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You don’t have to be a medical professional to advance the healthcare industry. Those passionate about technology and business strategy will find Health Advances an enriching way to make a difference in people’s lives. By specializing exclusively in healthcare, Health Advances has developed a…well…advanced level of expertise and renown, giving values-oriented jobseekers a chance to dive deep and flex their analytic muscles to solve real-world problems for future generations.

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Firsthand Findings


Despite its name and its life sciences focus, Health Advances consultants believe that their firm provides an enriching and exciting diversity of opportunities. Whereas some life sciences consultancies specialize in a particular practice, Health Advances does important work across multiple subsectors, including pharma, diagnostics, and medical devices. This not only ensures a wider and more holistic approach to the field, but also offers young consultants exposure to a variety of industries and expands their horizons immensely.

As far as life within the firm, we don’t often encounter praise more glowing than this. An “incredible” and “compassionate” team of brilliant industry experts, the people at Health Advances care deeply about one an...

About the Company

The professionals at Health Advances consult about one thing and one thing only: health care. Established in 1992, the firm's core belief is that focusing on just one industry allows it to provide clients with greater resources and focused insight. This means that the professionals at HA are not mere consultants, with most having worked within the health care industry at some point in their career.

Holding advanced degrees in medicine, molecular biology, biomedical engineering and many other related sciences, HA consultants are able to advise their Fortune 500 and start-up company clients on areas such as development, clinical trial strategy, marketing, licensing and pricing. But HA also offers advice on corporate-based issues, like mergers, partnering and finances, to a broad range of clients in the biotechnology, diagnostics,...

