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  • “Even during the pandemic, I've found the culture to be friendly and social (at least, as much as it can be). When re-opening the office, the firm provided lunch twice a week, which turned into opportunities to sit and have lunch with colleagues and friends.”


  • “Appropriately social firm. People socialize with one another while still having the space to go home to family and friends at the end of the day. Very kind, understanding colleagues who expect outstanding work but are reasonable.”
  • “I'm happy here. I'm looking forward to a post-pandemic experience when I can get to know my colleagues better and can rely less on Teams meetings. But in the windows when COVID wasn't surging, the firm hosted lunches and other events. Day-to-day in the office is fairly casual and friendly. Everyone is welcoming and collegial. It's a team-based atmosphere.”
  • “Socially, an incredibly tight-knit, supportive, warm firm. Everyone is welcoming and collaborative, even when we're all very busy. It's a no nonsense, non-hierarchical place, where even the most junior lawyers can speak up and discuss strategy with partners…”

Why Work Here

WilmerHale is committed to providing consistently world-class legal services and we pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions to complex problems that require us to draw on our full range of knowledge and experience. We foster a work environment that is deeply rooted in our mission to provide unparalleled, high quality service to our clients. In an effort to continuously develop and support our workforce, we provide extensive in-house and external training opportunities and actively promote the overall well-being of every individual in the WilmerHale community.

Diversity at WilmerHale

"Our commitment to diversity and inclusion starts at the top: for the first time this year, as part of the partner compensation process, partners will be asked to summarize their demonstrated efforts to help meet the firm's diversity and inclusion goals. We recently established a permanent Executive Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC), held our inaugural Diversity Summit, and developed a new approach to networking and mentorship through Diversity Mentoring Circles. The EDIC members are selected from practice group and..."

Getting Hired Here


  • “Our firm is looking for the best of the best from top law schools. We value strong grades, journal experience, clerkships, personality, and diversity. There are some strong schools, like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Georgetown, and NYU, that I see a lot, but amazing lawyers come to our firm from other schools too.”
  • “I think the most successful candidates (and associates) are those that are intellectually curious and driven and take every opportunity to get involved in a new case. This includes asking questions and not being afraid to tackle a new type of assignment.”
  • “I think it's fairly competitive to the extent that, at least in litigation, Wilmer prioritizes candidates who have strong legal writing skills, worked on law journals, and, ideally, intend to clerk.”
  • “WilmerHale is one of the top firms in Denver, so it is very difficult to join. The firm is looking for strong academic achievement, exemplary writing skills, attention to detail, and overall pleasantness to work with. The particular law school someone went to is not as important as showing a strong capability, which varies across schools.  Clerkship or other government work can be helpful, as can journal experience. For laterals, hands-on experience is valued.”

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