Tech-savvy jobseekers who live on the cutting edge of digital transformation will spark to Ignyte Group: a fast-paced, DC-based boutique that specializes in the automation and modernization of business processes. At fewer than 100 employees, Ignyte maintains a close-knit and entrepreneurial culture akin to what you’d find in Silicon Valley. The firm lives and breathes its core values of innovation, cross-functional collaboration, ownership, and creativity, all in service of its niche focus on merging traditional management consulting w...

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Arman Shariati

Firsthand Findings

Flexibility is the watchword at Ignyte Group—and it’s a term that cuts both ways for employees. While the firm is generous with time off and does everything in its power to ensure that consultants can attain a reasonable work-life balance, there are also times where long days are the only way to complete deliverables in a client’s desired timeframe.

As one survey respondent astutely notes, one person’s definition of flexibility may simply look like a lack of internal processes to another. With that in mind, opinions any given individual’s opinion on life at the firm is likely to come down to their mindset—those who are hungry for an entrepreneurial role should thrive at Ignyte, while those seeking a structured experience with plenty of formal training may want to...

About the Company

Ignyte Group (Ignyte) is a Washington, DC-based digital transformation consultancy that helps clients modernize and automate their business using the Appian platform. Founded by senior leaders from “Big 4” consulting firms, the company’s mission is to enable business transformation by providing expertise in strategy, technology, and management. At the intersection of innovation and design, Ignyte helps evolve any business challenge into ideas and solutions.

Ignyte has carved out a unique niche in the market by combining expertise in user experience and visual design with the business strategy, process improvement, and program management offered by traditional consulting firms.

Ignyte’s cross-functional team of management consultants, engineers, data scientists, and designers partners with clients ranging from gove...

Employee Reviews

  • “Being able to balance multiple responsibilities is key to finding success at the company. Early issues that plagued the company for the past year have given it a bad reputation, but management has made strides to address issues (turnover, burnout, lack of direction/training resources).”
  • “Compensation is important but it's not everything. You should evaluate how much a company will help you to grow. Some companies may boast that they value training, but do they allow you to take the training when you need it? Ignyte has an advocacy program, a tuition assistance program, and employees have access to trainings and certification programs. I have yet to hear from anyone in the team that they did not get the resources they need to expand their skillsets.”
  • “If you want something ready-made then keep looking elsewhere. Ignyte is for people with a passion to be trail blazers and create new processes internally and externally. “
  • “Our firm merges management consulting and change management with our technical offerings. This allows our firm to help solve our clients' most pressing challenges and helps us to consistently deliver value to our clients."
  • “This truly feels like a family. I've been to so many different companies world-wide and this is a very comfortable place to be. They hire you because they believe you are the best and you are treated that way."

Why Work Here

Getting Hired Here

  • “An ideal candidate should have a go-getter mentality and understand that you need to be flexible and work on tasks that may not be listed in your role or responsibility.”
  • “I was initially contacted by a recruiter. They were seeking someone hungry and excited about the data and dashboard development space, with knowledge in existing BI tools.”
  • “Our firm is very diligent and timely throughout the interview process.  In fact, follow-up and consistent communication is something that is extended to all of our candidates throughout the process.”
  • “Seeking organized individuals who are interested in tackling complex problems for our clients. These individuals are able to communicate information well, and have excellent client-relationship skills.”
  • “We are looking for open-minded individuals with positive attitudes. A lot of our employees have technical background, but not all do. In fact, maybe of the individuals who come in with non-technical background have the opportunity to explore and grow in technical roles. Being able to wear multiple hats, being flexible, and being a team player are the most important factors.”

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