A boutique in the government contracting space, Censeo is known as a work-life friendly company, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for flexibility in their schedule while not compromising on the quality of assignments they get to work on. The firm offers strong on-the-job training as well as a close-knit, collegial environment.

Company Stats


Employer Type




101-500 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Strategy, Planning and Measurement


Major Office Locations

Washington, D.C. (HQ)


Employment Contact

Riley Little - Talent Manager

Firsthand Findings


Insiders at Censeo Consulting Group urge younger consultants to consider this firm as an opportunity to gain significant responsibility and client exposure early on. A self-described “big fish in a small pond”, CCG is best suited for those who are passionate in pursuing a career in public sector consulting. Not everybody is cut out for working with government and nonprofit clients, but if you’re looking to truly measure the impact of your consulting career, Censeo can offer you an environment that fosters innovation, inspiration, and perpetual growth.

Despite the perceived limitations of a small firm with big firm ambitions, Censeo employees who responded to our survey took special note of a high quality of work/life balance. The hours (a...

About the Company

Censeo Consulting Group specializes in strategy and operations, with a specific focus on mission-driven  organizations. The firm tries to break away from the traditional consulting model by using its own  business model, one that is based on three main principles: expertise and thought leadership, people  and values-driven culture and tangible impact for clients. Censeo works with clients in the public,  private, and non-profit sectors to dramatically improve organizational and operational performance,  thereby strengthening their capacity to deliver more for every invested dollar. Depending on the client,  this could translate to results from lower student tuition, improved environment, or more resources to  create jobs. 

Censeo Consulting Group has been recognized as one of the top small co...

Employee Reviews

  • “A phenomenal gem in the consulting industry with everything you are looking for: interesting projects, inspiring colleagues, and work-life balance.”
  • “Great place for aspiring consultants to get into to the industry after under graduation. The firm develops people to help them succeed in either the industry and/or higher education (MBA).”
  • “Ideal public sector consulting environment for a self-starter looking to drive their own professional growth without having to deal with the internal politics that come with bigger firms.”
  • “The people I work with are incredibly intelligent, hard-working individuals. They constantly push my thinking and are supportive of each other’s endeavors, which makes coming to work a pleasure.”
  • “In a universe of government contractors, Censeo is a small firm that brings highly intelligent, people-centered staff who provide and support implementation of actionable recommendations that make an outsized impact on our clients. And we do that with an excellent culture—people like working here!”
  • “Censeo provides the opportunity to have substantial impact on federal clients while working in an positive, engaging environment.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “We believe our value proposition to potential recruits is a unique combination of interesting work for mission-driven organizations (i.e., solving interesting problems for public sector organizations, as opposed to staff augmentation focus), great culture, and work/life balance. We look for smart, qualified consultants who also share a passion for supporting the greater good and are approachable and easy to get along with.”
  • “In the first round of interviews, Censeo holds two separate case study interviews over the phone. This allows candidates two different people to connect to, and two case studies to complete. From there, candidates are selected for a final round of interviews in person in Washington, DC where they interview with two leadership members. Before the final round of interviews, candidates are provided an opportunity to connect with a Censeo "case coach" who will walk them through the case study process and provide tips and points that do not affect the interview.”
  • “We have an extremely timely callback process. The interviewee is first interviewed on the phone, and then interviewed in-person. They have the ability to then interview with three of our peers (all of various leadership levels).”
  • “A candidate first participates in an informal coffee chat (if their school does on-campus recruiting). The first official interview round is a set of two phone interviews/case studies. If the candidate makes it to the final round, they will be asked to come to the DC office to get a feel for the company culture and also complete two in-person case study interviews. The ideal candidate is someone who is good at communicating, framing their ideas, and can think both quantitatively and qualitatively. They have a passion for solving problems and can critically think of beneficial client-based solutions.”
  • “Extensive interviews by several team members at all levels. Recruiting efforts involve most consulting employees.”
  • “Usually three rounds. First two round are behavioral followed by a case interview round. Employees are measured on: communication; structured approach; basic quantitative skills.”

Perks & Benefits