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  • “Very collaborative and collegial culture. Genuinely feel that the firm is interested in your development as an associate and most partners take an active role in mentoring and inclusion at all associate levels.”
  • “It is an incredibly supportive office. You can count on the people you work with to have your back.”
  • “We have an official mid-summer event, an official Thanksgiving Potluck, an official holiday luncheon, and quarterly birthday celebrations. Otherwise, I occasionally go out to lunch with colleagues.”
  • “Firm culture is very team-oriented. Everyone truly enjoys the people they work with and often will spend time together outside of work. There is great camaraderie. There are associate breakfasts bi-monthly which are well-attended and a few firm events throughout the year. There are occasionally impromptu happy hours as well. Within each practice group, the level of social interaction varies, but it is quite high in my group but not typically firm-organized.”

Diversity at Schiff Hardin LLP

"Schiff Hardin recognized long ago that supporting diverse attorneys is a critical part of our culture and our business. We have thrived for over 150 years because we know the best ideas come when lawyers with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives-lawyers who look at the world in different ways-collaborate and share ideas. We aim to recruit, hire, develop, retain, and promote diverse lawyers who look at the world in different ways. How do we accomplish these goals? First, we have created an affirmatively..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm considers grades, quality of the applicant's writing workshop, culture, personality, leadership and team experiences, ability to overcome challenges, and diversity.”
  • “Personality is key, and the firm has invested a lot of money in its interview process to get to know candidates on a deeper level than at most other interviews, including an hour-long panel interview. Grades and writing experience are important as well.”
  • “I believe the firm is looking to hire lawyers who are not only smart and extremely competent but also with high emotional intelligence. I had not done a group interview with a battery of psychological questions until my call-back interview with my firm.”