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 Emerton is a global midsize consulting firm with functional expertise in strategy, M&A support, regulation economics, marketing and sales, digital, innovation, data analytics, business transformation. The firm works with large corporations, family businesses, and technology entrepreneurs, bringing a combination of deep sector expertise to agile and pragmatic approaches. Sectors they focus on include energy, industry, technology, and healthcare.

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Firsthand Findings

Emerton is in a category that does not contain many firms: a strategy boutique, that works globally with some extremely recognizable names in the business world. Wrap all of that up with a footprint that expands into the US, and you’re looking at a career opportunity that simply doesn’t come around all too often.

The firm’s boutique size means that consultants will have opportunities to stretch their capabilities and grow skillsets at a much more rapid pace than some of Emerton’s larger competitors—with a corresponding fast track applied to promotion cycles as well. Add in a generous compensation and vacation policy, the firm represents an excellent place to build a consulting career.

About the Company

 Emerton is a global midsize strategy consulting firm with offices in Europe, the US, and Asia.  Founded to bring deep expertise to select sectors, Emerton has grown its team and client base to reflect the firm's global nature. Roughly half of Emerton's clients are based in Europe, a third are from the Americas, and the remainder are based in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Emerton has functional expertise in strategy, M&A support, regulation economics, marketing and sales, digital, innovation, data analytics, and business transformation. Top industries served by Emerton include energy, mobility, consumer/retail, industrials, and tech.

Emerton’s dedicated AI and Data Science e...

Employee Reviews

  • “A lot of work but great potential for learning and growth, internal promotions.”
  • “Emerton likely has one of the most balanced propositions in the business: interesting projects, prestige, premier clients, senior team member attention and great colleagues.”
  • “Most of the missions are purely strategic (such type of work was my first selection factor), while many firms are growing towards more operational work.”
  • “Projects are much more interesting than what my school friends are doing at MBB. The firm is working with large Fortune 500 and most prestigious Private Equity funds. Very global environment, need to have a very fluent or bilingual level in English.”
  • “Strategy boutique with a kind mindset, a clear vision, wanting to focus on my development axis.”
  • “Working on top-management projects and large deals for a very high-end client list. In a global and friendly environment.”
  • “A large part of the time is spent in the office, in a friendly atmosphere, with a strong level of cooperation. Exposure to global topics is great, while keeping travel burden very limited. Hours can be dense but remain much more manageable than what I had experienced at other firms.”
  • “Consultants' quality of life is essential for Emerton and its partners. Partners are very compassionate.”
  • “Emerton has a generous and flexible vacation policy. As far as possible, colleagues are there to pick up one's tasks.”
  • “Firm cultural is outstanding. This is a firm that is filled with nice genuine people…However, consulting is a client service business, so people do still need to work hard, though with fewer internal stresses.”
  • “No specific [health and wellness] efforts apart from a good level of compliance with COVID-19 health and safety measures.”
  • “There is a strong culture to let people take vacation at their own convenience. There is close to no work burden during vacation, and to my knowledge no previously agreed vacation has ever been canceled. Seven weeks paid vacation per year.”
  • “Compensation strongly aligned to performance and strategy consulting experience (through career track). In line with the high-end of big firms.”
  • “Compensation package is overall attractive. It effectively rewards both efforts and successes, in a balanced way between individual and collective value sharing.”
  • “Emerton's compensation package is very competitive with its peers.”
  • “Generous bonus and entry-level package. Lunch vouchers are not covered and there is no gym membership.”
  • “Ability to work on strategic topics on a very large scope of geographies and customers. Still limited ability to work on very large, long standing projects.”
  • “Clear career path explained from day one.”
  • “Emerton's career development opportunities are extensive and include international opportunities. It is a classical merit-based system, with some flexibility around personal issues.”
  • “People get promoted as soon as they are ready for the next stage, there are promotion timing indication, but nothing is rigid and fast tracks are possible. And even before being promoted, if you are particularly strong on one dimension, you get the tasks that would normally be reserved to your next role.”
  • “Very clear career development based on performance. Good balance between internal promotions and external recruitments to grow. Good culture of feedbacks.”
  • “Very fast ramp-up. One of the best places to learn for strategy consulting. There are outstanding internal trainings both in strategy and data analytics. An on-line internal training platform is also available. Fair promotion process based on capabilities. Some very fast-track trajectories for top performers.”
  • “Emerton is a merit-based organization. Management does make a targeted effort to foster female talent and is generous with respect to family leave / maternity leave.”
  • “Increasing number of women and LGBTQ, and international consultants, which is really appreciated. No women at the partner level, but it is still more of a sector issue than an Emerton issue I think.”
  • “Recruitment efforts should be made to attract more diverse profiles.”
  • “Salary is indexed according to the grade. Promotions are given both to men and women based on performance and precise list of skills.”
  • “Strong diversity and global environment. 12 nationalities in the Paris office!”
  • “There is full equality both for salaries and for promotion timelines. This applies as well for women who had to take a maternity leave, whether it was the legal minimum time or an extended time.”
  • “Best: growing positions in very resilient business practices like Healthcare, Energy and Telecom, and very low exposure to highly suffering businesses (Aerospace, Tourism). Worst: still intermediate size boutique potentially exposed to the client cost cutting in consulting budget, given the COVID-19 crisis.”
  • “Best: willingness to develop key strategic business practices especially in my field (Due diligence for PE funds) as well as in Data science. Worst: some time staffing close to 100%.”
  • “Emerton is developing a strong culture of excellence at each level with very recruitment process. Clients appreciate to have an homogeneous teams with advanced skills.”
  • “Emerton is growing fast, opening international offices and adding new partners. Repeat business is close to 100% and new clients are added selectively.”
  • “Strong rebound after lockdown, ongoing expansion (geographies x sectors).”
  • “The firm is always positioned on advanced technology topics. The senior team strives for intellectual leadership. It generates great content, shared through publications that are much appreciated by our clients.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “At entry-level, very rigorous candidates, with strong analytical skills.”
  • “Delays can be long in decision-making but in between interviews candidates are kept up to date on the status of their application with detailed feedback from each round of interviews.”
  • “Expected skillset for new hires: Highly skilled in quantitative analysis. Good team worker. Hard worker. International mindset (several languages required). Entrepreneurship spirit.”
  • “The firm values highly analytical profiles, with strong business acumen and interest in Emerton's sectors.”
  • “Very analytical and strong international backgrounds (12 nationalities in the Paris office). Consultants and data-scientists in the Paris office are mostly from the top-2 engineering school in France and top-2 business school.”
  • "’BCG-like’ process including preliminary qualifying round testing mathematical skills + 3-hour written case.”
  • “Business strategy case studies with consultants. Knowledge and clear motivation for the firm.”
  • “Emerton is one of the most selective strategy consulting firms at any level.”
  • “The hiring process is a combination of a quantitative digital test, classical case studies and a written case study. Fit assessment also takes a large place.”
  • “Typical interview assesses motivation for the company and explore problem solving capabilities through a case study. Digital test is very selective.”

Perks & Benefits