovation and design, Ignyte helps evolve any business challenge into ideas and solutions.

Ignyte has carved out a unique niche in the market by combining expertise in user experience and visual design with the business strategy, process improvement, and program management offered by traditional consulting firms.

Ignyte’s cross-functional team of management consultants, engineers, data scientists, and designers partners with clients ranging from gove...

Employee Reviews

  • “An encouraging community where hard work and trust in your teammates makes a big impact in your entire career trajectory.”
  • “If you are looking for a firm that empowers you to challenge yourself to do great things and gives you the flexibility and input to define what the right things for you to be great at, and the timeline that works for you, then Ignyte is a great choice.”
  • “The people. We have an extremely strong and well-rounded workforce of people from all different backgrounds from all over the country and world. For a firm its size, we have a diverse population both in terms of race and geographical background but also in terms of training. The people make the experience extremely unique, and I credit the firm's recruitment process with recruiting such strong and unique individuals.”
  • “The leadership team across the board is always open and willing to listen, the changes they’ve made throughout my time here reflect that commitment to excellence, the constant pursuit to accommodate everyone, and making this company feel like a home.”
  • “The best part about being part of Ignyte is you can put in a lot of effort in multiple places wherever your interests are. You’re able to explore your interests and grow your skill set while contributing in high responsibility and high visibility roles. The more you give to Ignyte, the more you get for yourself. The leadership team has positioned Ignyte to be in high profile projects that require in-demand skill sets, so the more you commit to the work you do at Ignyte, the more you’ll grow individually as well.”
  • “Ignyte is a small firm where everyone is working together. You get to know the newest employee as well as the partners. It’s very transparent and everyone is there to support you. It has a real family feel to it.”
  • “Some client work has required weekend work or longer hours, but management enables us to record overtime hours so that we can gain additional time off that can be used. Requesting vacation is simple and easy and doesn't require extensive time for review and approval. There is also no required travel for projects.”
  • “I think that the firm has a strong commitment to its employees' quality of life. Our work hours are reasonable, we do not have to travel much at all, and it is quite easy to take time off. I think that overall, this is probably the best place that I've ever worked in terms of quality of life and my stress and anxiety levels are really low because of this. I honestly don't have anything bad to say about the firm's quality of life, though. It's overall quite good.”
  • “We do occasionally work extra (40+) hours, but never when there’s is a larger life priority. Our team respects and trusts that we will prioritize work items and life events accordingly. I have never had an issue speaking up when the extra hours were not feasible for me.”
  • “I think that the firm offers excellent health coverage, and this coverage includes the ability to have counseling sessions with a health professional. This is a big perk, and I like it. Regarding exercise at the company, we really do not have any formal programs...but I think that this is likely due to COVID-19 keeping us out of the office.”
  • “Four weeks of PTO is very generous and management does a good job of encouraging employees to use it.”
  • “The firm is really good about vacation. As long as there isn't a huge deadline or event coming up in a project, you can basically take vacation whenever you want to. Management encourages us to use vacation, and we are provided 4 weeks of it per year with a one-week rollover. I think that there is definitely adequate coworker support when I take vacation too.”
  • “Compensation is based on performance of individuals and the overall firm. Salaries tend to be above market rate. Overall benefits are excellent: not paying anything for health insurance and 401k contributions from Ignyte are a GRANT not a match.”
  • “The health insurance coverage is great and they help to cover some, if not most of the plan depending upon which plan you choose. They also have commuter benefits, which will be huge if I move into the office in the future.”
  • “Ignyte Group does an incredible job of offering competitive benefits to its employees. It continuously reviews its benefit packages and reassesses based on the employees' needs and feedback. They really take care of their employees with all the benefits they offer.”
  • “Salary progression is centered on the salary when you start at Ignyte. If you didn't do your research when you were hired, then you're stuck in a lower range.”
  • “Salary progression has been solid.”
  • “Best - compensation model is on the higher end and, if you do well, you will be rewarded - there is a project bonus - if you bring a project in from start to finish, you get paid for the effort. Worst - not 100% clear on how bonuses/raises are determined.”
  • “Formal training could be better. There is tremendous opportunity to try a variety of things as management is willing to listen and hear what employees have to say.”
  • “As a small firm, Ignyte is filled with people who want to learn and understand the need to deliver to current clients while preparing ourselves for future clients or future projects with current clients. As our firm grows I believe formal career development paths will spring from the informal and provide even more opportunities for consultants and business analysts. At Ignyte - if you ask someone to get involved with a project or want to meet for a discussion on how to prepare yourself for a particular type of work, you'll likely have a conversion that day.”
  • “Ignyte Group has little formal training upon starting. However, the firm has begun working on basic material for new hires to help get used to how we prepare and present client deliverables. We do however have LinkedIn Learning available, and you can express interest in pursuing a skill and leadership will fully back it aligns with our service offerings. We also recently hired a manager in charge of HR ensure that Ignyte is inclusive and diverse and that employee concerns are handled and resolved with management.”
  • “Ignyte has no limit on someone's promotion potential. People can be promoted based on how much responsibility they take on and deliver at a high quality. Leadership invests in high performers to prepare them for the next level.”
  • “The worst thing about our career development opportunities are the lack of defined roles and career trajectory. We have recently worked to granularity identify where and how to improve this process…with a flat structure, the door to talk to our CEO is always open and encouraged. There are several routes of communication, and have peer mentors that can help us communicate concerns or ideas, as well as take them to leadership if we feel more comfortable having someone speak on our behalf. The bottom line is that if there is a roadblock or uncertainty attached to career development, I feel incredibly welcomed to voice my thoughts and see changes made.”
  • “Upper management is open to working with employees on shaping the career path that they are interested in going down. In my short tenure at Ignyte, I am still unsure about how many training opportunities are available aside from the initial onboarding ones.”
  • “The company has made considerable efforts to promote the diversity and inclusion within the company. They have supported the creation of the Black Affinity Group (BAF) to show its support to the African-American employees.”
  • “As someone who identifies at LQBTQ, I feel very welcome at Ignyte and can always feel free to be myself. Our analyst and consultant level of employees is extremely diverse, however our entire management is male and mostly white. That said, Ignyte recently hired a manager to oversee diversity and inclusiveness to ensure our company has equal representation and that management responds to concerns brought forward by employees,”
  • “All of the senior leaders are male. However, I think that they are making the efforts to hire more women and provide leadership and management opportunities for women.”
  • “Ignyte has made it a priority for years to give back to the community, recruit for diversity, and invest in our people to build diverse leaders of the future. Additionally, Ignyte has supported both minority and gender based employee groups to help continuously move our culture forward. Leadership is engaged and cares, and is not afraid to discuss matters of diversity and inclusion in private or public settings.”
  • “Ignyte is very inclusive and has a diverse group of employees. As a female at the firm, I believe that women are treated with the upmost respect and equally as men. The only thing lacking is female leadership - only men are in the higher leadership positions, which is something leadership is aware of and has been wanting to adjust over the last year.”
  • “We always are actively trying to recruit members of minority communities as well as women. I think that this is clear through our workforce, which is very diverse. I don't talk much about pay with others, but everyone seems to think that the pay is fair and overall pretty strong for the market. I think that men and women are also given quite equal opportunities at the organization, I've seen plenty of men and women get promoted and rise up in the organization.”
  • “I think that we are well-positioned to succeed as a company because we have large, institutional clients with strong financing. This makes me confident that the organization will continue to prosper and that everyone is secure in their jobs as long as they do a good job and work hard. I think that the worst aspect of the firm's outlook is that we cannot control our client's finances and decision-making. In other words, we can do a great job but still lose a client. Because of this, I think that we are always in a precarious position--much like any consulting firm.”
  • “Ignyte is always looking to diversify its portfolio and grow as a firm. We are always chasing new contracts and currently looking to grow through RPA. We stay up to date on industry trends and employee morale stays high.”
  • “Ignyte is built on top of a strong business model centered on innovation and treats its employees with the respect required to motivate them to drive the innovation. I think leadership is incredibly strong and encouraging.”
  • “Ignyte is investing in going to market with innovative solutions to stay ahead of the market. This creates good business outlook as well as exciting opportunities for staff to get exposure to new technologies and experiences over and above client service.”
  • “The firm is always looking to do innovative projects and is making the effort to hire people who have the skills to keep us in the forefront of the industries that we serve. I think we are in great shape for the future and will continually evolve.”
  • “Most of our work is in the federal/government space and can usually be expected to have a constant and stable stream of work. However, the impact of Covid-19 on these types of projects may impact our portfolio. Our leadership have extensive experience at top consulting firms and I have confidence that they are able to navigate our current environment and promote growth.”

