An agile life sciences consultancy that is far into its growth stage, DeciBio offers employees the excitement and challenge of a startup environment merged with the deep content knowledge and ample, hands-on learning opportunities of a much older and larger consulting firm. The scrappy, entrepreneurial spirit of the firm bodes well for candidates who are self-directed, self-motivated, and intellectually curious. DeciBio is truly a “chart-your-own-path” boutique.

Company Stats


Employer Type




11-50 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Strategy Consulting


Major Office Locations

Los Angeles, CA


Employment Contact

Miguel Edwards – Partner

Vault Verdict

DeciBio has a highly impressive firm culture that fosters close-knit relationships and a true team ethos across its workforce. That’s partly due to a strong commitment to work-life balance—meaning employees are free to manage their lives and/or hang out after hours—as well as some unusual perks like renting out properties to work from in far-flung places.

All of which translates into a company culture that balances fun with a single-minded determination to deliver solutions related to precision medicine for an ever-growing roster of clients. While there are a handful of gripes related to compensation—not uncommon during a period of significant inflation—this is a firm that seems to offer an enjoyable, rewarding working experience. If life sciences are your thing,...

About the Company

DeciBio Consulting is a boutique strategy consulting firm focusing on the life science industry. DeciBio's mission is to provide strategic insights that accelerate the development, adoption, and accessibility of precision medicine. 

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, DeciBio serves clients and customers across the globe, ranging from incubator-stage start-ups to Fortune 500 life science corporations. DeciBio addresses business solutions that range from market landscape analyses to full commercial strategies, including organic and inorganic growth opportunities (commercial due diligences). DeciBio’s work is typically supported by a mix of primary and secondary research leveraging Dexter, its in-house expert network, and DeciBio Analytics’ proprietary data intelligence products. 


Employee Reviews

  • “A small, energized company of like-minded people focused on precision medicine strategy through a highly technical lens.”
  • “DeciBio's firm culture is truly unique—this summer the company rented a house in London for the team to use and work remotely from! We are such a close-knit group and had the best time abroad together! You're really joining a family when you join DeciBio.”
  • “Fantastic journey of personal and professional development alongside sharp, motivated and fun people!”
  • “We're not just an industry observer, but a participant in the space. We are connected to a wide range of stakeholders across the precision medicine industry (e.g., end users, pharma, diagnostic, tools companies, investment firms [VC, PE]) and understand how all these stakeholders interact. This gives us a view/perspective that few others have. We've also made and continue to make investments in the space. We are committed to the mission to drive precision medicine forward.”
  • “We are all first and foremost scientists. We understand both the business and technical needs that allow us to guide our clients to success.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “A candidate must have a life science degree. Beyond this, they need grit, mental agility, and high EQ.”
  • “Interview process is very competitive, less than 1% of offers given. 3-4 rounds of interviews including in person. Looking for someone with strong analytical rigor, communication skills, business intuition, and agility.”
  • “Someone with passion for the industry. Attitude and willingness to learn is everything.”
  • “The ideal candidate we are seeking is one that:
    • Is proactive and takes initiative, does not need to be told what to do all the time
    • Is interested in helping to build and grow a company, rather than just ‘checking off a box’ on a list of tasks
    • Someone who has a high standard for their work output and quality, and who holds other to a high standard as well.
    • Someone who is friendly to all, is able to work with different personalities / styles (including those that might be different than their own), and likes to have fun with their colleagues.”
  • “Top candidates are dynamic, creative, team players with life sciences degrees. There are 3-4 rounds of interviews, and we take culture / fit with the team very seriously. In many cases, we attract top talent who previously did not think consulting was the right fit because of the culture.”