EY Parthenon—the strategy consulting arm of the prestigious EY (Ernst & Young, to drop a name that industry outsiders will immediately spark to)—is one of the largest global strategy consultancies, with more than 700 offices worldwide. By harnessing the infrastructure of its parent organization and its international network of talented professionals,  EY Parthenon offers a near-unparalleled learning experience for jobseekers looking to deepen their expertise while expanding their skillsets.

Company Stats


Employer Type




1,001-5,000 Employees


Featured Rankings

Most Prestigious Consulting Firms in Asia-Pacific


Major Departments/Practice Areas



Major Office Locations

30+ offices globally


Parthenon Founder and Senior Managing Director

William F. Achtmeyer

Firsthand Findings

There have been a few deals in the consulting industry in recent years that saw a dedicated strategy boutique bought up by a much larger professional services firm. While there have been mixed reports as to how well that has fared elsewhere, responses from Parthenon-EY's employees suggest that this firm could serve as a model on how to integrate the disparate cultures and specialties. Chief among the points of praise: the continued focus on strategy, and the way that Parthenon has been able to leverage EY's scale and reputation to start producing work for clients that the firm could not have hoped to get access to as a standalone boutique. 

If all of that makes for strong career development opportunities—not to mention interesting day-to-day work—it&...