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7 (4 2Ls, 3 1Ls)


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  • “Everyone is very professional, friendly, and respectful.”
  • “Relatively laid back. [There is] some focus on billables, but no pressure to immediately respond to emails unless clearly noted. Lawyers are friendly with one another [and] willing to help.”
  • “In pre-COVID times, social interaction was common among associates, staff, and partners and across practice groups. Associates had a fair amount of leeway to organize firm-sponsored happy hours. Day-to-day atmosphere was generally quite happy across the board. Post-COVID, the firm continues to make a great effort to keep the ‘social’ part alive. This has included Zoom events for the 175th anniversary, trivia or puzzle nights, as well as events geared towards attorneys and staff with young children. …”
  • “The firm emphasizes a friendly and open culture among all staff and attorneys. Prior to the COVID pandemic, there were frequent sponsored social activities during and after work, and great efforts have been made to continue those remotely during the pandemic.”

Why Work Here


Robinson+Cole is an AmLaw 200 law firm established 175 years ago with a deeply-rooted culture of collaboration, civility and inclusion. We share a rich history and culture of community involvement, pro bono service and dedication to client service. Our past shapes and informs  us, but it does not define us. The connections we have today and will make tomorrow keep us focused on the future, helping to refine our methods while devising new ways to best serve clients and maintain a competitive advantage in the legal profession.

More than ever, a modern law firm must be flexible and creative to thrive. This is not simply adapting to the changing legal landscape; it is taking the initiative to ensure mutually-rewarding business relationships with our clients. Alternative fee arrangements are a regular fixture of the conversation between law firms and their clients, and warrant consideration even when they may not fit a particular set of circumstances. We welcome those conversations.


Diversity at Robinson + Cole LLP

"We welcome an inclusive work environment where the diverse backgrounds of all of our lawyers and other professionals are respected and each individual is empowered to succeed. To that end, we are participating in the Diversity Lab's Mansfield Rule 3.0 and have already signed on to Mansfield Rule 2021, a year-long certification process that runs from July to June, developed to increase the representation of diverse lawyers in leadership positions by broadening the pool of women, lawyers of color, lawyers with disabilities, and LGBTQ+..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm hires intelligent and capable lawyers. The firm considers law school attended, grades, journal experience, clerkships, prior work experience, personality, and diversity. As a Connecticut-based firm, it definitely helps to be from a Connecticut law school, but the firm uses a very holistic process and seems to seriously consider applicants from a great number of schools.”
  • “The firm has a formal hiring process with training and guidance for those interviewing candidates. In recent years, the firm has greatly expanded the schools that the firm recruits from, with candidates interviewing at the firm from schools nationwide. The firm is recruiting talented, bright, and dedicated individuals.”
  • “There are guidelines in place to help with the interviewing process. [The] firm values practical experience at similarly sized firms and clerkship experience. For law students, the firm regularly interviews students from tier-one schools and prioritizes grades and involvement at their respective schools (i.e., law review, moot court, diversity committees).”