What began as two small law firms in Virginia in the 1800s has blossomed into what we now know as McGuireWoods. A series of mergers and takeovers in the latter portion of the 20th century and into the 21st century have led to 21 global offices and more than 1,000 attorneys. The firm has won awards recently in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance law, general litigation, and client services.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2022)

1K - 1.5K


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Vault Law 100


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No. of Summer Associates (2022)

57 total (48 2Ls; 9 1Ls)


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Vault Verdict

With its deep roots in the southeastern part of the United States, McGuireWoods is BigLaw with a small-firm, hospitable feel. In hiring, the firm looks for attorneys with strong academic records, journal membership, work or clerkship experience, and ties to relevant geographic markets. Associates’ personalities matter, too, in that they need to blend well with the family-like atmosphere. While after-hours socializing may be limited, respect for work-life balance is evident. Partners treat associates as valued members of the team and take active roles in younger attorneys’ development. Lateral hires appreciate the support they receive as they transition into the firm. On-the-job training and guidance from more senior attorneys take the place of unimpressive formal training as assoc...

About the Firm

McGuireWoods’ roots reach back to 1834 in Charlottesville, Virginia, when Egbert R. Watson began his law practice. The firm now boasts 21 offices and more than 1,100 attorneys worldwide.

McGuireWoods’ Mergers

Thirty-six years after Watson launched his firm, he formed a partnership with George Perkins. It was the firm’s first merger, but not its last. The firm continued to grow, strategically expanding as far south as Florida and Texas, west to Chicago and California, north as far as Pennsylvania and New York, and overseas to London and Shanghai—much of this growth via merger. Among the firms McGuireWoods has joined with in the past decade are North Carolina firm Helms Mullins & Wicker, U.K. firm Grundberg Mocatta Rakison, Texas-based Nickens Keeton Lawless Farrell & Fla...

Associate Reviews

  • “I think we have an excellent firm culture of respect, opportunity, and collegiality. We are not an incredibly social firm outside of work and there are relatively few social events, firm-sponsored or otherwise, but that fits well with my desires, as I do not feel pressured to attend social events that would take more time away from my family.”
  • “Collegial working environment. The firm looks for flexible solutions so associates can succeed at the firm and deliver exceptional work for the clients without sacrificing a healthy and meaningful life outside the firm.”
  • “Having lateraled from another firm, I was blown away by the strong, family-like culture at the firm. There is a strong focus on associates' long-term development and on helping associates develop real lawyering skills. Maybe because they hire hoping people stay, we are trusted with a lot more responsibility and direct client contact than was my experience at my old firm, or that of my friends at other firms.”

Why Work Here

At McGuireWoods, our attorneys and staff can expect to be part of a diverse culture built on respect, unwavering client service and a collective desire for professional excellence. With an exciting work environment that features new and innovative technologies, career advancement training, top-of-the-line benefits options, and the opportunity to engage with our many communities across the U.S. and overseas, our employees gain the experience they need to excel as part of one of the world’s most sought-after law firms. 

An evolving career is a strong career, and we encourage our employees to take advantage of the professional development services offered to them, including training and advancement opportunities designed to encourage leadership, promote collaboration and teach better use of technology. McGuireWoods employees benefit from on-the-job training, in-house seminars, courses in continuing legal education and an array of career development programs through Practising Law Institute. 

Diversity at McGuireWoods

"McGuireWoods has a history of hiring, developing, promoting and retaining lawyers of color, women and LGBTQ lawyers, and veterans. Diversity & Inclusion is a core value of our firm and a cornerstone of our strategic plan. As we continually establish new initiatives and enhance existing efforts, we focus on meaningful support for our diverse lawyers in their careers. Through our diverse lawyer networks, we assist our attorneys in building positive, close-knit communities within the firm that empower, support and encourage all of..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm expects the typical markers of a BigLaw candidate: good law school, strong grades, journal or other similar experience, and federal clerkships. Because the Atlanta office is smaller, personality definitely plays into the hiring process. Diversity is also an important criterion. UGA and Emory are probably the most common ‘feeder schools’ in the Atlanta office, though that is not true firmwide. There are a lot of alums from UVA, University of Richmond, and UNC, as well as DC area law schools and Ivy league schools.”
  • “Firm really likes post-clerkship applicants and those with ties to relevant geographic markets. It's a powerhouse in the Southeast, so it pulls a lot from UVA and Duke.”
  • “The firm hires almost exclusively from feeder schools. It is difficult to break into the firm from an unusual school absent a prior connection with someone at the firm. Things that were looked at specifically include grades and journal experience. However, as a junior associate lateral, my prior personal experiences after and before law school were actually considered.”

Perks & Benefits