Back Bay offers an intriguing mix of life science consulting and investment banking—an intersection that appears to be proving particularly lucrative, judging by the firm’s recent growth rates. Supporting that growth is a company culture that is dedicated to long-term development both for client relationships and career development.

Company Stats


Employer Type




11-50 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Biopharma, medtech and healthtech development, product pipeline and...


Major Office Locations

Boston, MA (HQ)

Firsthand Findings

Back Bay insiders are typically effusive about life at the firm, with especially lavish praise for the company’s open, inclusive culture and career development opportunities. And with good reason: the company has been going from strength to strength in recent years, carving out a distinct niche in the life sciences sector that is supported by a thriving investment bank arm.

Of course, the typical industry spikes in hours and stress are on show at Back Bay as well, but the firm seems to take pains to try to mitigate the worst of these, seeking and incorporating feedback from consultants along the way.

While base compensation is lower than at some industry competitors, Back Bay operates a bonus-heavy model that, should the company’s recent growth ...

About the Company

Back Bay Life Science Advisors provides life science strategy and investment banking to the global life science industry, including pharma, biotech, MedTech, startups, academia, and investors. From its offices in Boston, Toronto and Frankfurt, Back Bay teams provide consulting services to those on the forefront of the ever-evolving field of life sciences.

Back Bay works with companies of all sizes across the US and global life science markets, across every stage, sector, geography, and therapeutic area. Back Bay strategy and banking teams guide companies on technology and drug development, from planning and initial concept to product commercialization, franchising and licensing, M&A, divestiture, and more.

With headquarters in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood, Back Bay teams are comprised of scienti...

Employee Reviews

  • “Back Bay breaks the consulting mold. With a consistently thoughtful and supportive culture and an ethos to always do the right thing, Back Bay has found a way to support people at every stage of their career with interesting, engaging opportunities to grow and deliver topnotch, thoughtful work that considers life science development from every angle-from financial to early market access for drugs and devices. For good people interested in life science development, there is a home for Back Bay, whether junior entry or a seasoned executive. Back Bay is respected within the industry and in turn, delivers
    respect and support to the team.”
  • “Back Bay will provide earlier senior- and client-facing opportunities than other firms. It is also a deeply genuine culture that is worth more than any monetary compensation value when you spend so many hours dedicating yourself to the work. Given the opportunity to choose amongst firms again, I would choose Back Bay over and over and that is why I continue to stay here with a path of internal growth envisioned for the future.”
  • “Flatness of the organization is a big differentiator—managers and partners contribute to story and deliverable development, which means that you are often working side by side on analyses and slide building with experienced people. It also means that since managers and partners will chip in to slide building and other similar workstreams, younger analysts and consultants have the opportunity and bandwidth to do higher-level tasks.”
  • “The BBLSA culture is very distinct - given the small size of the firm, there isn't an ‘up-or-out’ trajectory, with most people staying with the firm more than 2 years."
  • “The earlier opportunities to take on greater responsibilities afforded to its junior members extends far beyond any competitive firm. Members as junior as analysts will present to clients and engage closely with the senior leadership team. This allows for rapid growth and expansion of skillsets.”

Why Work Here

Based out of Boston’s Back Bay—known as “the center of the nation’s biotechnology industry”—we are a boutique-size firm with global reach and reputation. We excel at guiding life science companies and their investors through complex decisions. Our teams work closely with our client partners in leading life science hubs in the United States, Europe and beyond. Our approach is unique in that we among the first and only to integrate life science strategy with investment banking execution so we are a trusted partner through every stage of product development. Our strategy clients more often than not turn into our investment banking clients, as we shepherd products from clinic to development, into broad use and often through M&A needs. 

Getting Hired Here

  • “Be sure to reach out to multiple employees at the firm to hear their feedback as there can be other perspectives that you may gain. Be sure to express interest in Back Bay specifically and why we are different from other firms.”
  • “Back Bay is strongly rooted in its firm culture, therefore the recruitment process seeks to have each candidate meet with as many members of the team as possible (usually 85-100% of the firm). Our ideal candidate has a strong scientific background and is passionate about the life sciences space with an upbeat outlook and strong communication skills.”
  • “I believe the firm is highly communicative and respectful of applicants. They seek high intelligence and integrity and individuals who will work together rather than engage in siloed and self-promoting behavior. Emphasis on productivity, fun, sense of humor and mutual respect. Work ethic is critically important but so is the ability to relax, have life balance and good values in and out of the workplace.”
  • “The firm has both an annual process for junior hires and an ad hoc one to support continued growth where necessary. For us there is no exact ‘type’ and in fact we find a broad diversity of backgrounds has been extremely helpful for us. We look for people who are curious and open to learning.”
  • “Typical process includes: an informational interview/career fair, initial screening interview, super day interview with broader team, offer/feedback. The ideal candidate has some level of both life sciences and business experience with a team-oriented and growth mindset. It is also important that they can articulate why the want to work at Back Bay specifically.”
  • “Very comprehensive interview process that vets a candidate's analytical skills, communication skills, and overall fit with the firm. The ideal candidate is someone who can think both quantitatively and qualitatively while thinking in a very logical manner. Some soft skills that are a plus include being able to work on a team, demonstrate intellectual curiosity, and proactiveness.”

Perks & Benefits