Artisan Healthcare Consulting is a management consulting firm that provides strategic insights to healthcare product companies. The firm provides quantitative and strategic analysis to clients ranging from global pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device companies with billion-dollar brands to emerging, venture-backed organizations that are just beginning to evaluate how to commercialize or partner their products. Artisan crafts commercial strategies, from launch to end of patent, to help clients grow and win against competition.

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  • “All voices are heard when making decisions about the trajectory of the company. Not only do we have a collaborative work style on our client engagements, but Artisan encourages collaboration from every level when making business decisions. I believe that is the number one reason why we've been successful as a firm.”
  • “Artisan's culture is unbelievable. Everyone is extremely smart and driven, but even more importantly everyone is extremely nice and supportive. There is no competitiveness between coworkers.”
  • “Excellent growth opportunities and early responsibility, competitive compensation, and excellent culture. Hours can be unpredictable but there is more schedule/hours control as you rise up the firm. Manager level is currently understaffed but active efforts are being made (and progress has been seen with the lateral hiring of one manager).”
  • “Unlike a lot of other healthcare consulting firms, we have a positive, non-competitive, light atmosphere and culture that makes it fun to work here. I have heard pretty bad things about the culture at other firms with only a certain amount of people getting promoted and that causing competition to work stupidly long hours and not be close friends with people at work.”
  • “This is the perfect place to start after college. We are young and growing, and members of leadership care about each employee in ways that I have not seen at other companies.”
  • “We have a multi-project staffing model that allows associates to work on 3-5 projects at a time. This is great for both accelerating growth - you are doing 3-5 projects or more during the time that counterparts are doing one, and allowing for a diversity of opportunity - if one project is boring, you aren't stuck working on only that project and have other projects that can add excitement and interest in your daily routine.”
  • “Best aspect is the people. Even when we are working late it is usually a fun process. The multi staffing model allows us to travel only for important meetings which has a positive impact on quality of life.”
  • “Emphasis on quality of life is a big reason why I picked this firm. The company values its employees and does not treat them as expendable. There is a conscious effort to balance work hours across the firm as evenly as possible. It's not perfect, but it's good to know there's process behind project work allocation.”
  • “I think the best part of our work life balance is the freedom to work from home and create our own schedules if we want to. Management understands we have a life outside of work and allows us the freedom to work remote for things like getting our cars fixed, doctors/dentist appointments etc. They have also built a culture where on the odd day you don't have a lot of work, you can leave at 4 and no one cares. On the flip side, work can be sometimes unpredictable, causing for it to be hard to know when you will have a lot of work or be working late into the night.”
  • “The best is how easy it is to take time off and the general culture for understanding that when you are on vacation you shouldn't be expected to work a single hour. The toughest aspects can be the hours, however these are fairly standard given the industry.”
  • “Travel is very infrequent at the firm, with most clients headquartered in nearby Boston offices. Hours are variable, with some weeks extending past 60 hours and others closer to 40. The variability of work is a negative of the firm; however, is expected with consulting and a multi-project staffing model.”
  • “Artisan is very accommodating with vacation time. I can't think of a case where a vacation is requested in advance where it isn't granted. We do our best to respect vacation and let people unplug and culturally this is important. This may mean that the downside is your team member might have a vacation while staffed on a project with you and we find ways to work around that.”
  • “The firm does a good job of promoting health and wellness opportunities (i.e. sponsoring the team to attend workout classes/yoga and making meditation a weekly opportunity).”
  • “Ample opportunity for salary progression.”
  • “Artisan compensates employees very well, with a big jump in salary starting at the Senior Consultant level. At the Team Leader level and above, bonus calculations factor in the revenue managed and revenue sold, which allows for significant upside. Perhaps the worst aspect of Artisan's compensation policy is the lack of transparency surrounding salary progression.”
  • “I don't have many complaints. I think we are compensated well, especially given our firm's focus on work life balance. Compensation methodology and bonus structure are clear. Based on conversations with my peers, there appears to be no pay inequality for employees at a similar level.”
  • “Salary progression is incredibly generous. There are also a lot of additional perks that keep morale high, such as company outings, mentorship events, social events, team dinners, etc.”
  • “We get dinners reimbursed if we stay late, but we rarely get free lunches. We have a nice snack area and seltzers and coffee.”
  • “Artisan places a huge emphasis on training and development of all employees. We have an ongoing training team that focuses on providing internal and external therapeutic area and skill-based training. We also do not subscribe to time-based promotions, so promotions are entirely merit-based. However, because we are a small firm, it can be difficult to find diverse mentors and sponsors, but Artisan has sponsored external mentorship programs for me and others in the firm.”
  • “Due to our small size, we have rapid promotion cycles and many opportunities to seize responsibilities, including client interaction at a junior level. However, due to this rapid progression sometimes it can feel like one is not fully prepared for the next challenge.”
  • “Given the small size, lots of career development opportunities exist, especially for those who join straight out of college. Multi-project staffing model provides opportunities to work on many different therapeutic and functional areas, and creates an immediate acceleration of responsibility for work, leading to possible project management roles within 2 years at the firm. At an average of 3-4 years, employees can find themselves potentially joining the firm's Management team (Sr. Consultants / Team Leaders), and really leading the direction of the firm and helping leadership make firm-wide decisions on operations, logistics, business direction, etc.”
