Nixon Peabody is a relative newcomer in the legal market, as it was founded only in 1999 as a merger of two long-standing East Coast firms. Since then it has merged with or subsumed several other firms, so that now around 700 attorneys work in 16 offices across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Attorneys do noteworthy work in commercial litigation, franchise law, health care law, and labor and employment law.

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500 - 750


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Nixon Peabody’s history is one of mergers and acquisitions—the merging of two firms in 1999 and acquisitions of several other firms since that have led to its present prominent place in the legal marketplace. At Nixon Peabody, associates will engage in sophisticated legal work and will be able to maintain a decent work-life balance. The firm does not hire from specific feeder schools, but each office looks at students with good grades from local schools. Associates must be hard-working and affable to fit into the friendly office dynamic in which people enjoy interacting with one another. Partners value associates and their efforts, and work with and treat associates as peers, not subordinates. Associates have access to training materials and other resources to get acclimated, and ...

About the Firm

Nixon Peabody is home to nearly 600 lawyers across 16 offices worldwide. The firm’s practices include litigation, real estate, corporate law, intellectual property, and finance. 


Forward Looking

Nixon Peabody is one of Boston’s preeminent firms—and ranked among Vault’s top 20 Boston firms. Though its predecessor firms go back as far as 1854, Nixon Peabody is the result of the 1999 merger of Rochester firm Nixon, Hargrave, Devans & Doyle LLP and Beantown local Peabody Brown. Not one to dwell on the past, Nixon Peabody tries to look towards the future—Aaron Yowell represents the firm as its chief innovation officer, and his efforts have included tech and sustainability strides. He is focusing his work on client relationships, data analysis, legal tec...

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Associate Reviews

  • “Very congenial and the people are very friendly. The firm is very entrepreneurial in spirit and as an associate you are encouraged to develop your own business and the firm is more flexible with structuring a representation so that it can work for your own clients (who may not be within the firm's typical profile). People tend to be all work and no play in that there is not much in terms of social gatherings.”
  • “It's great. Cordial people and life outside of the firm is respected.”
  • “My time at the firm as an associate has been during the pandemic, which has affected in-person activity. Even then, I have felt welcome to the firm due to virtual social events and in-person gatherings as we resume in-person work. Everyone interacts with one another like a family. It is a comforting environment.”

Why Work Here

Diversity at Nixon Peabody LLP

"We strongly believe that diversity and inclusion are critically important to the future of the profession and our firm. To achieve our goal, we continually work to realize our mission of recruiting, retaining, and promoting talented individuals from a broad range of racial, ethnic, social, economic, religious, and personal backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations across the firm. We have a full-time diversity professional oversee all our diversity initiatives and programming. This individual reports directly to firm..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm attracts good local students, as well as law students from top law schools. Within the Boston office, I see many BC and BU law grads, along with Suffolk and Northeastern in the mix as well. There are Harvard grads at the firm, but they're in smaller numbers than the BC/BU group.”
  • “As a new hire myself, I am not sure of the firm's exact hiring guidelines, but I believe my firm looks for candidates who will put in the work and be a great contribution to the Nixon family.”
  • “Big on the lateral market, no noticeable feeder schools, grades and a good fit and experience probably affect hiring.”