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11-50 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Strategy Consulting


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Los Angeles, CA


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Miguel Edwards

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Employee Reviews

  • “An exciting journey of personal and professional growth serving clients in a fascinating industry  surrounded by wonderful colleagues.”
  • “Best in class strategic insights in the precision medicine industry.”
  • “DeciBio is a great employer. I think it may be a bit of a culture shock to those who are more used to  very regimented or traditional workplaces. At DeciBio, you are able to pursue areas of precision medicine that you're passionate about and work on projects in that space or write blogs about it etc. It  helps to be a motivated self-starter that can work well in this environment. The structure is not such  that we are assigned tasks, do them, and receive another. It is a collaborative workflow (of course, there  are tasks to be done and we get them done) that allows for employees to take a stab at all parts of said  workflow."
  • “Our blend of technical expertise in our industry and business acumen enables us to achieve greater  depth relative to other firms.” 
  • “The flexibility to take a side project and turn it into my full-time job, have it become extremely valuable  and profitable, and build it into a pillar of the company all in the space of two years as a recent  graduate. I can't imagine anywhere else I would be able to do that so quickly out of school and with such  support and confidence from firm leadership.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “After submitting an application, select candidates are invited to complete a first round one-way video  interview. The second-round interview consists of a one-on-one with a case interview and behavioral  questions. The final round consists of roughly a full day, and includes a 3-hour case simulation and  accompanying presentation, one-on-ones with the partners, and a coffee chat with a few team  members.”
  • “Ideal candidates are dynamic thinkers with mental quickness, have strong business intuition, have  strong written and verbal communication skills, have poise and client-readiness, and strong depth and  breadth in their analysis skills, are self-starters / go-getters, and have an interest in precision medicine. All DeciBio consultants must have a life sciences background.”
  • “I believe we are seeking people with passion, leadership and entrepreneurship skills that also have  great people skills and are a fit with the company. Every applicant already has amazing credentials, so it  comes down to how genuinely interested they are in our work and unique culture.”
  • “The firm's interviews are excellent. They test analytical rigor, ability to succeed under pressure, public  speaking abilities, and creativity (thinking out of the box on your feet). The firm is looking for highly  intelligent, hardworking candidates who are also able to be creative and carry themselves confidently.”
  • “The process is becoming increasingly efficient with timely callback and offer extensions. The ideal  candidate has a life science background/major, passion for the life sciences, is curious / loves to learn, is  driven, and works well with others.”

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