Employee Reviews

  • “I started at HA as an analyst...years ago. This place has become my family every bit as much as my own family, which I have met, married, and birthed along the way. I have grown personally and professionally in my years here and I stay because of the people. Smart and talented people whom I learn from, and kind-hearted people who care for each other.”
  • “Every day I think to myself that I could not have picked a better first job out of college. I am beyond lucky to work here and feel that I am challenged every day with meaningful work that I am passionate about. The social atmosphere in the office adds to this positive experience.”
  • “Health Advances has an incredible culture that has kept all of us here for so many years. We are in a competitive industry, but the culture here makes everyone feel like family members. The level of genuine care we have for each other is truly phenomenal.”
  • “I cannot imagine a richer learning environment to learn about how the healthcare industry works and how life sciences companies can be successful. Whether someone aspires to being a career consultant or the CEO of a large company, Health Advances provides a critically important foundation. ”
  • “If you're looking to get solid healthcare strategy consulting experience and remain in healthcare or life sciences, Health Advances is truly an advantageous place to be with an incredible team of people and thoughtful professional development opportunities.”
  • “Personal and professional growth developing deep content area expertise while working with brilliant and compassionate coworkers.”
  • “We definitely rate highly in terms of travel; since we are a strategy-focused firm, we do not travel regularly to client sites. The hours are standard consulting hours - they look bad when compared to corporate jobs, but they tend to be average or slightly better compared to big firms.”
  • “The culture around respecting work/life balance in Health Advances is immense. Employees don't need to feel guilty for working around their own schedules, because people know that they will get their work done in a timely manner. The trust and collaboration in teams makes it easier to work more flexibly, and makes the work itself enjoyable and satisfying even in longer, crunched days. The downside is the unpredictability with consulting. One week may be a 40-hour workweek, but the next may be 60-70 hours. Projects can get intense and have consecutive 60+ hour workweeks that easily last 3-4 weeks. On the other hand, you may have periods of unstaffed time, which is great for you to have time to rest or pursue other business development opportunities in the firm, furthering your professional growth.”
  • “[Hours are] very flexible depending on the project, but can be intensive depending on project timelines. Taking time off is easy if requested in advance and very, very rarely will have to do work while on vacation. Travel requirements are minimal.”
  • “I love our vacation policy...We get 18 days plus additional comp days when you work significantly over 50 hours for multiple weeks in a row. Requesting vacation is easy and I've never received any push back from requests. Everyone respects your vacations too, so if I'm checking emails, it's more to see how things are going with the project rather than people asking me to answer or check things on my days off.”
  • “At the beginning of each week everyone in the firm proactively estimates their workload and a group of the senior management team works to address any workloads that are above average.”
  • “I think the work culture is great: I have found all of my coworkers to be friendly and willing to help. Especially when I first began, there were countless instances where I introduced myself to a coworker by requesting help from them, and everyone was happy to accommodate. Senior management is very responsive to employee feedback around quality of life and workload, even going so far as to defer new business during exceptionally busy times to protect employees from feeling burned out.”
  • “Salary progressions for consulting staff are great, with salary increases present each year (depending on market changes and performance), regardless of promotion status. Salary and bonuses are entirely merit-based, demonstrating Health Advances' commitment to pay equality. Additionally, Health Advances has a very generous bonus package that's based on both company performance and personal performance. Ultimately, this means that regardless of how the market or company is doing as a whole, there is always an opportunity to walk away with a sizable bonus.”
  • “The best aspect of the firm's compensation package is its uniformity across positions. Pay equality is absolute based on your position and tenure within that position. Your bonus is variable based on your personal performance, however.”
  • “Compensation is very competitive for other healthcare specialty firms our size. During the recruitment period, the firm was happy to increase their offer when I showed them a competing offer that I had received; and the firm increased not only my starting salary, but also the starting salary for the other incoming employees at my level.”
  • “Entry-level salary is middle of the road, but promotion track moves reasonably quickly (merit-based) and compensation for middle and upper management is attractive. Perks are middle of the road - better than many other firms, but not Google level. It's all about trade-offs. I would rather work ~60 hrs./week and not have free food.”
  • “Performance-based bonuses are great. I can get a pretty strong multiplier if I perform well in case work and other voluntary activities, and my bonus check is pretty nice if our company does well for the year as well. The weaknesses are similar for a smaller company and a downtown office of only ~30 people: no gym in the office. We also had a weak matching program up until this year when they raised the matching cap.”
  • “Best: while we are probably paid slightly less than employees at larger firms on an annual basis…our pay is probably equivalent on an hourly basis. Other benefits are probably industry-standard. Worst: It's not 100% clear how bonuses are paid out, although there are efforts to improve that transparency that are currently underway and I would expect this to be fixed this year.”
  • “Advancement at Health Advances is a total meritocracy. Even as we're in the midst of a global health crisis, people who have demonstrated the skills to advance have been granted a promotion - it really is a meritocracy whether we need more staff at higher up positions or not. The informal training is also very strong. The culture is such that everyone wants to help and teach others of all levels. People feel comfortable asking for help with new topic areas or using new resources and our staff is always happy to help. The main development [area for] opportunity for me is lack of diverse roles for managers, which is probably due to the size of the company still being relatively small. There are a few business development opportunities for mid-level experience, but most people follow a very linear career trajectory within the company.”
  • “Always have opportunity to take on new responsibility and learn something new in terms of a functional area, sometimes hard to focus in a specific content area. Promotion processes are fair and well laid out. Training is great and there are always opportunities to learn new things from great mentors.”
  • “Training program is unparalleled in its scale, quality, and depth. New hires are fully devoted to training for 7 weeks to make sure staff are well set up for success. Promotion decisions are timely, clearly articulated, and well deserved. Case feedback is collected from everyone who has worked with you in the past 6 months to create an accurate and detailed snapshot of your performance.”
  • “The corporate internal development policies are incredible. The firm has by-far the best training of any consulting firm I have heard of. Following the end of the extensive 7 week training period, new analysts are given a multitude of possibilities to enter different practice areas and be exposed a lot of different experiences. Although there isn't too much position mobility, it's a consulting firm with one essential main practice, promotion policies are very straightforward and manageable.”
  • “Management directly mentors the consulting staff, engaging is regular case feedback and monthly (if not more frequent) check-ins. The casework provides ample opportunity to develop new skills and grow professionally. The lack of any "up or out" sentiments creates a less stressful work environment. The staff is diverse and training extends well beyond initial onboarding, as new tools or concepts are rolled out regularly by the librarians and training staff.”
  • “Promotion processes are very transparent. Criteria for promotion are laid out during training and each consultant receives a skill plan after a few months at the firm indicating the remaining skills needed to reach a promotion. Feedback happens regularly at semi annual formal reviews, informal reviews with managers after each case, and in monthly meetings with a mentor. Health Advances recently hired a staff member dedicated to professional development and we are all eager to engage with her more in the future. Consultants can request transfers to the international offices or other US offices, and these will be granted depending on personnel need…The training at Health Advances is incredible – the amount of time and energy they invest in developing their employees is unparalleled. The training program is run by consultants who dedicate a substantial amount of time answering new hire questions and updating training content…”
  • “I am very impressed by my firm's commitment to equality, especially gender equality. More than half of the management team is female, which I think is very rare in the consulting world. Even as a male employee, I strongly appreciate the gender balance, both for reasons of equality as well as for the positive influence on the firm's culture: I haven't found any instances of the sort of cutthroat competitiveness that you hear about at other firms. Overall the culture of the firm is very compassionate, and the policies are very inclusive and heartfelt - neither of which I expected when I was first learning about the consulting industry!”
  • “Women leadership is outstanding at Health Advances. A majority of our senior management are women. In fact, recent hiring classes have been predominately women. I think where we could bolster our efforts is to recruit individuals from minority and LGBTQ areas.”
  • “The leadership in Health Advances is an example of the company's dedication to foster gender equality in the company's culture. The firm's founders (one of whom is a woman) have really spearheaded the importance of gender equality and this has showed in compensation and staff development and promotions. Our firm values the quality of employees and their professional development regardless of gender, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Though the company culture is perhaps not as “loud” in ensuring diversity, it's pretty evident that everyone has access to professional development and opportunity regardless of background.”
  • “Gender diversity is unparalleled. Some effort is made to celebrate LGBT and minority workers, but more diversity in hiring Latino, African-American, and LGBT employees, or recruiting them for internships, could be made.”
  • “Our firm was founded by a husband and wife team and has always had a strong bias to equity in the workplace, regardless of gender, race, etc. Our management team is more than 50% women and our staff is too.”
  • “The firm as a whole is not very ethnically diverse, but is extremely diverse in terms of gender and sexuality. I am extremely confident that males and females are paid the same and given equal access to promotion opportunities, at least at the entry-level positions. Given the fact that there are so many women at the manager and executive levels, I imagine that is true for those promotions as well...”
  • “I think that Health Advances is well-positioned to thrive in the life sciences space. We receive so much work from repeat clients and I have recently been a part of engagements with multiple new clients who have been impressed with our work and eager to pursue future projects with us. Management has shared that we have increasingly been able to win bids against larger generalist firms in the healthcare space. Employee morale is strong, leadership is extremely talented, and the company is strong in areas such as digital health and health IT, medical devices, and diagnostics, whereas many competitors focus only on biopharma. The Hong Kong office opened recently and is growing and we just moved to larger offices in our SF and Newton locations to accommodate future growth.”
  • “Our firm has been steadily and sustainably growing throughout its history. Management certainly could have grown explosively to match the strong demand from clients, but instead they have been very deliberate in how and where to expand to preserve the firm's culture. Aside from investing in training and retaining employees, management has heavily invested in our IT infrastructure and internal knowledge databases and resources, which allows us to leverage our past projects and work more efficiently.”
  • “Diverse set of projects within the healthcare space with strong leadership in diagnostics and medical devices, in addition to biopharma. The firm recently opened an office in Hong Kong, which further expands the client base and the types of projects we work on. There's also a lot of opportunities to take on internal initiatives, such as writing blog posts, abstracts, and white papers, and attending conferences.”
  • “We occupy a unique niche within the industry. Despite the current COVID situation, healthcare is resilient and the long-term outlook remains strong. Our ability to work across sectors shields us from any decline in a single sector.”
  • “With the sole exception of COVID-19 impact, I believe Health Advances is in a very strong position. We continue to grow YoY, maintain a great reputation with clients, and internal leadership continues to blossom.”
  • “The firm's business is growing across industry disciplines and geography. Although the firm's business does hit by COVID19, the management believed that we are still in a strong position.”

