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Employer Type




11-50 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Top Consulting Asia-Pacific


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Strategy Consulting (Private & Public Sector Sustainability...


Major Office Locations

Bangkok, Thailand


Employment Contact

MD – Corporate Development - Nadda Trisrisupa

Employee Reviews

  • “A boutique firm with multinational offices full of young professionals with support from highly experienced senior advisors.”
  • “AWR LLoyd has people at the heart of its operations. As an employee, you will feel empowered to make decisions and speak openly to top level management. Participating actively in the growth of the firm gives a sense of responsibility and ownership to all involved. For those starting out in this field, the positivity and encouragement from seniors can go a long way in building one's career in the right direction.”
  • “I am amazed about the number of diverse subjects we encounter during our projects. There is never a dull moment, and it requires you to challenge yourself, learn quickly, produce and keep standards high. Our team will guide you through the challenges and don't be afraid to speak up.”
  • “The people and culture are truly incredible. We're a diverse team that work together extremely well to produce high-quality work that actually challenges and excites. There is no boring day here!”
  • “We are an agile firm that is always ready to adapt to changes, giving employees the opportunity to step-up and take on new responsibilities. The firm is also focused on catalysing sustainability transformation in the Indo-Pacific region, meaning all teams will have this mandate moving forward.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Effective interview and quick callback. Strong hiring team. Ideal candidate should match with firm culture, skills are picked up on the job.”
  • “Interview and callback process was relatively quick based on my experience. Personally, I think the firm is looking for anyone with growth mindset, can-do ability. Even though candidates with business, finance, or consulting background are usually preferred, the firm is also open to people from other backgrounds.”
  • “The candidates are interviewed directly by the team's manager and needs to go through a written test to examine their financial analysis abilities. The ideal candidate the our firm might be seeking is someone who is a self-starter and is keen to learn. Moreover, they should have good work ethics and strong communication and computer skills.”
  • “The firm is really responsive to interview queries and ensures that callback processes are done fairly quickly for interviewees. Because of the firm's culture, the ideal candidate has to be someone who is hardworking, brings high quality ideas to the table, open-minded, and progressive--to always being open to new opportunities and experiences that the firm offers.”
  • “We have several rounds of interviews, experts and managers alike. We are seeking someone who has expertise but is willing to adjust and go the extra mile, away from just expediting their already available skills.”