You don’t have to be a medical professional to advance the healthcare industry. Those passionate about technology and business strategy will find Health Advances an enriching way to make a difference in people’s lives. By specializing exclusively in healthcare, Health Advances has developed a…well…advanced level of expertise and renown, giving values-oriented jobseekers a chance to dive deep and flex their analytic muscles to solve real-world problems for future generations.

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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Clinical Development Strategy


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Boston, MA


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Dana Gaughan

Firsthand Findings

A true boutique in the healthcare and pharma space, Health Advances is
distinguished by its strong focus on work-life balance, and for fostering a truly
collaborative, employee-centric culture. That’s backed up by employee reviews,
with insiders noting that their firm works hard to mitigate hours and ensure that
consultants can cope with their work-loads—a particularly important consideration
given the range of work the firm does across that healthcare ecosystem.
That range is also something of a selling point for c...

About the Company

The professionals at Health Advances consult about one thing and one thing only:
health care. Established in 1992, the firm's core belief is that focusing on just one
industry allows it to provide clients with greater resources and focused insight. This
means that the professionals at HA are not mere consultants, with most having
worked within the health care industry at some point in their career.

Holding advanced degrees in medicine, molecular biology, biomedical engineering
and many other related sciences, HA consultants are able to advise their Fortune
500 and start-up company clients on areas such as development, clinical trial
strategy, marketing, licensing and pricing. But HA also offers advice on corporate-
based issues, like ...

Employee Reviews

  • “Close-knit, boutique firm with employees who are intellectually curious. In my one
    year with Health Advances I have not seen someone leave to go to another
    consultancy, but only to industry which further supports widespread satisfaction
    with a positive consulting experience among its employees.”
  • “Decades of in-house knowledge; via the people (our partners and employees), via
    our relationships (tens of thousands of healthcare and physician KOLs
    internationally), and our history (numerous examples of past work to build upon).”
  • “Health Advances is a great place to work if you are interested in science, critical
    thinking, and working with companies to bring novel innovations to market. The
    work can be challenging and extremely fast paced but you are surrounded by smart
    and kind colleagues. The environment is collaborative and people are eager to help.
    Compared to other life science/healthcare consulting firms, the breadth of industry
    experience you will get is unparalleled and will enable you to understand many
    different segments within healthcare.”
  • “The firm really cares about its employees. They strive to ensure all employees
    don't work more than 55 hours/week, and if they do, they get to take extra days off
    to make up for the extra hours. I enjoy working with all my colleagues, always
    supportive and willing to help.”
  • “We work across the whole healthcare ecosystem which enables us to work on a lot
    of cross-sector projects including digital therapeutics, life science tools for
    biopharma, drug delivery technologies, etc. The cross-pollination of management
    and teams enables more learning and more insights for clients rather than
    specializing in one type of client (e.g., pharma, medtech etc) as many other
    healthcare consultancies do.”

Why Work Here

Getting Hired Here

  • “An ideal candidate will be an intellectual, team- and goal-oriented individual that
    fits into the firm's culture. Backgrounds in related business and scientific knowledge
    are certainly a plus as the firm values both scientific expertise as much as
    business/industry knowledge.”
  • “Individuals looking to gain première consulting experience in a highly rigorous
    learning environment, but with a company that proactively cares to try to ensure
    work life balance vs the industry standard for management consulting hours.”
  • “Interview process is relatively efficient and fair - involves behavioral and case
    interviews. Ideal candidate is sharp, organized and structured in their thinking, and
    has demonstrated ability to take initiative and successfully work in teams.”
  • “Primarily looking for individuals interested in healthcare--those without
    experience/interest in it generally don't make it through the interview. Otherwise,
    looking for the standard successful consulting employee traits.”
  • “We typically do at least two rounds of interviews and look for candidates who are
    highly motivated, smart, people-oriented, and structured thinkers with a true
    passion for healthcare (and ideally some knowledge of healthcare). We hire across
    all types of backgrounds (business, science, analytics, public health, etc.) but the
    passion for healthcare is a requirement.”

Perks & Benefits