Alvarez & Marsal is growing in Asia, and while the firm’s presence outside of North America is still strongest in Europe, it’s establishing itself as an industry leader in the region. A firm known for international opportunities, its catchphrase “Cross border, no problem” seems to be directed at jobseekers as much as it is at clients. If your wanderlust is creeping into your job search, Alvarez & Marsal Asia is one to watch.

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As an operations and turnaround specialist, Alvarez & Marsal was well-positioned to take advantage when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, with the only real issue for the firm apparently being that its on-site model was disrupted due to the inability of consultants to travel as freely as they usually do. Despite that, the firm seems to be enjoying a surge in demand of late, which makes it an interesting one to watch throughout 2021 and beyond, especially as the global economy begins its own turnaround.

As an employer, there are very few frills: this is a firm that has long prided itself on its pay-for-performance model. As such, high-performing employees are rewarded with significant bonuses, while additional perks tend to be thin on the ground. From a developme...

About the Company

Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) is a privately held leading global professional services firm that delivers business performance improvement, turnaround management, and advisory services to organizations seeking to transform operations, catapult growth and accelerate results through decisive action. Companies, investors, and government entities around the world turn to A&M when conventional approaches are not enough to activate change and achieve results.

The firm's senior professionals are experienced operators, world-class consultants, and industry veterans who leverage the firm's restructuring heritage to help leaders turn change into a strategic business asset, manage risk, and unlock value at every stage.

Co-CEOs Bryan Marsal and Tony Alvarez II founded A&M in 1983. Today, ...

Employee Reviews

  • “Great project experiences and people interactions. Positive, honest and energetic atmosphere at work.”
  • “Implementation focused, muddy boots philosophy with a good mix of people from consulting and industry. Strong culture and commitment from leadership and as well as overall honesty in every aspect of the firm.”
  • “Requires adequate professional experience, preferably from a consulting firm. Lucrative for Chartered Accountants and MBAs.”
  • “The firm is great if somebody wants to learn a lot in a quick span of time. The firm has a culture to promote talent. If you can deliver up to the satisfaction level you will be given a lot of opportunities to work on it.”
  • “We take a person as a part of the family. Grooming is very important for a person to succeed in life. This is a place where an employee is the prime asset and his or her expectations are taken care of and there is an open door policy to management.”
  • “You need to be prepared to get out of the office, roll up your sleeves and make a difference whether internally within A&M or external with our clients.”
  • “We are always [encouraged] to talk to our counselors, who are senior employees in the same department. They help us both on the personal as well as work front. At COVID times, the firm and senior management have been extremely cautious and has ruled out any possibilities that would be putting its employees at risk.”
  • “Apart from yoga sessions, personal therapy, we as a firm are constantly encouraging participation in marathons or organising internal challenges. For instance, we had a maximum plank hold challenge, organised an internal team event linked to a Oxfam 50-100 km walkathon.”
  • “Best aspects: After any stretched project, where a person has been required to work extra hours, proper recognition of it is taken. It is either compensated by giving days-off after extensive projects, or the person might be given an easy project with not so stringent deadlines. Negative aspect: The number of working hours can be quite extensive at times. This is not really a negative aspect, since the industry and the type of work involved in this demands such hours at time. But yet, the number of working hours can get stretched at times.”
  • “Easy to take a vacation after a project. Employees are encouraged to take leave. Good support from colleagues during vacation.”
  • “The firm is very accommodating. There is a policy of no questions asked and instant approval of leaves if applied 45 days in advance. Also, the staffing team keeps track of who has not taken a block leave and then they are encouraged to take 2 in a year.”
  • “We do have to work onsite at clients, that's the nature of operational consulting and interim management. This therefore means that there is a lot of travelling. Having said that, A&M is very accommodating and does respect everybody's other priorities in particular family, but also other development goals, and makes it easy for staff to take time off when requested.”
  • "If your BU does good business, everyone in the team benefits (sharing).”
  • “Compensation is slightly lower than competition. The gap has significantly reduced after the revision last year. The benefit lies in the faster promotions. People are promoted if they showcase the ability to perform at next level, thereby getting better compensation.”
  • “During my tenure at the firm, I have benefited from high performance bonus payouts, often in excess of 75% of base salary.”
  • “Progression and compensations based on work.”
  • “Very much pay for performance so opportunity for staff at all levels to earn substantial bonuses. On the other hand, this does mean some inequalities driven by factors outside an individual's direct control e.g. how busy they are, whether client pays full fees, etc.”
  • “Best: Have opportunities being exposed to different types of projects. Colleagues are very nice and supportive to offer favor if I want to develop new skills. Worst: Not that perfect periodic performance/project review mechanism.”
  • “Inter department experience, collaborative seniors and challenging work sets me apart from many others who are employed elsewhere.”
  • “Promotion is merit-based and critical for professionals to demonstrate that they have potential to perform comfortably at the next level. Standards are extremely high!”
  • “The firm has a great policy of merit based promotion. This also allows for a faster promotion if the candidate performs as per the requirement of next level. The firm never shies away from providing the responsibilities and putting the candidate in the front line if the candidate showcases the ability and intent to be there.”
  • “The firm promotes an 'owner-operator' culture. Irrespective of levels, it exhorts its employees to be entrepreneurial, innovative and bold in identifying new opportunities and delivering value to clients.”
  • “All promotions are merit based.”
  • “Haven't observed the firm differentiate between individuals irrespective of their skin colour, sex or background.”
  • “Never seen any discrimination among the genders. The system is totally based on merit. Everybody is given the equal opportunity.”
  • “Promotions are completely merit and guideline based.”
  • “The firm has internally regulating policies, senior management views as well as special trainings which will be able to better train their employees in this regard. There is no differential in pay scale based upon genders or other factors. I have not seen even a single case.”
  • “Best aspect: The firm is constantly trying to explore more opportunities, both in terms of work as well as geography and is aggressive both in its work as well as hiring quality employees perspective.”
  • “Good mix of industrial leaders and career consultants. Hence we stand apart from other consulting firms. Employee morale is very high and attrition is pretty low.”
  • “Need to build more focus on digital intervention capabilities.”
  • “Superb leadership with transparent operations.”
  • “The firm has an outlook to outperform the competition and make a mark in market. The leaders have been able to do this in the market in last 3-4 years. The firm is now recognized well among the clients and considered at good competition by the top consulting firms.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Has a layer of interview process with diverse topics to understand the persons fit.”
  • “Ideal candidate is one who has the necessary education background and skill set to perform - string Excel, PPT, soft skills. Quick and smart thought process.”
  • “The firm is quite quick… It doesn't keep the employees hanging and keeps transparent and clear communication.”
  • “We are looking for capable and ambitious business people, ideally with a mix of consulting skills and industry/operating experience, a willingness to take on leadership roles in tough situations, and excellent people skills/EQ.”
  • “All questions are based on previous experiences and not theoretical knowledge of the candidate.”
  • “Cash flow analysis of a stressed hospital and estimate find requirement based on financials.”
  • “Comprehensive case interviews including multiple project scenarios. We typically use real life projects as cases in the interview and evaluate candidates on cognitive ability, decision making, communication and emotional intelligence.”
  • “Most of the interview questions will be around our past experience and that's the best part! This firm values on-ground experience.”
  • “The recruitment process is well defined and multi layered. For campus hiring the rounds are - Resume screening, case solving rounds, case workshop and final interviews. For the lateral hires the process is - initial HR round, case solving rounds (2-3), technical round (PPT and Excel skills), Director round, Partner round.”