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500 - 750


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Vault Law 100


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46 total (39 2Ls; 7 1Ls)


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Associate Reviews

  • “I've always been impressed with the Pillsbury culture. Everyone is super pleasant to work with, from partners to first-year associates. Everyone is also very generous with their time and eager to help; I'm not on partner track, so I may have a different experience, but I've never felt like the people I work with are competitive or trying to one-up me.” 
  • “The firm is highly inclusive and truly encourages bringing one's ‘whole self’ to work. It makes for a diverse and interesting work environment. I consider many of my colleagues to be friends.”
  • “From both a professional and social standpoint, Pillsbury is wonderful. From the professional standpoint, everyone is approachable and willing to help, and the partners are brilliant and want to challenge associates to grow.  From a social standpoint, everyone is welcoming and friendly, and you'll find that you always look forward to speaking with your colleagues.”
  • “I've worked at a handful of other firms and Pillsbury is far and away the kindest. We all go out of our way to help each other, and the partners are so good to the associates. It's incredible.”

Why Work Here

Every day at Pillsbury, we work on ground-breaking, high-profile matters for some of the world’s most innovative companies from start-ups to the Fortune 100. Every day, we confront some of the most meaningful legal challenges of our time. Every day, we take on pro bono cases that change lives and frame important social issues.

This is a place where initiative is valued and rewarded, where self-starters become team players, and where continual growth—both professional and personal—underscores every successful career.

At the Office

At Pillsbury, we work hard—as hard as any group of lawyers, anywhere. But “group” is the key word. In any Pillsbury office, it is collaboration that defines our work lives.

While each of our offices has its own personality, we believe our core values and basic procedures are shared firmwide. The aim is to ensure that lawyers from different practice areas—and from all levels—can pool their efforts in providing the best service to our clients.

Diversity at Pillsbury

"For change to be truly significant and for innovation to have lasting impact, a firm must constantly renew its investment and commitment to the advancement of women, diverse and historically underrepresented attorneys. Most imperative is the continued reaffirmation, importance and focus on diversity from top leadership. In 2018, Firm Chair, David Dekker, stated in an address to all partners, that such an investment, in addition to being the "right thing to do ethically and morally," also "yields a stronger pool of talent at every level,..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “Pillsbury does not have the great name recognition and perks/compensation to stand out to some candidates, but it's a great place to work if you are serious about your job without wanting to sacrifice all other areas of your life. This is somewhere that if you are invested in your work, you will be invested in. The firm has a video on interviewing with Pillsbury that remains accurate today for what we are looking for, and I'd encourage anyone interested in Pillsbury to check that out.”
  • “As a recently recruited attorney of color, I can certainly attest to the firm's dedication to giving diverse candidates every chance to succeed in the hiring process.”
  • “I don't think the firm really cares that much about the law school attended or grades (to an extent). I think the focus is mainly on ‘fit.’ Our firm is filled with generally laid back, fun people. We don't tend to attract gunner personalities, nor are we a fraternity-style ‘work hard, play hard’ firm. We do, however, work hard and we like to enjoy the people we're working hard with.”
  • “Pillsbury hires from the best schools in the country, but does not limit itself to those schools in its search for premier talent. The firm has a knack for finding talent in traditional OCI settings.”

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