At Boston-based Mintz, associates feel they are truly part of a team. They appreciate leadership that is open to ideas, feedback, and questions. And they receive great training and mentorship, including through ample pro bono opportunities. The firm initially focused on real estate and the banking industry, with an interesting early niche of representing theaters and motion picture chains, but it has expanded into nearly every conceivable practice area.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2021)

500 - 750


No. of Partners Named (2021)



Featured Rankings

Vault Law 100


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2020)



No. of Summer Associates (2021)

17 total (14 2Ls; 3 1Ls)


Base Salary

Class of 2021: $202,500

Vault Verdict

In addition to great credentials, Mintz values a candidate’s personality. Attorneys are friends and teammates, and they socialize frequently—but without the expectation of giving up their personal lives. The firm puts real effort into transparency—associates appreciate the regular meetings hosted by the managing partner where they can ask questions and speak freely. They are also pleased with their work-life balance; while there are busy times, they feel the billable-hours requirement is fair. Although bonuses are slightly under market, most associates are satisfied with their take-home pay, especially considering salary increases in recent years. Associates get work that they feel is commensurate to their level but challenging enough to provide continuous development. Training op...

About the Firm

A Boston institution since 1933, Mintz is now a national powerhouse, claiming such blue chippers as Biogen and General Electric as clients. Bay State pedigree notwithstanding, Mintz’s growth has been centered in the financial markets in New York, regulatory circles in DC, and IP-rich tech and biotech hubs of San Diego and San Francisco. 

From Coast to Coast

Founded more than 85 years ago, Mintz has grown from its New England roots. The firm initially focused on real estate and the banking industry, with an interesting early niche of representing theaters and motion picture chains, but it has expanded into nearly every conceivable practice area. The firm has grown geographically as well and now has strongholds on both coasts and a branch in London. Mintz focused its growth on Calif...

Associate Reviews

  • “Overall, Mintz has a great culture. People are friendly and willing to help out whenever you ask; there is no competitive environment, and it is a true team atmosphere.”
  • “Mintz is a very social firm. Prior to the pandemic, we would get together for happy hours after work and monthly lunches. Colleagues often go out of the office during the day for coffee.”
  • “Socializing in the remote environment can be difficult, but the firm has done a great job giving us options. Different practice groups have weekly or monthly lunch meetings to catch up, where everyone shares what they are working on. There is also a firm associates’ committee that is given a budget to hold events for their class year once a quarter, which is fun!”
  • “Mintz is friendly and social, but people also have families and social lives outside of work. I think it's a nice balance—I have great friends at work, but Mintz is not my whole life like some other firms can be. It has been harder during the pandemic, of course, but we have still managed to have virtual events and gatherings and people are still interested in staying connected and spending time together socially.”

Why Work Here

Diversity at Mintz

"Mintz's commitment to inclusion is driven by its diversity mission: "To fully understand and value diversity in its employees, clients and other constituencies, and to integrate this appreciation into the firm's values, vision, mission, business, operations, culture, policies and practices." We adhere to a strict policy of equal opportunity, and value and foster diversity in our employees. For us, a commitment to diversity is not limited to quantitative goals, but being guided by a core value to promote a culture that is truly inclusive of..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm looks for top candidates with the best grades from the top local law schools. We have standard policies for interviewing and are always looking for someone with a good personality fit as well.”
  • “The Boston office hires a lot of people from Boston College as well as the other Boston law schools. While there is a GPA cut-off to get an offer as a first year, the firm does seem to care about personality fit as well.”
  • “We are quite competitive—we get a lot of applicants for a small summer class. Clerkships are valued, as is law school attended and demonstrated interest in being and remaining in Boston. I think we are increasingly looking for diverse candidates. …”
  • “Top law schools are important, but I think it is more about hiring students who can show they worked hard and didn't just go through the motions in school.”

Perks & Benefits