Tops for labor and employment and the go-to firm for media, entertainment, and sports, Proskauer Rose is an all-over legal powerhouse. Pro bono is part of the firm’s lifeblood, as is a strong commitment to diversity. Amiable go-getters will do well in the firm’s supportive, team environment. Proskauer Rose is practically synonymous with “sports law”—clients include Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Hockey League, and the National Basketball Association. Although flashy, this reputation shortchanges ...

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Proskauer is seeking associates who are intellectually curious and motivated. Interviews tend to be low pressure, but candidates should prepare in advance for behavioral questions. The firm has a team atmosphere in which lawyers are friendly, support each other, and frequently socialize—including virtually during the pandemic. Associates are effusive in their praise for partners, who value associates and form close relationships with them. Proskauer is extremely transparent regarding firm performance, though associates wish there was more insight into the partnership path. Nevertheless, many feel there is a long-term place for them at the firm, either as partner or senior counsel. Proskauer eschews a billable-hour requirement and embraces flexibility, but the hours are still long ...

About the Firm


Proskauer Rose is practically synonymous with “sports law”—clients include Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Hockey League, and the National Basketball Association. Although flashy, this reputation shortchanges the firm’s incredibly diversified work, which features top-notch corporate, litigation, tax, private client services, entertainment, and labor and employment practices.

From Small Business to Big Business

Firm forefather William R. Rose opened up shop in downtown Manhattan in 1875 at the sprightly age of 21. Rose’s first clients were local retailers, and his skill soon caught the attention of New York’s burgeoning business class, who hired Rose’s firm to represent them in corporate and personal estate matters. The firm’s r...