  • “Our company employs a fairly flat operating structure. This allows for more junior level employees to gain opportunities earlier than at a larger firm. These opportunities include client interaction/presentation, strategy creation, and project management. Senior level leadership takes direct investment in the development of all junior employees, which allows for accelerated growth and learning. Beyond this, we have a formal mentor/mentorship program that's really great for career development. The worst aspects can often be in moving up too fast, you lose out on spending extended periods at each development stage, and can be put into advanced positions early. While this is overall positive, it can lead to situations where you are managing peers or employees one year your junior.”
  • “There is a clear and accelerated path for professional development within our firm. Associates are given support from Senior Associates and managers as to how to grow in order to take the next step and be promoted.”
  • “We have easy and extensive access to communicating with senior members of the firm, who are invested in our personal and career development.”
  • “Artisan is a true meritocracy, and I believe that promotion opportunities and pay scales are equal for all of its employees, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or any other characteristics.
    We make an effort to hire with diversity in mind. I think we could do a better job at creating ‘communities’ within our firm for people who share characteristics (i.e., LGBTQ or women), but this is constantly evolving and may change in the near future. “
  • “Firm has made increasing diversity a purposeful effort over the last few years.”
  • “I believe our firm has no pay gap between women and men, and judging by the amount of women/men in leadership positions, I think they are given equal access to promotion opportunities.”
  • “Leadership and management positions are filled with perhaps more female than male employees, which gives me confidence in my upward mobility prospects as a female employee. Gender representation is emphasized at the firm across leadership, management, and entry-level positions.”
  • “The majority of our managers at the moment (one step below partners) are women. We have a woman who has gone from associate to senior vice president and entered leadership ranks. At almost every level you see women being promoted and accelerating their careers. In terms of ethnic diversity, I think this is a potential area of diversity that is lacking. We tend to recruit from elite liberal arts and ivy league schools, which caters towards White and Asian ethnicities.”
  • “I think COVID-19 will have a negative affect on all industries, healthcare consulting included. Adjusting for that, I think our business outlook is strong. We have built a solid and diverse book of business, and forecasted revenue growth for this year is impressive. We continue to hire even in the midst of this financial downturn, which indicates confidence in continued growth.”
  • “I truly think we provide a really great work product that is on par, and a lot of the times above the best in the industry. This is driven by partners being truly engaged in projects, and playing a strong hand in creating strategy and client relationships. While our brand name isn't a McKinsey, we drive a huge percent of repeat work because we continually exceed client expectations. I think because junior level employees are given so much opportunity, by the time they reach mid-level manager level they have a lot of exit opportunities and good MBA acceptances - causing mid-level turnover which can hurt growth capacity at times.”
  • “Leadership is very transparent in our business growth, which has a positive projection for the coming quarters and years. The firm's leadership spends a lot of time ensuring that projects are consistently coming in.”
  • “Retention may be difficult, as business has been growing rapidly, and thus can lead to employee turn over and burn out.”
  • “Strong relationship with large, long-term clients, keeps business steady. Reliant on those clients to keep growing business opportunities. BD efforts materialize in new clients too but consistent business is with the large, long-term clients.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “At our company being qualified to do the technical work is the baseline. After that, we truly focus on people who are team players, engaged, and value our culture. Upholding culture is always at the top of mind, and many highly qualified candidates have been turned away for exhibiting competitive and selfish behaviors during interviews.”
  • “Because we're a smaller firm, we are much more selective on the offers we give out, and ‘fit’ is extremely important. Even if a candidate performs exceptionally well on cases and is well qualified, if we see any red flags like too competitive with peers, can't work in teams, not respectful to managers, etc., that candidate would not receive an offer.”
  • “Candidates who have shown an interest in both business and healthcare. Smart, driven, and personable people who can work well with others and are not competitive with coworkers.”
  • “The ideal candidate would be someone with a work background in the pharmaceutical/healthcare industry who has a strong science and business background from undergraduate/PhD/MBA degrees.”
  • “Very quick turnaround to candidates. We typically seek smart, driven candidates who actively seek out opportunities in healthcare and more specifically biopharma. Ability to find the right level of intersection between science and business is key.”
  • “We typically do a first-round interview that involves a short case and fit portion. This first-round either takes place at an undergraduate campus or over the phone. Then we invite candidates into our office to interview with a wide range of employees across levels. This final round interview consists of a few case interviews as well as some general discussion around the applicants' resumes.”
  • “A company is developing x asset in x market. Market size and peak revenues. Asset prioritization cases etc.”
  • “Market sizing questions on healthcare products.
  • “What is your biggest strength/weakness?
  • “Describe a time you had difficulty working in a team.”
  • “Most interviews target information specific to the healthcare/pharma sectors, ensuring that on top of having a consulting foundation and interest, prospective employees understand the nuances in the pharma industry. However, we still believe interview questions should target candidates who are intelligent, curious, and leaders.”
  • “What's the biggest misconception of you?”