A V20 law firm, Ropes & Gray has a seat at the table of the most elite law firms. The firm is known for its private equity chops, as well as its overall strength across legal practice areas. Training and mentoring are key to the firm’s collaborative culture, which has no room for egos. Ropes & Gray is committed to honoring its reputation as a firm that promotes friendship and camaraderie amongst all employees.

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Total No. Attorneys (2022)

1K - 1.5K


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Vault Law 100


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No. of Summer Associates (2022)

201 total (177 2Ls; 24 1Ls)


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Base Salary (2022)

Vault Verdict

Seeking the highest quality candidates, Ropes & Gray looks for individuals with academic success, journal experience, and strong interpersonal skills. Associates at Ropes & Gray are thrilled with the firm’s social atmosphere, primarily fond of the wide array of firm-sponsored events and the friendly nature of associates and partners alike. Associates feel respected and valued by partners and appreciate the transparency into the firm’s financials and individual performance reviews. While hours can sometimes be long or unpredictable, associates generally find the 1,900 billable hour requirement to be manageable, especially since unlimited pro bono hours and certain diversity activities count toward this target. The compensation at Ropes & Gray is a notable fe...

About the Firm

With 11 offices across the U.S., Europe, and Asia, Ropes & Gray is an international firm that prides itself in handling cutting-edge work. A regular atop legal industry rankings, the firm is adept at assisting clients in complex, highly regulated industries like asset management, health care, life sciences, private equity, and technology. 

From Boston to Worldwide

John Codman Ropes and John Chipman Gray, Harvard Law grads, founded the firm in Boston in 1865. The Great Depression saw the firm develop its bankruptcy practice, the New Deal sparked the firm’s labor practice, and the creation of the SEC added financial reports to its services. By the 1960s, the firm had grown to nearly 75 attorneys. Today, the firm is home to more than 1,400 lawyers in offices worldwide advisin...

Associate Reviews

  • “The firm organizes social events at the firm level, office level, and practice group level. The firm also encourages informal/unofficial gatherings (e.g., group lunches, drinks, dinners, etc.) and will sponsor such activities.”
  • “Everyone is incredibly polite, professional, and social. It feels like we are all a big team. The lawyers in my group regularly get lunch together when we are in the office and the firm hosts happy hours frequently. I enjoy going into the office because of the people I work with.”
  • “Day-to-day atmosphere is extremely casual and associates socialize at both the plethora of firm-sponsored social events and after hours.” 
  • “The firm’s culture is mainly centered around peer respect and courtesy, both personally and professionally. Every associate I work with in this firm has the emotional intelligence to make work really enjoyable and I love going into the office a few days a week to see my colleagues.”

Why Work Here

Practicing law at Ropes & Gray puts you at the forefront of the legal and business developments shaping the industries that are transforming our world and creating new opportunities daily. Whether you’re starting or furthering your career, you’ll handle exciting, innovative work for an impressive roster of leading global clients. You’ll also hone your professional skills with a training program regularly recognized as the finest in the industry. Just as important, you’ll enjoy the benefits of our renowned collegial and collaborative culture.

Diversity at Ropes & Gray

"At Ropes & Gray, diversity and inclusion is an essential part of the firm's identity, and its commitment extends over several decades. To advance those efforts in the new decade, in early 2019, the firm hired an experienced Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Kia Scipio, from Fish and Richardson. Kia works collaboratively with the firm's diversity committee and its senior leadership, which includes the policy committee, practice group leaders, leaders of the affinity forums, and the directors of legal recruiting, professional development..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “Ropes is looking for high quality candidates with strong academic backgrounds, who are personable and enthusiastic about their careers. We hire from a number of schools all over the country, with a lot of focus on schools in metropolitan areas where our offices are located. We do have trainings for attorneys who interview candidates who are still in law school, but not a lot of training for recruiting lateral candidates, as the interviews are generally more tailored to the open positions and the practice group.”
  • “The firm’s hiring process focuses on a candidate’s fit, in terms of qualifications and personality. In addition to grades, journal [experience], and prior work experience, the firm really focuses on personality and diversity. The firm has also recently standardized its interview questions, so as to ensure an equitable interview experience for all.” 
  • “Very competitive. Looking for top performing law students from top schools. That being said, I think Ropes also values students who may bring other things to the table. Grades need to be competitive, but unique experiences and fantastic interview skills may help those students with a lower GPA stand out in the interview process. Networking before, during, and after the OCI process is essential—don’t be afraid to reach out on LinkedIn to alumni from your school who work at the firm!” 
  • “I think the firm is looking for well-rounded individuals who fit the firm’s culture. During my interview process, it became very clear that culture was extremely important.”

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