Associate Reviews

  • “Firm culture is very respectful. I feel there is a genuine interest in and concern for others' interests and well-being. Attorneys work as a team and are willing to step in and help out when needed—and this includes partners and senior attorneys. Attorneys attend firm events, but there is a lot of respect for personal time, meaning there is no obligation to attend after work events or other obligatory socializing.”
  • “Proskauer is pretty social. The Associate Council puts together events like happy hours/trivia, even during covid (virtually). All of the attorneys are pretty approachable and want to help you learn and succeed.”
  • “If you grew up playing team sports, then I think you'll understand what I mean when I say Proskauer has a group atmosphere. People like each other, they're friendly, and they understand that you're part of a larger team.”
  • “While it hasn't been easy starting my legal career from home . . . I can't imagine doing it anywhere else but Proskauer. Most of my social interactions have been firm or department sponsored, but people at every level have gone out of their way to check in on me. Everyone has been kind and helpful.”
  • “Partners in my group are great. Because of our staffing model and types of cases, it is often just an associate or two and a partner. Most partners I work with give a great deal of autonomy, which necessarily leads to more substantive work. Even as a junior, I drafted first drafts of almost every motion we filed. The firm holds regular town halls and appear to be pretty up front about finances, business development, and the direction of the firm. …”
  • “Associate-partner relations are overwhelmingly positive; I am very close with several partners, all of whom respect my opinion and value my contributions. My impression is that the partnership as a whole is respectful and supportive. The firm is very transparent when it comes to performance, though the path to partnership is a bit more opaque. Reviews are conducted biannually, with feedback solicited from partners with whom you worked over 30 hours.”
  • “I have a great relationship with many partners at the firm and feel that most partners see me as a colleague and a friend rather than a means to an end. I feel both valued and respected as a member of the team. Many partners have called me to have non-work related conversations as friends. …”
  • “We have a lot of direct contact with partners, who make themselves available for both training and debriefs following work submissions.”
  • “Work hours can be intense at times but the firm is very flexible with when/how you work so long as you get your work done.”
  • “While I am on track for 2,000 hours I appreciate that I'm not chasing an arbitrary hours target. It allows me to enjoy time off a little more. The extra compensation the last two years has also made me feel like the work was worth it.”
  • “The hours are typical of any big law firm, but the lawyers at Proskauer are respectful of each other's lives outside of work.”
  • “Like any other firm, hours can at times be longer than usual. In particular, given the demand for legal services, this year has been particularly busy. The firm has always been sensitive to flexibility, however.”
  • “Our firm generally pays market compensation and bonus, which is not tied to a billables requirement. The bonuses are paid out by the end of the year.”
  • “The firm always meets market rates.”
  • “Bonuses and compensation are comparable to most other large firms. COVID-related bonuses have been a welcome surprise and a nice way to show appreciation for managing a successful year as a firm through the disruption of the pandemic.”
  • “Proskauer inevitably matches market bonuses for all associates in good standing without limiting by hours. I really can't complain.”
  • “Of course I've been getting a lot of research assignments, that's one thing every first-year associate handles. But I've also been given the opportunity to work on some pretty cool document reviews, draft position statements and answers, conduct witness interviews, draft employment agreements and similar contracts, etc.  The work I'm given is very diverse, and the staffing agent takes into account my stated interests when assigning projects.”
  • “Lots of due diligence, interesting research assignments specific to my interests in IP, and occasionally professional development projects updating firm materials and smaller research projects. Pro bono is also a great way to get more experience speaking directly with clients and having more responsibility in a contained fashion with often just yourself, one partner and the client.”
  • “As a [mid-level] associate, I am managing document collections and productions, attending meet and confers with opposing counsel, preparing mediation statements, managing junior associates on research related projects, and taking the lead on drafting briefs.”
  • “I have been staffed on highly negotiated deals that vary in industry and deal structure. It has been rewarding for me to be the lead associate on these matters. I drafted the principal transaction agreements and liaised with the law firm for the counterparty to close the deal. The associates are entrusted with responsibilities such as directly communicating with clients and handling principal transaction documents.”
  • “The firm has given us a technology allowance for remote work, and, among other things, expanded videoconference access to multiple platforms. The next step would be to invest in new laptops firmwide.”
  • “The firm's systems and processes for remote work are great, and a budget was provided for associates to purchase docking stations, additional monitors, printers, etc.”
  • “I think the work technology is fine—it does the job. I wouldn't describe it as innovative, but I'm able to do my work from home.”
  • “There are weekly meditation/yoga classes available, plus sessions related to time management/handling stress etc.”
  • “The firm offers counselling, meditation, yoga classes, among other things. They also offer discounts on gym memberships and encourage you to stay on top of your mental health and reach out if you're feeling overwhelmed or need extra support.”
  • “There are a ton of measures taken for wellness. Just a matter if you have time to take advantage of them.”
  • “Meditation, associate connection events, stress management training. I get regular check in calls from partners to make sure everyone is doing ok.”
  • “Phenomenal mentorship and training. Diverse attorneys benefit in particular from the firm's diversity and inclusion initiatives, such as its Mentoring Circle Program which pairs first years with partner mentors.”
  • “Proskauer does not slack on training and mentoring. When you enter the firm you get a partner and an associate mentor—in my case, both have gone above and beyond to stay in constant contact with me. The firm also hosts frequent CLE courses, associate training programs, etc. For diverse attorneys and female attorneys, there are also additional mentorship programs available, which is great!”
  • “As a new attorney, partners have been willing to teach me and have virtual coffee chats, and associates have reached out and provided a lot of insight in the day to day. Associate advisors also provide a lot of support.”
  • “Excellent mid-level formal training program partnering with Columbia Business School.  A real mentoring program as well.”
  • “Partnership promotion is realistic in my practice group. That's not the case in all practice groups. My supervising partners are clear that I have a shot at making partner if I want it.”
  • “Partnership seems generally attainable for top performers, though the path to partnership is a bit obscured. Many associates transition to senior counsel instead. Associates have a variety of exit options, including tons of in-house moves.”
  • “Promotion to partnership is realistic—Proskauer treats associates as investments/assets and wants everyone to stay and make partner. There are senior counsel roles to which people can transition instead, and it does seem like those actually have better work life balance. Proskauer places people in all kinds of general counsel and in house roles—NBA, Etsy, finance shops, wherever you're looking to go, it seems like.”
  • “Promotion to partner is realistic, but many remain at the firm as associates without becoming partners.”
  • “Proskauer could not take pro bono more seriously.”
  • “The firm emphasizes the importance of pro bono work. We have a very engaged pro bono department, including a dedicated pro bono partner, and I've had excellent opportunities to appear in court, take depositions, draft filings, etc. all through pro bono. Recently, I helped secure asylum for a teenager from Central America who was fleeing gang violence. Easily the most important and impactful thing I've done as a lawyer. New opportunities are constantly being sent to attorneys and they come with substantive assignments and roles.”
  • “Pro Bono counts as billable. I have worked on numerous projects including asylum, helping children with disabilities, and volunteering for the arts.”
  • “The firm is very committed to pro bono, and encourages all attorneys to do at least 50 hours per year. Each first year associate is given a pro bono case when they join the firm, and there are constantly pro bono opportunities available. The firm does not have a billable-hour requirement, but pro bono hours show up as a separate billing category so anyone reviewing your time can clearly see how much time was spent.”
  • “They're really making an effort. At the associate level, there is definite progress, but it's taking time to see that reflected at the partner level. I do appreciate that diverse associates get an extra partner mentor to help with development, and Proskauer is super invested in making it a meaningful mentorship relationship. You do get to bill for diversity events.”
  • “I think the affinity groups have done a great job during the pandemic at fostering inclusion at the firm. The firm has also initiated a wonderful series called A Path Forward through which we discuss race based issues in small groups. I think the firm wants to hire more diverse associates and is definitely making a concerted effort to do so, but we have a long way to go at retaining those associates.”
  • “The firm has taken steps to address racial, gender, and LGBTQ inequality, whether by having lecture series, pro bono opportunities, cultural events, or issuing firm statements denouncing racism, sexism etc.”
  • “The environment is friendly and accepting. There are many LGBTQ+ associates.”

