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150 - 250


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6 total (5 2Ls; 1 1Ls)


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Associate Reviews

  • “Very supportive. Everyone looks out for each other.”
  • “The firm is extremely supportive of younger associates. My practice group actively encourages me to participate in bar associations and other organizations and will often provide the initial introduction with the heads of the groups so that I can more easily get plugged in.”
  • “Lunches, coffee, and happy hours with fellow associates and/or partners are frequent events. People are open to developing meaningful working relationships and giving advice.”
  • “The firm has a collegial atmosphere. Lawyers socialize together on a monthly basis, and there is a firmly entrenched open-door policy.”

Diversity at Robins Kaplan LLP

"Since 1999, we have had a formal Diversity Committee to address the myriad issues facing attorneys of color. We added a Diversity Manager in 2005 to assist with execution of the diversity initiatives and our strategic plan and a full-time Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator in 2015. In 2008, our diversity efforts expanded to formally include women and LGBTQ diversity and inclusion. The Diversity Committee further formed working groups to identify, research, and address issues specific to women attorneys, racial and ethnic diversity, and..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The hiring process is competitive. Robins Kaplan looks for future trial attorneys with grit, ambition, and intelligence, among other characteristics. The firm does not look at any single criteria, but strives to find attorneys that can thrive in an environment of high-stakes litigation.”
  • “Hiring practices vary across offices and practice groups. …”
  • “Each lawyer asks their own questions during interviews. Some of my preferred questions include: What was the last thing you taught yourself to do, and how did you approach teaching yourself to do it? Tell me about a time you were given an assignment that you didn't immediately know how to complete. What was the outcome? What did you learn from that experience?”
  • “Hiring is often driven by specific needs of a senior partner. As such, laterals and clerks are hired for a purpose. This immediately gives them a place to fit in [at] the firm.”

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