Why Work Here

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interview process is very straightforward and welcoming. It's not strict or stressful. The ideal candidate for Ignyte is someone who is willing to learn and grow. Experience is a great characteristic, but if someone is not willing to continue to grow then they would not be a good fit.”
  • “The process involved two interviews discussing technical details of Appian, as well as my past experience with the product.”
  • “There are about five rounds of interviews including a peer interview, leadership interviews, and a challenge/presentation of sorts.”
  • “We are interested in getting employees with some previous experience so they are able to complete the tasks at hand with minimal assistance. Also expect very high quality product.”
  • “We do an iterative interview process so that both the candidate’s potential peers, as well as leadership, can get a chance to engage. We are looking for individuals who are critical thinkers who would make a well-rounded, multi-faceted consultant. We try to bring on people who are both technically proficient and who can engage with clients and others well. With that said, we also welcome people who are not completely interested in working with clients, and would rather work primarily on business development ventures. It’s been proven that overloading both client work + BD together can lead to a quick burnout, and the value of holding on to our employees is the priority when it comes to workload and responsibilities.”
  • “We use an automated tool to manage the process which keeps our pipeline to about six weeks from apply to hire including a case study interview. We seek individuals that can work autonomously, with little direction and are willing to move in a direction - even if course correction is required down the line, we seek people who want to pick up and run.
  • “I was asked a mix of behavioral and case questions. I was asked a small case question that required an on-the-spot answer. Otherwise, the larger case question was given to be beforehand so that I had time to prepare.”
  • “I was given a case study presentation task where I had to prepare a 20-minute presentation on telemedicine. I created the presentation and materials to tell a story and had an interactive role-play after with the interviewers.”
  • “Interviews begin general. They start by getting to know who you are as a person, and they dive into who you would be at Ignyte. They ask what sets you up for a successful career in consulting. Is it people skills, business management, problem solving, technical experience, or just a drive to learn and grow? They focus on the broader ideas since consulting has so many different facets.”
  • “Our interview has a few steps that gauge various parameters that we’re looking for. We ask questions that would tell us the kind of work you’re interested in (business development, client work, team work, individual work). We try to gauge if the candidate is open to learning new things or taking training courses.”
  • “We sometimes ask the interviewee to complete an Excel spreadsheet problem - trying to assess how they utilize and think through the process. Then after that, we ask them to develop a PowerPoint presentation to display another topic.”
  • “We provide candidates prepared "case" questions where they come to our interviews ready to present. This allows us to gauge preparation, level of effort, and quality put into a deliverable. Additionally we ask real world questions on the fly to gauge how candidates can think on their feet.”

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