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5,001-10,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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New York, NY (Global HQ)


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Chris Wildeman - Global Co Head of Human Resources

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Employee Reviews

  • “A&M is a great firm to get a large breadth of experience with an individualized approach. It is increasingly becoming a well-known brand and will be a great place to start your career.”
  • “Even though the work is challenging and the hours are long, you are fairly compensated and the teams you work with are great. When spending this amount of time with a team, you become close and have fun while doing the work.”
  • “If you are a person who is not only attached to analysis/problem-solving, but is also one who likes adventure and adrenaline, you will find the perfect match at A&M. I came from a retail environment, with a high amount of pressure and push for results. At A&M, I'm able to fulfill and develop my analytics skills, without losing the focus on results and getting things done (far away from the useless PowerPointing).”
  • “Mentally stimulating work in a fast-paced environment with extraordinary exposure to clients' c-suite executives, even for junior consultants. Closest environment to a true meritocracy that exists in today's corporate America. Emphasis on lean back-office culture reduces meaningless internal to-dos and allows consultants to focus on our clients and deliver gold-standard work.”
  • “The culture at A&M is to focus on what matters. We don't create pretty PowerPoints full of lofty ideas. We leverage deep experience to provide leadership and deliver concrete results. If you're performance-driven and motivated by getting to do complex work, A&M is a very satisfying and exciting place to work.”
  • “There is no better place to work for highly talented individuals that want to really get good at M&A, work with private equity investors, and get compensated well above our competition. We are highly selective through our recruiting process, especially focused on top-talent that have values that align with our cultural values.”

Why Work Here

The A&M Way combines fact-based gravitas with a “get-it-done” mindset. A&M’s leadership is about a bias towards action and the willingness to tell clients what we think is needed. Our restructuring heritage sharpens our ability to act decisively. Clients select us for our deep expertise and ability to create and deliver practical, rather than theoretical, solutions to their unique problems in addition to our independence and objectivity. Because of our rapidly expanding footprint, we have the ability to offer you an upward journey in your career. The sky is truly the limit at A&M.

Getting Hired Here

  • “A&M strives to recruit consultants who have achieved success in one or more areas of the firm's services and those who demonstrate strong leadership potential and are driven to deliver gold-standard work across all client engagements.”
  • “For our campus recruiting, we have a very structured process with multiple touchpoints throughout the process before an offer is made. For our experienced hires we also have a structured approach but it is less fluid than campus recruiting and can often have a more variable timeline.”
  • “In my experience, the ideal candidate for A&M is someone who brings strong skills and experience, is highly results-oriented, has the raw intellectual horsepower to dig into complex projects, and works with the humility to know that their colleagues are all working at that same high caliber.”
  • “Potential candidates are screened by phone by 2-3 people. There are quarterly super days where there are multiple interviews and a case study presentation. There is a final call back with the department's regional leadership for final vetting.”
  • “The interview process is typically long, definitely very thorough. Took over one month for me to get an official offer. They want candidates who have an entrepreneurial mindset and are innovative and interested in paving the way.”
  • “We have significantly improved our experienced hire recruiting process to accelerate the time from initial contact to offer. It reinforces our interest in candidates and gets to an answer in a matter of days instead of weeks.”

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