Why Work Here

Getting Hired Here

  • “The HA interview process was very streamlined and fast. The time between my first interview and my offer was less than three weeks. Along the way, I had positive experiences with the interviewers who were all friendly. They showed genuine interest in my background and asked several questions that gave me the opportunity to talk about them. The ideal candidate is somebody who has significant interest in healthcare and life sciences and is willing to take the time to learn about this deeply complicated industry. A background in the basic sciences, health policy, or biological engineering is extremely helpful in being able to understand drug mechanisms, disease pathology, and generally be familiar with healthcare-associated terms.”
  • “Health Advances is looking for creative, intelligent, driven, and passionate people who care about making a difference in healthcare and will be committed to our community/culture.”
  • “Health Advances has to see demonstrated interest in healthcare or science. The interview will consist of a phone screen or on campus interview, then a super day with casing from 2 midlevel employees and a member of senior management, typically on site [pre-Covid-19].”
  • “HA is typically fast to respond, interview and give decisions. In addition to other qualities, they are very particular in choosing candidates that will be a good fit with the firm's culture of being kind, generous people who will not make the environment feel competitive in a bad way.”
  • “[The firm looks for] someone who has a background in science that can apply it to healthcare, someone who is willing to ask questions, someone who is interested in healthcare and can demonstrate industry knowledge through discussion and relevant comments from news or recent developments.”
  • “The interview process breaks into 3 steps: application (Phone Screen), phone interview, and in-person interview. The whole process took about 8-12 weeks (when the hiring decision is made). Our firm is looking for a candidate with strong technical background, logical sense in business, and [who is] a team player.”
  • “All case interview questions are based off of blinded past case work, so the questions you receive will give you a good idea of what real case work will focus on. Each interviewer writes their own questions based on prior work so there is no typical question.”
  • “The most important part of the interview is the case. Each interviewer has a unique case based loosely on a project they worked on in the past. We use those to evaluate your strategic thinking and problem solving skills.”
  • “Market sizing of various health care topics; strategic recommendations for health care businesses.”
  • “Basic market sizing for healthcare products (e.g. breast cancer diagnostic test, wound-repair gauze, therapeutic). Strategies for generating adoption of a novel product. Brainstorming launch strategies.”
  • “Market sizing, indication prioritization, development strategy for a new technology.”
  • “Revenue forecasting case for a pharmaceutical company or medical device.”

Perks & Benefits