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51-100 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Agile Transformation


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Vienna, VA


Employment Contact

Kim Horner - Director of Human Resources

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About the Company

Employee Reviews

  • “Great company to for anyone looking to work in consulting. The firm's culture is truly unmatched. Everyone genuinely wants to help you succeed. Partners are invested in informally mentoring you and are approachable. Overall benefits (e.g. Medical, 401k, etc.) are a notch above what is commonly seen in the industry.”
  • “If you're looking for management consulting experience in an environment that provides a supportive/fun group, work/life balance, and the opportunity to pave your own path and develop as an individual and professional, this is the place for you!”
  • “The hours can sometimes be long. Another problem is favoritism and lack of formal training and promotion structures. However, this could be a great fit for some if they "gel" with leadership. Overall I've really enjoyed my time here so far, because I've worked with some great consultants and I've had interesting clients.”
  • “The people. Our culture and our drive is different than everyone else's, it is hard to explain but we work in an environment where people push themselves to be great when it comes to their work product.”
  • “If you are looking for a small firm with a startup feel and want to be actively involved in growing and shaping the firm, join us at DayBlink!”
  • “Great place to be challenged at an early part of your career; plenty of opportunities to make a splash and continue to be rewarded, your colleagues will become close friends.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Dedication and Passion are the two largest things I look for as an interviewer. Can this person do good work, or has the potential to do good work, and are they willing to put in the time to get better? DayBlink wins because we get called back, we do a good job, and the next time our clients have a significant, they have a number that is easy to call. I want people on my team who not only understand that, but can execute that vision.”
  • “After screening, single group interview with various levels of staff at the firm, at the conclusion of the group interview a hiring decision is made immediately, greatly expediting the process. The ideal candidate is a Consultant from a big firm, with 2-5 years’ experience.”
  • “The interview is a single panel interview that lasts two hours. Decisions are typically provided within 24 hours. No multiple rounds of interviews of the course of several weeks. The interview is intense, but the turnaround is very quick.”
  • “Very informative and supportive throughout the process. The HR team is quick to respond to emails, answers any and all questions they are able to, and is happy to set up additional conversations with consultants if desired. The ideal candidate is someone who is a hard-working team player that's self-driven and detail-oriented. They must be willing to take ownership of not only their work but their personal development as well (looking for people who want to better themselves).”
  • “We are most interested in finding individuals that fit our culture - traits include curiosity, openness, and desire to improve the community. I'd describe the ideal candidate as someone who is a Type A personality but disguises it well - they are driven but laid back. Our interview process includes a single 3 hour interview with a panel of people representing all parts of the firm. We typically respond to candidates the next day with our decision and have them start within weeks of their interview.”
  • “We ideally seek recruits with consulting experience. Anyone successful at another firm can succeed here in an environment that fosters hard work, teamwork, and collective success.”

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