Why Work Here

The world’s leading organizations and global players rely on Proskauer to help achieve their most daring ambitions and to overcome their most daunting challenges. Business savvy and market driven, Proskauer’s intellectual capital drives success. We are proud of the firm’s many achievements and hard-earned recognitionsacross a full spectrum of transactional and contentious practices.

Proskauer Rated Top 10 in Chambers Associate Survey for Associate Satisfaction, Diversity and Benefits and Lifestyle                                                                                     

When you build a career at our Firm, you’ll work with the best minds in the business. Our top-tier team – 725 strong – of star trial attorneys, acclaimed transactional lawyers and exceptionally talented partners and associates have earned a reputation for relentlessly pursuing excellence as they secure victories, help to build businesses, and set precedents around the world.

Diversity at Proskauer Rose LLP

"We believe that maintaining a diverse workforce enables us to offer the highest quality of service to our clients. Our aim is to afford them the benefits of varied perspectives on and approaches to legal issues. To that end, we actively staff our matters from a diverse pool of lawyers in order to maintain a collective approach that is reflective of a broad range of ideas and talent. We are proud of recognition and accolades awarded over the past 5 years that affirm we are moving in the right direction. This year we were named a..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “[I] believe the firm is looking for intellectual, respectful, and motivated individuals. The firm has guidelines for interviewing and a rubric to follow. Each interviewer is responsible for eliciting specific evidence from candidates on demonstrated qualities: desire to achieve, success in law school and outside, team player and respect for others, response to challenges, etc.”
  • “The firm seems to value personality, prior work experience, and diversity. …”
  • “The firm's hiring process tries to be objective and give a fair opportunity to all candidates. The firm is looking for candidates who take initiative, are intellectually curious, work well in a collaborative setting, and are intelligent and problem-solvers.”
  • “They ask a lot of behavioral questions about how you deal with conflict and adversity.”
  • “Most challenging intellectual problem you've encountered in law school; most challenging work product you've produced.”
  • “… As a junior associate, I give candidates ample opportunity to ask questions about the firm, my job, etc., and give completely honest answers. We try to keep interviews relatively laid back and casual.”
  • “I felt supported throughout the process of lateralling to this firm and feel quite settled into the firm.”
  • “I think they did the best they could to integrate me remotely. I know that more gatherings were planned before lockdown.”

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